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The Zodiac Announces, “Deadline, Haligonians!”
Halifax’s Solar and Saturn Returns

The Neptune File
by Tom Standage
The Zodiac Provides Regina
With a Timeline to Transform its Urban Core

The Zodiac Challenges
the Albertan Prototype Exemplar
Embodied as Calgary


The Zodiac Announces, “Deadline, Haligonians!”
Halifax’s Solar and Saturn Returns

(Note: An edited version of this astrology article
was first published by The Coast in Halifax under the title,
"Deadline, Haligonians!
Halifax’s astrological signs,
including the solar and Saturn returns,
spell out a course for civic action,
says astrologer John Delaney. "
on June 21, 2012.)

Halifax marks the 263rd anniversary of its founding, or “birthday,” exactly at 12:29:41 a.m. A.D.T. on June 21, 2012. Should Halifax “celebrate?” Some anniversaries or birthdays represent milestones; others pose deadlines. The verdict?

Deadline, Haligonians.

The natal horoscope of Halifax, dated June 21, 1749; at 10:00 a.m. L.M.T., contains Saturn and Pluto, both in Retrograde Scorpio. Halifax experiences its next Saturn Return on November 7, 2013 at 12:09:28 P.M. A.S.T. During the Saturn Return, Saturn, “the taskmaster,” demands correct execution of the one skill which Halifax regards as impossible – on command.

What impossible thing must Halifax now execute? That thing is “Scorpio.” Scorpio rules, amongst other things, sex, drugs (including alcohol), shared property, minorities, crime, law enforcement, physically dangerous challenges, the occult and communication with the dead.

Luckily, Halifax’s 2012 Solar Return, or “Birthday” chart, gives Halifax a secret weapon. Newly discovered centaur planet, 2002-VR130, will transit over, and then backwards towards, the Halifax Sun at 0 degrees Cancer, arguably the most powerful degree of the entire zodiac, for the next year. 2002-VR130 demands that Halifax establish and compete with its own “peer group “ within its own “league” – or other “leagues” will co-opt Halifax for its own purposes.

Both 2002-VR130 and the Halifax Sun reside in the Halifax’s 2012 Birthday chart in the 4th house of the physical home (literally, Halifax Harbour). These 2012 Birthday placements lie directly opposite Venus and the Sun in the Halifax natal horoscope in the 10th house of status and career.

This difference polarizes Haligonian consciousness. Naval prowess no longer brings world prestige as Halifax rivals the great North American international seaports of Montreal, Boston, New York, Charleston, New Orleans, Seattle, San Diego and Veracruz. Today, aptitude with marina technology and boating is simply intrinsic to Haligonian identity. Augmenting, not diminishing, ferry service connecting Halifax with Dartmouth and Woodside to showcase the downtown waterfront is a first necessary step to aligning Halifax amongst other prominent North American cities who have sought, some successfully, to bridge their former maritime glories into a more contemporary, secular prosperity.

Historical occurrences of 2002-VR130 around 0 Cancer offer different useful solutions – albeit military solutions – revealing clues to solving Halifax’s current secular plight. Royal Canadian Navy Rear Admiral Leonard Warren Murray, born in June 1896 with 2002-VR130 near his Cancer Sun, built a long successful naval career deploying large strategic convoys. In June 1779, as 2002-VR130 crossed 0 Cancer, British General Francis McLean, headquartered in Halifax, built a series of subsidiary forts to reinforce Fort George, which controlled access to the Majabigwaduce Peninsula in Maine’s Penobscot Bay during the Penobscot Expedition, the worst American naval defeat until Pearl Harbor.

What secular activity ruled by Cancer supported by Scorpio can mirror this military mastery of the deployment of convoys and forts to help Halifax compete commercially?

Microbreweries. The Brewers Association of America states that Vermont is America’s Top State in Capita per Brewery, “21 breweries and 625,741 citizens” – “a brewery for every 29,797 people.” Applying these figures to Nova Scotia’s 921,727 citizens, Nova Scotia needs 31 breweries to compete with Vermont – or thirty more than just Halifax’s Propeller.

Swimming clubs and events.  Swimming is a Haligonian and Nova Scotian passion. Swim Nova Scotia’s website lists eighteen winter club swim teams. Why doesn’t Halifax sponsor an international championship event where swimmers race from Spruce Island, under the Narrows, to McNab Island’s northwest shore?

Spiritism. Rogue’s Roost on Spring Garden Road states, in hand-scripted elegiac prose at its entrance, “It is said on a quiet night you can hear the ghosts of old rogues restlessly wandering along the shore, wary of the authorities.” Halifax’s natal Saturn and Pluto, both in Retrograde Scorpio, suggest that many of the dead in Halifax, whether pirate, privateer, rum runner or Halifax Explosion victim, do not rest easy. Provincial tourism itself could happily explode if Halifax found a way to empower “the dead” . . . to “speak.”

Finally, to shun overt affiliation with the cruel histories of other North American cities, Halifax historians and public relations officials must fully articulate in much broader historical context how and why Africville came to exist.



The Neptune File:
A Story of Astronomical Rivalry and
the Pioneers of Planet Hunting

Walker; New York. List Price: $24.00

(Note: An edited version of this book review
was first published by
Creative Loafing
in Savannah
on July 28, 2001.
An edited version of this book review

was reprinted by Duluth's Ripsaw
on May 22, 2002.)

Have you heard the news? The universe is expanding – fast enough to confound anyone. The general public grapples with announcements that Pluto is no longer a planet. Centaur astrologers such as Chiron authority Zane Stein (, Seattle astronomer Jonathan Dunn ( and Costa Rican visionary Juan Antonio Revilla ( debate whether the newly named Transneptunian Object (TNO) Varuna extends the traditional solar system. Meanwhile, the furthest out on the spectrum, such as Swiss astronomers Michael Mayor and Didier Queloz, ignore our solar system altogether, as they seek to locate planets smaller than Jupiter that orbit nearby star 51 Pegasi.

Egads! Where does one begin?

Take courage, brave souls: Tom Standage, science correspondent for The Economist, helps both initiate and expert fill in the gaps of their otherworldly knowledge in his breezy yet scholarly The Neptune File. The Neptune File, which recounts the circumstances, people and politics surrounding the discoveries of Uranus in 1781 and Neptune in 1846, informs general readers about the latest developments in astronomy just as Robert Heilbroner condenses the history of economics in The Worldly Philosophers (1953), as Paul Kennedy encapsulates history in The Rise and Fall of Great Powers (1987), and as Brian Greene elucidates the theoretical conflicts of modern physics in The Elegant Universe (1999). Standage, however, unlike Heilbroner, Kennedy and Greene, explains his abstruse discipline to uninformed audiences by relating a brief, self-contained narrative.

Despite Standage's easy and breezy style, The Neptune File is not Astronomy for Dummies. The fact that a scatterbrained music teacher and amateur astronomer named William Herschel built a more powerful telescope than the nations of Great Britain and France at the height of their power before becoming the first person to discover a planet since unrecorded antiquity already resonates with well-educated popular audiences. Also flattering to the general reader, for similar reasons, is the competition between British graduate student John Couch Adams and the highest ranking astronomer in France, Urbain Jean-Joseph Le Verrier. Adams identified the location of the as-yet-unseen Neptune while working as a "poor sizar", or teaching assistant on financial aid, at Cambridge. Le Verrier, ultimately credited with the discovery of Neptune, subsequently made a fool of himself in the late 1850s by "discovering" a planet named Vulcan which, unfortunately, did not exist.

Because Standage sticks to the "drama" with "characters" including Adams, Le Verrier, Herschel and Herschel's son, Sir John, he can define obtuse jargon such as mural quadrants, declination, right ascension, reduction, nutation, the aberration of light and Bode's law within the context of the narrative. Accordingly, The Neptune File does not overwhelm or intimidate the reader – a necessary attribute for not only historical dramas, but also for light educational reading.


The Zodiac Provides Regina
With a Timeline to Transform its Urban Core

(Note: An edited version of this astrology article
was first published by Prairie Dog Magazine in Regina
under the title,
"Zodiacal Opportunity:
We Have until August 2012 To Get This City Right"
on January 27, 2011.)

Astrologically, the winds of change are blowing. Significantly, because Melbourne, Australia’s BHP Billiton recently made a hostile bid through the international capital markets to acquire Saskatoon’s Potash Corporation, Regina – founded by Royal Decree on August 23, 1882 and incorporated as a town on December 1, 1883 – felt those winds first.

Whither blow these winds of change? Sagittarius (with its gold rush motto “Prosperity or Bust!”) will, along with its currently weaker partner Gemini, dominate 2011 and 2012. To understand Sagittarius, it helps to understand that, in Chinese, the word “opportunity” also means “crisis.” The psychological pressure can devastate. If we don’t become rich, we will become poor; we may become rich, but we may not become rich enough, because somebody else will become richer than us, and we may become poor; we must become richer than everybody else so that everybody else becomes poor!

BHP Billiton recent hostile bid to acquire Potash Corporation instigated this “poverty of prosperity” echo into Saskatoon’s, Regina’s and Saskatchewan’s psychological mindset. Although this hostile bid failed on November 15, 2010 as Mars in Sagittarius briefly led and foreshadowed a phalanx of centaur planets themselves commencing long-term transits of Sagittarius, tremors shook province-wide. Moreover, as this placement of Mars in Sagittarius augured that BHP Billiton will perfect their offer for resubmission sometime during the end of 2011, all of Saskatchewan should remember then how these tremors feel now.

Indeed, the Zodiac therefore asks Regina – now that the Zodiac has earned Regina’s attention, “How does Regina, once again, earn the benefits and evade the pitfalls of this ‘crisis of opportunity?’”

 What’s Ours is Ours –
and What’s Yours is Ours, Too

Long before the British Empire and the Canadian Confederation arrived to stake its claim, long-distance travelers routinely descended upon Regina specifically to plunder its resources – and to leave.

The far-ranging Plain Cree Indians of far western Canada gathered routinely to descend upon Regina to hunt buffalo. The Cree named this location “Oskana ka-asateki,” which, anglicized as Wascana, literally means “the bones piled together,” referring to the six feet high, 40 feet in diameter, pile of buffalo bones built to attract herds who would never willfully abandon their dead precursors. However, when the buffalo hunt ended, Wascana remained an untended graveyard of buffalo skeletons where nobody lived.

Upon their arrival, the British Empire and Canadian Confederation continued to plunder and to abandon Regina. Regina burst forth into existence with the arrival of the first Canadian Pacific Railway train into Wascana on 9:00 A.M. on August 23, 1882. Canadian Governor General John Campbell, (the Marquess of Lorne), his wife Princess Louise and Lieutenant-Governor of the Northwest Territories Edgar Dewdney, by royal decree, confirmed Wascana as the new capital of the Northwest Territories as Princess Louise christened it “Regina” – some several weeks after Northwest Territories Lieutenant-Governor Dewdney induced the Marquess of Lorne to move both the route of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Northwest Territories’ capital from Battleford, Saskatchewan to accommodate Lieutenant-Governor Dewdney’s large-scale real-estate investment.

Later, Regina officially incorporated as a town on December 1, 1883 – an inauspicious day with devastating astrology.

Overall, Reginan astrology, set in motion by Lieutenant-Governor Dewdney’s self-serving political acts with the “Royal Decree Chart,” dated August 23, 1882 at 9:00 A.M., then augmented subsequently by the less pompous yet inherently violent and revolutionary “Town Incorporation Chart,” dated December 1, 1883, perpetuates this “plunder and abandon” dynamic. The North Node, or “karma placement,” of both charts lies in Scorpio. Scorpio rules oil, gas, natural resources and, in broader terms, “joint finances.” Significantly, both charts also bear unusually powerful placements of Pluto in Gemini, the sign that rules not only thieves, but also local commerce and the local area. As such, Regina is destined to encounter people who assert, “What is ours is ours – and what is yours is ours, too.”

Regina requires authority figures who flatly ask those negotiating for Regina’s or Saskatchewan’s resources, “What do you plan to do for Regina or Saskatchewan and its citizens in exchange for Regina’s or Saskatchewan’s resources?”

I Care Where You Put the Post Office

Regina’s unclear vision as to the layout of its own local area originates from, according to the Royal Decree Chart, depraved indifference. The purpose of the Royal Decree Chart – and Governor General Campbell, Princess Louise and Northwest Territories Lieutenant-Governor Dewdney, as actors on the world political stage, all understood this consciously – lay in transforming empty prairie land represented by Crantor, Saturn and Chiron conjunct the South Node in Taurus into lucrative “real estate,” represented by “Pluto Steed” 1998-BU48 conjunct the North Node in Scorpio. Pluto, ruling transformation, on that day, moved neither forward nor backward, but actually hovered stationary, demonstrating in such abeyance its most potent and compressed power. While stationary, Pluto in Gemini (transaction) square the Sun (self-evident identity and personality) in Virgo (the railroad) succeeded in transforming this empty prairie land into real estate. As long as that is the case, who cares where they put the post office?

The Town Incorporation Chart views this dismissive, autocratic attitude by realty-wielding aristocrats as intolerable arrogance. The Town Incorporation Chart’s enormously powerful, psychologically bi-polar astrological aspect Pluto conjunct Chiron at 0 degrees Gemini quincunx the North Node at 0 degrees Scorpio connotes extreme, revolutionary fury at civic planners whose urban designs accommodate the interests of one group at the expense of the collective. This quincunx became incarnate, in the flesh, very early in Regina’s history, as the interests of Lieutenant-Governor Dewdney, represented by Hylonome conjunct 1996-GQ21 conjunct the North Node between 28 and 30 degrees Taurus in Dewdney’s natal chart, clashed against Métis Nationalist Louis Riel, represented by Echeclus conjunct Ceres conjunct the Sun between 27 and 30 degrees Libra in Riel’s natal chart.

Such apocalyptic sensationalism aside, the question asked by this aspect – “How do urban planners design a city which serves everybody, including factions with hostile and diametrically opposed interests? – demands an answer.

The Enlightened Traveler Acts Justly

Truth be told, the Sun in Sagittarius in the Town Incorporation Chart echoes the Royal Decree Chart’s inherent disinterest in Regina’s own local area – but for different reasons. Sagittarius rules long-distance travel, new frontiers and far horizons. For that reason, Sagittarians who live in London, Tokyo, Paris or New York grow just as bored of their own local area as those Sagittarians from Regina, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon. It is therefore neither a material nor a negotiating liability that Reginans show more interest in foreign lands than in Regina itself. Nor, moreover, does such predilection suggest any character flaws amongst Reginans, who should feel no guilt as they assert, “Just because Regina sports a tragic history does not mean that it does not bore me!”

The sign of Sagittarius, however, also rules administration of justice. The indifference as to the local area in favor of a lucrative transaction within the Royal Decree Chart served, and still servers, to underwrite injustice into the Regina city grid. The boredom that Reginans may feel as a result of their overfamiliarity with their local environment as connoted by the Town Incorporation Chart Sagittarius Sun in no way extends to how Reginans view the injustice entrenched in the Regina city grid by the Royal Decree Chart. The Town Incorporation Chart, in response to the Royal Decree Chart, imparts to Reginans a duty – a duty which Reginans take seriously – to develop the local area for all people who rely upon it, and not only for those who earn capital gains as a result of their investment in it.

Why Does This Matter Now?

Why does this matter now? Because, Regina’s ducks – or, to mix metaphors, the carrot and the stick – are all now in a row and ready for use.

On the carrot side of this row of ducks: December 1, 2010, the 117th anniversary of Regina’s Town Incorporation Chart, with the entrance of both Chariklo and Echeclus into Sagittarius, marks the beginning of the upcoming zeitgeist dominated by Sagittarius and Gemini in the North and South Nodes, respectively, from February 13, 2011 to September 2, 2012. Chariklo and Echeclus will join five other centaur planets concurrently transiting Sagittarius – 2003-CO1, Amycus, Pholus, Hylonome and 2001-KF77. The North Node and four of those centaur planets, Amycus, 2003-CO1, Echeclus and Chariklo:

A) Amycus, mythologically the centaur who commenced the dishonorable battle with the Lapiths by smashing the face of the Lapith Celadon with a candelabrum stripped from the inmost wedding shrine of Peirithous and Hippodamia, connotes a highly erudite and visionary intellect skilled in the art of confrontation and in using war as a tool of diplomacy. Amycus appears prominently in the natal horoscopes of filmmaker Michael Moore, rapper Kanye West and American wild west outlaw Pretty Boy Floyd.

B) 2003-CO1, an as yet unnamed centaur planet, appears prominently in the natal horoscopes of individuals with a distinctly blue-blooded (in Ontario, Upper Canadian terms, “family compact”) pedigree who, at times, become named or memorialized as official heroes or official villains of the state. Prominent 2003-CO1 case studies include current Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chaffee, descended from that American state’s founders, the election of nationalist revolutionary Saad Zaghloul to Egyptian Prime Minister in January 1924 and the Assassination of Irish-Quebecker Federation patriot and Montreal politician D’Arcy McGee by the Fenian Patrick J. Whelan on Sparks Street in downtown Ottawa.

C) Echeclus, mythologically the a centaur who died in the battle fought between the Centaurs and the Lapiths when the Lapith Ampyx threw a spear without a tip directly into Echeclus's face as Echeclus attacked Ampyx at full gallop, denotes a mastery of both the big picture and all of the big picture’s details – both “forest” and “trees.”  Important case studies include the founding of Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market and this author’s shared namesake, University of Washington oceanographer John Delaney, born the day after Pearl Harbor, who worked for over twenty years to design, to seek funding for (at a price tag of $250 million) and to conduct a feasibility study of, the North-East Pacific Time-Series Undersea Networked Experiments, or "Neptune," a deep-sea observatory in which about 2,000 miles of fiber-optic cable laid along the entire Juan de Fuca Plate, which runs along the Washington coast between Oregon and Vancouver Island, would stream all types of data from the ocean floor to scientists conductive observation from remote locations on dry land.

D) Chariklo, mythologically, the wife of Chiron, the “wounded healer” centaur, exercises no patience with conservative bureaucratic compromise while forever recommending the launch of the extremely radical “Plan B.” Key case studies include former Alaskan Governor and American Republican politician Sarah Palin, legendary late 19th American Wild West sheriff Wyatt Earp and the Federation of Canada.

will cross over the Town Incorporation Chart Sun at 9 degrees 17 minutes Sagittarius, impelling, aggravating, piquing but ultimately empowering Regina to employ its sophistication in international negotiations and justice in highly publicized, widely broadcast words and actions.

On the stick side of this row of ducks: 1996-TL66 on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini. 1996-TL66, a scattered-disc object which transits just outside the orbit of Neptune when at perihelion and two and a half times the distance of Pluto when at aphelion, connotes obliteration and devastation. Seattle astrologer Jonathan Dunn, in spectacular early case studies during initial research into the influence of 1996-TL66 in early 2001, cites not only when Pope Urban II called for the First Crusade during the Council of Clermont, France on November 27, 1095 but also the commencement of the California Gold Rush on January 24, 1848 with the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill, California.

Regina, which endures extremely sensitive and vulnerable placements at 0 to 1 degree Gemini in both the Royal Decree Chart and the Town Incorporation Chart, must not only address its local urban development issues during when 1996-TL66 transits 0 to 1 degree Gemini for the last time from November 2010 to April 2011, but also, ultimately, solve this problem permanently – from the perspective not of years and decades but, in fact, centuries – as the South Node crosses over both the Royal Decree and Town Incorporation Pluto between 1 and 0 degrees Gemini from August 14 to September 2, 2012.

These parallel transits – in Sagittarius, boldly empowering the Town Incorporation Chart Sagittarius Sun; and in Gemini, demanding solutions to problems posed by Pluto in both the Royal Decree Chart and the Town Incorporation Chart – denote that the Zodiac is charging Regina with the responsibility of transforming its downtown urban core using advantages gained by international business negotiation and expansion. Moreover, the dates during which transiting centaur planets cross over the Town Incorporation Chart Sun in Sagittarius:

crosses over the natal Town Incorporation Sun
at 9 degrees 17 minutes Sagittarius
on December 28, 2010; June 21, 2011; and October 6, 2011;

crosses over the natal Town Incorporation Sun
at 9 degrees 17 minutes Sagittarius
on February 4, 2011; May 4, 2011; and November 1, 2011;

which hovers very closely over
the Town Incorporation Sun
from March 19 to 24, 2011,
finally crosses over the natal Town Incorporation Sun
at 9 degrees 17 minutes Sagittarius
on November 6, 2011; and

crosses over the natal Town Incorporation Sun
at 9 degrees 17 minutes Sagittarius
on December 30, 2011; June 18, 2012; and October 7, 2012;

structure a timeline for progress both before and after the most important day for Regina for the next twenty years: when the transiting North Node crosses over the Town Incorporation Sun at 9 degrees 17 minutes Sagittarius on March 10, 2012. All of these astrological transits over the Town Incorporation Chart Sagittarius Sun provide Regina with not only a natural but in fact a diligent timetable with which to monitor and to schedule projects which unveil Regina’s downtown of the long-term future.

North Railway Street Light Rail Station Completes
the Ideal Reginan Downtown Grid

To address the issue of zoning in downtown Regina, one must address the relationship of downtown to the railroad tracks. The railroad tracks themselves, which run from southwest to northeast, do not merely symbolize, but, in fact manifest, the astrological aspect of Pluto in Gemini, Stationary, square the Sun in Virgo, in Regina’s Royal Decree Chart. Those southwest- northeast railroad tracks running south of Dewdney Avenue and north of Saskatchewan Drive divide the city spatially and psychologically.

But not irrevocably. What should Reginans do to assuage the divisions created by the railroad tracks?

One solution: tear up the railroad tracks spike by spike. While such action is indeed extreme, it is not without historical precedent. E.L. Doctorow, in his 2005 historical novel The March, describes how Union troops under General William Tecumseh destroyed large stretches of Confederate railroads during fighting in the latter stages of the American Civil War.

However, certain relationships not only between Regina’s Royal Decree Chart and Regina’s Town Incorporation Chart, but also between major thoroughfares in Regina’s downtown grid, offer more moderate and pragmatic solutions.

In Regina’s Royal Decree Chart, the astrological aspect of Pluto in Gemini, Stationary, square the Sun in Virgo, as a square, forms a right angle. Four such squares create a crucifix, or cross. A cross runs always rigidly along north-south and west-east axes that forever remain inflexible. The densest cross-section of Regina’s downtown grid, in terms of both population and commerce, formed by north-south thoroughfares Elphinstone Street, Albert Street and Broad Street and by the west-east thoroughfares of Dewdney Avenue and Victoria Avenue, within which reside Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field, Regina Market Square, Cornwall Centre, Victoria Park and the Casino Regina, reflect the rectilinear inflexibility of Pluto in Gemini, Stationary, square the Sun in Virgo, in Regina’s Royal Decree Chart.

However, the North Node in Scorpio in Regina’s Town Incorporation Chart, which forms an extremely treacherous aspect with Pluto in Gemini in both Regina’s Royal Decree Chart and Regina’s Town Incorporation Chart, also forms a sextile, a sixty-degree angle and a very positive aspect, with the Sun in Virgo in Regina’s Royal Decree Chart. Scorpio rules, amongst other things, crosscurrents in rivers and the accumulated power of the nation state and military, as well as, conversely, revolution and rebellion. Scorpio shows no interest in obeying the rectilinear inflexibility of any city’s downtown grid. Scorpio honors the predilection of its ruler, Pluto, which orbits the Sun in elliptical orbit, as it cuts through unnecessary rigid order to regenerate the static and immobile back into life.

The two streets within this cross-section of the Regina downtown grid which most closely resemble this description of the North Node in Scorpio in Regina’s Town Incorporation Chart are Saskatchewan Drive and North Railway Street.

Saskatchewan Drive, where many official government buildings and offices proceed in a decidedly pedestrian-unfriendly manner westward from Casino Regina on Saskatchewan Drive just west of Broad Street, does now, and always has, formed the operational business center of Regina. (Very interestingly, Casino Regina, in the old Union State at the center of old Regina, resides on a very small portion of Saskatchewan Drive which does not run diagonally to, but actually parallel with, Dewdney and Victoria Avenues, which manifest, again, Pluto in Gemini, Stationary, square the Sun in Virgo, in Regina’s Royal Decree Chart.) As pedestrian-unfriendly as Saskatchewan Drive is, to attempt to alter or even to embellish the current state of development in the operational center of state-centric Saskatchewan Drive, for any reason, is currently, and will remain, impossible, for several generations, if not forever.

North Railway Street, however, demonstrates entirely different worlds of lucrative possibilities. Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field makes the relatively limited stretch of North Railway Street – a fifteen block length of undeveloped land between Elphinstone and Albert Streets immediately west of downtown Regina on both the north and south side of the railroad tracks – as a site not only for private commercial development but also as a hub and main central station for an entire light rail system in downtown Regina, along a similar model described by the Edmonton Journal's David Staples’ in his extraordinarily long, 4000-word article “Recipe For the Big Leagues” about the Arena District in Columbus, Ohio.

While Regina, with less than 200,000 people in its metropolitan area, may not currently boast the numbers necessary to justify such large-scale private commercial investment near Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field, North Railway Street sports the size, location and natural limitations which could support at the very least one pedestrian-friendly community or neighborhood in Regina’s downtown core. To make North Railway Street the absolutely ideal location for a condominium in pedestrian-friendly 21st century western Canadian metropolis, the city of Regina and the province of Saskatchewan would build North Railway Station as the final destination, last stop and main light rail station for two separate light rail train lines:

A) One light rail train line servicing Dewdney Avenue between either Lewan Avenue or Elphinstone Street through Regina’s Market Square to Broad Street at Casino Regina, then along Saskatchewan Drive from Broad Street and the Casino Regina to Albert Street; and

B) A second light rail train line servicing North Railway Street from Elphinstone to Albert Streets, then servicing Saskatchewan Drive from Albert Street to either Elphinstone Street or Lewan Avenue, then servicing Victoria Avenue to Broad Street, where it turns north, passing through Casino Regina, then turning west on Dewdney Avenue, passing through Regina Market Square before turning south on Albert to ends its run at North Railway Station.

Of course, anybody with or without a toonie or a loonie in their pocket can devise a theoretical plan for urban development – and many with very deep pockets and political connections can make their theories realities. Regarding Regina, however: what Regina must do to reverse at least, and perhaps more than, 200 years of Regina history, where people come to Regina to take whatever Regina has to offer without giving anything back – according not only to the astrology of Regina via both the Royal Decree Chart and the Town Incorporation Chart but also to Regina’s written history – is to make the local area of Regina a place where people want to visit, or even to live, and to give something back to Regina. Reginans must gauge any plan or offer – whether an offer to buy the biggest company and employer in the province of Saskatchewan via the capital markets or a plan to build condominiums and a long commercial strip along “Yonge Street West” or “Stephen Avenue East” – with this sole criteria in mind.


The Zodiac Challenges
the Albertan Prototype Exemplar
Embodied as Calgary

(Note: An edited version of this astrology article
was first published by FFWD in Calgary
under the title,
"Mapping Calgary’s Astrology Chart:
The Zodiac Challenges the Prototype
Embodied as Calgary"
on August 27, 2009.)

Forget that Calgary is the prototype exemplar of the critically intelligent, enviously industrious yet magnanimously generous province of Alberta. Forget that Calgary competes only with Toronto, with whom Calgary shares a birthdate, as the manifestation of Mars himself, the driving force and source of all motivation, in the natal horoscope of the Federation of Canada. And forget about whether and how non-Calgarians view, emulate or envy Calgary. The crux of the matter: What do Calgarians see, according to Calgary’s natal horoscope, when they look at Calgary? What does Calgary see when Calgary looks in the mirror?

Such questions betray at least one glaring presumption: If Calgary actually could, and did, look at itself in the mirror, would Calgary be able to recognize itself? The natal horoscope of Calgary, founded on August 27, 1875 in the early afternoon by Inspector Éphrem A. Brisebois and Division "F" of the Northwest Mounted Police, replies, “Unlikely.” The organizing principle of Calgary’s natal horoscope, the North Node in Aries, signifies that Calgary’s karmic purpose demands that Calgary learn how to take initiative emerging from a natural expression of its core identity; this organizing principle asserts this because, in previous incarnations, Calgary relied upon the South Node in Libra, empowering it to observe the habits of partners and rivals so as to act, to respond to or to reject the initiatives of those partners and rivals. Calgary, cooperative and bilateral by nature, must actually focus upon, and work hard at, discovering who Calgary is and what Calgary wants – and then must learn how to pursue that identity and its desires more selfishly than it currently knows how to do.

Paradoxically, Calgary realizes this “limitation” – and doesn’t see any reason to change it. Also in Libra in the natal horoscope of Calgary, hovering on the cusp of Libra (50 percent light and 50 percent darkness) and Scorpio (more darkness than light), resides an extremely disciplined, evolved, esoteric and recondite conjunction: the Ptolemic planet Jupiter conjunct the plutino transneptunian object 1996-TP66 conjunct the “cubewano” 1992-QB1 (from which, thanks to the Costa Rican astrologer Juan Antonio Revilla, the word “cubewano” originates).

Why is this good? For one thing, Jupiter conjunct 1996-TP66 conjunct 1992-QB1 in the natal horoscope of Calgary trines Saturn conjunct the South Node in Aquarius in the natal horoscope of Alberta. This complex astrological relationship manifests as a phenomenon easily understood in our modern world: the rhetoric, savvy and ideology of extremely skilled politicians and statesmen (Aquarius the Waterbearer) is put to use through the negotiating skills of arbiters, negotiators, litigators and lawyers (Libra the Scales of Justice). The abundant generosity and good will of the evolved Calgarian statesmen flows forth unimpeded . . . until some non-Calgarian hypocrite or bigot does or says something unfair.

Of course, such hypocrites and bigots realize what they have to gain by doing business in Calgary; for this reason, such hypocrites and bigots do their best to say the right things and to keep their more unseemly predilections hidden from the light. However, because Jupiter (which alternately amplifies and expands, according to the dictates of “the higher mind”), 1996-TP66 (rigorous, focused inquiry into complex, veiled processes) and 1992-QB1 (that it is necessary to cultivate the capacity to alternate between formal professional roles and surface amicability or actual, true friendship or enmity) empower the perception of Calgary and the Calgarian to cut through the crap, those hypocrites and bigots will, in the midst of casual conversation with a casual Calgarian, reveal exactly who they are. Indeed, many a business person or business entity have lost permanent lucrative opportunities to do business with those in power in Calgary by revealing “their true colors.” The lesson for how to earn the respect and business of those in power in Calgary: say what you mean, mean what you say. Straight shooters only!

“Well,” a nay-saying contrarian may object, “if Calgary and Calgarians are so damn magnanimous, why don’t they give such misguided losers a second chance?” The answer: perhaps they would – if Calgary and Calgarians did not have to protect both their pristine, glowing public reputation and their magnificent, yet nevertheless hairline fragile, engine of public good will and financial wealth.

Concerning its public reputation: put bluntly, with a stellium of Pallas Athena, Venus, Juno, the Sun, Ceres and Mercury barely escaping its natal 8th house of crime and joint finances to its refuge within its natal 9th house of philosophy, publishing, education, travel, law and “the higher mind” and moving one hundred miles an hour towards its natal 10th house of government, honor and scandal, Calgary has an image to uphold – and that image does not include photographs of politicians in handcuffs.

As for that engine of public good will and financial wealth: Calgarians need no reminding how vulnerable the Calgary economy is to devastating financial corrections as a result of political agendas, whether those Calgarians lived through the economic collapse of Calgary in the early Eighties as a result of the National Energy Program (NEP) under Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau or whether they currently endure uncomfortable economic uncertainty under the new tax policies of Albertan Premiere Ed Stelmach. However, most Calgarians probably do not know that the Calgary natal horoscope – specifically, the aspect of Saturn in Aquarius square Pluto in Taurus – explains that economic and political reality. Saturn square Pluto, along with Saturn opposite Pluto (under which terrorists attacked New York City’s World Trade Center), are the harshest possible astrological aspects in existence. The misguided, erroneous and sometimes outright low intentions of the nameless and faceless “popular will” (Pluto) places unreasonable and impossible stricture and discipline (Saturn) upon Calgary.

How did external circumstances influence Calgary’s natal horoscope during these times? While the NEP under Prime Minister Trudeau (a late Libra born October 18, 1919) served to distort the mechanism of Calgarian justice (represented by Jupiter conjunct 1996-TP66 conjunct 1992-QB1 in late Libra) to serve Canadian national rather than Albertan provincial or Calgarian municipal interest, Prime Minister Trudeau used negotiations both publicly and behind the scenes in the form of Chiron (“an opportunity which is a crisis, a crisis which is an opportunity”), 2002-CR46 (political connections) and 2003-CO1 (the “blue-bloods”, the eastern elite) crossing over the Calgary natal Pluto in Taurus in 1980, to usurp that mechanism of Calgarian justice for national political ends. In the current day, however, Albertan Premiere Ed Stelmach (a Taurus born May 11, 1951, with his natal Sun conjunct the Calgary natal Pluto in Taurus), did something less sophisticated but equally harmful: Premiere Stelmach taxed the golden goose until it pooped blood.

Returning to happier topics, there is more than one reason why the goddesses of Pallas Athena, Venus, Juno and Ceres, once they hop off the Red Arrow after graduating from the Edmonton Mall, hover around that big, hot male natal Virgo Sun of the city of Calgary (in astrology, the Sun is always male.): the natal Sun of Calgary conjuncts the scattered disc object 1996-TR66 conjuncts the centaur planet Pelion in early Virgo, all very close to the Albertan North Node on the heroic and magnanimous cusp in late Leo and early Virgo. 1996-TR66, also very prominent in the military and naval powerhouse of Charleston, South Carolina, denotes unimpeded, straightforward, deeply focused, military initiative. Pelion, in mythology the home and workplace of Chiron the centaur, simply represents the place where one lives life and does things. Thus, Fort Calgary, its proper name both preceding and outmoding the name Fort Brisebois, not only manifests, symbolizes and represents, but in fact incarnates, the military mission of the Northwest Mounted Police to restore law and order to Prince Rupert’s Land in the era of the whiskey forts following the Cyrpress Hill Massacre of June 1, 1873, recounted for posterity by the historical novel The Englishman’s Boy by Guy Vanderhaeghe.

That an entity such as Calgary, which inculcates such a focused state of military and moral purpose, as represented by 1996-TR66 conjunct Pelion conjunct the Sun, should endure such an immense karmic burden, as represented by Saturn square Pluto, is only correct and proper, as the hardest tasks should be left to the most capable. Treacherously, this immense karmic burden represented by Saturn at 22 degrees Aquarius square Pluto at 23 degrees Taurus is greatly exacerbated now as a result of the ruling astrological paradigm of the years 2000 to 2020, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 28, 2000, when Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 23 degrees Taurus squared Uranus conjunct Juno from 21 to 23 degrees Aquarius (the “2000 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction”).

While the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, which occurs regularly every twenty or so years, is the ruling astrological paradigm of any given age, it is nonetheless rare that this conjunction also squares Uranus. Therefore, while Jupiter square Uranus means a loss of money as a result of undisciplined people or faulty technology, and while Saturn square Uranus means political hostility between the right wing and left wing, Jupiter conjunct Saturn square Uranus, combined, means political turmoil between the right wing and left wing arising from different interpretations of economic uncertainty and incomplete or false innovation.

Because the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction triggers the Saturn-Pluto square in Calgary’s natal horoscope, Calgary becomes a major player on the world stage throughout the duration of its ruling astrological paradigm – specifically from May 28, 2000 to December 21, 2020, when Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius forms the ruling astrological paradigm from 2020 to 2040. (On Halloween 2040, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 18 degrees Libra.) Other cities, states, provinces and countries with whom, by virtue of how the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction activates their natal horoscopes, Calgary shares the world stage – as well as economic and political headaches – include the city of Portland, Oregon (founded February 8, 1851); the American states of Minnesota (founded May 11, 1858), Oregon (founded February 14, 1859) and Arizona (founded February 14, 1912); and the nation of Israel (founded May 14, 1948).

Ultimately, all this analysis studies how the world views Calgary, how Calgary appears to others, how Calgary’s relationships with the outside world effect its prestige & its wealth. Again, the crux of the matter: What do Calgarians see, according to Calgary’s natal horoscope, when they look at Calgary? What does Calgary see when Calgary looks in the mirror?

The fact is that, Calgarians and Calgary do not really spend a lot of time looking in the mirror. Again, because both their personal, civic and worldly prestige and their role in the provincial, national and international economy require Calgarians and Calgary to spend much time, energy and attention gauging the status of their various relationships, Calgarians and Calgary equate “looking in the mirror” with “navel-gazing.” For that reason, for Calgarians and Calgary to turn away from its relationships in the world, for Calgarians and Calgary to stop talking, negotiating, politicking and, of course, working, in order to build up its prestige and wealth, Calgarians and Calgary needs a reason to stop . . . and to look in that mirror.

What is that reason? The astrological explanation for that reason – a reason as unpleasant as it is crystal clear – resides in Calgary’s fourth house of home, family, genetic inheritance and core motivation: the centaur planet Bienor conjunct the North Node in Aries. The bad news first: the astrological influence of Bienor, like the mythological character who shares its name, contains some very ugly and unsavory behavior patterns. Bienor joined many other centaurs in a dishonorable battle between the centaurs and the Lapiths in order to defend their fellow centaur Eurytion, who raped Peirithous's bride Hippodamia on the altar during the wedding. Peirithous's best friend Theseus, fighting for the Lapiths against the Centaurs, killed Bienor by jumping on his back, pulling his hair, and smashing his mouth with his club while it spouted violent threats.

Yes, the centaur Bienor is a complainer – and the astrological influence of the centaur planet Bienor involves complaints. However, this does not necessarily mean that Calgary “complains.” The influence of the centaur planet Bienor is such that, when dealing with any sort of conflict, it will always be the individual or group who is at fault who chooses to complain – and, like the centaur Bienor, the guilty party will complain in an extremely nasty, bitter and vulgar way.

Because Bienor in the natal horoscope of Calgary resides in Aries, the guilty party is, by definition, a young man (Aries rules young men while Capricorn rules old men) – and, in fact, a young man with a gun (Aries rules guns). For this reason, the guilty party represented by Bienor in the natal horoscope of Calgary will not be some white-collar brat making smarmy remarks, spreading gossip and seeking middling white collar attention, but will instead be a vicious, reckless, carnivorous, cannibalizing, murderous bastard who refuses to see the error of their ways – truly, the “bad man.” It is therefore not ironic, but, in fact, appropriate, that Warner Brothers filmed much of the movie version of Ron Hansen’s The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford in Calgary – even though Ford shot James in St. Joseph, Missouri, when Ford did so, as centaur astrologer Zane Stein notes, Saturn conjuncted Bienor conjuncted 2003-CO1.

Such intellectual symmetry is not merely literary. Because Bienor resides in Calgary’s fourth house of home, family, genetic inheritance and core motivation, the “bad man” is not only the reason why Calgarians and Calgary wakes up in the morning, but, in fact, may be the only reason why Calgary, and, therefore, Calgarians, exist. And, in looking back further, before the founding of Fort Brisebois by Inspector Éphrem-A. Brisebois and Division "F" of the Northwest Mounted Police – under which served a number of young men inclined to complain and who were difficult to control, whether for understandable or outrageous reasons – and in studying the history surrounding not only of Calgary and Fort Brisebois but also Lethbridge and Fort Whoop-up as well as the Northwest Mounted Police, the predecessors of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Calgarians and Calgary can easily recognize the exact individual which impels Calgarians and Calgary to be so noble: Tom Hardwick, alias the Green River Renegade, the lead wolfer depicted so barbarically by Saskatchewan novelist Guy Vanderhaeghe in The Englishman’s Boy, the instigator and main villain of the Cypress Hills Massacre.

Calgarians and Calgary should not forget Tom Hardwick or anybody like him. In a current day parallel, for that reason alone (as long as he paralyzed no other hockey player) the Calgary Flames did the city and karma of Calgary a service by signing Todd Bertuzzi, responsible directly for ending Steve Moore’s career but perhaps indirectly for the 2004-2005 NHL Lockout, for the 2008-2009 season – and then did an equally important service by letting Bertuzzi go once the season ended. Calgarians and Calgary require gargoyles – gargoyles of “the bad man.”  Calgarians and Calgary require gargoyles hanging in front of the entrances of Calgary Tower, the Saddledome, Talisman Center, the Melrose, the Ship & Anchor, Eu Claie’s YMCA, Stephen Avenue and any other public places where the multitudes of Calgarians gather in Calgary – especially as Calgary experiences its “Bienor Return” on May 18, 2009, September 16, 2009 and March 9, 2010. Calgarians and Calgary need these gargoyles as constant reminders of the presence of evil in the world – not only as an exhortation to maintain its nobility, and not only as a reminder to avoid actions, words and people that will lead it to public disrepute and moral bankruptcy, but as talismanic magic, like the cave paintings by indigenous people depicting the buffalo of the hunt, invoking not only its peace and prosperity, but, in fact, affirming and elongating the city’s very existence.