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ARTICLE #1: The current influence of
transiting Mars in Capricorn
ARTICLE #2: The current influence of
transiting Jupiter & transiting Deucalion,
both in Retrograde in Scorpio
ARTICLE #3: The current influence of
transiting Saturn in Retrograde in Capricorn
ARTICLE #4: The current influence of
transiting Chiron in Aries square
transiting Pholus & transiting 2001-BL41,
both in Retrograde in Capricorn
ARTICLE #5: The current influence of
transiting Uranus in Taurus
ARTICLE #6: The current influence of
transiting Pluto & transiting 2003-CO1,
both in Retrograde in Capricorn
ARTICLE #7: The current influence of
the transiting North Node in Leo


Mars transits Aquarius from May 16 to August 13, 2018. Enough consensus amongst partisan allies allow for the launch of agendas despite informed opposition. Even so, such consensus ignores that informed opposition at considerable peril – particularly if they initiate any projects involving architecture or engineering. Invariably, some will not listen – so book your calendar now for regulatory hearings wherein every possible variation of the question, “Why did you do that despite such clear
warnings?” will be asked & repeated with all possible variations as Mars conjuncts* the South Node$ in Aquarius from June 3 to July 28, 2018.  

ARIES – The enthusiasm of your friends is absolutely thrilling & contagious. However, before you submit to it, Mars in Aquarius implores you to consider how much money you can lose both now & for years to come, if your friends get this one wrong. Remain stubbornly sovereign.  

TAURUS – Windfall profit is simply not worth dangerous, violent professional alliances. Mars in Aquarius confirms that somebody out there will kill you for the opportunity to make twelve more hero sandwiches per day. What is that about? How can that be worth it?  

GEMINI – Somebody posing as your political champion is really using your name to social climb. How can that be? Simple – Mars in Aquarius whispers that they are committing some type of white collar or accounting crime. Remain affable yet aloof.  

CANCER – It’s always exciting as Hell when retail security physically busts shoplifters as cops exit their cars, cherry tops illuminated, revolving & blaring, to enter in phalanx towards the low-end perps! That movie breaking for a commercial, Mars in Aquarius qualifies that white-collar crime does not play out so aggressively. There is a delay between the act & its enforcement. Even so, somebody is watching – it is only a delay.  

LEO – A business rival or irresponsible partner seeks to launch a risky initiative with the help of rogue associates or representatives of clients who lack the authority to approve of, or to pay for, it. Mars in Aquarius augurs a brick wall in this individual’s future. It is truly disturbing how “misguided” some professionals can be!  

VIRGO – Are your bosses really capable of theft of intellectual property? If they think that they can get away with it, Mars in Aquarius says, “Yes, they are.” Laws are in place. Patents & copyrights have been filed. Watch this play out . . . from the sidelines.  

LIBRA – Politicians: Mars in Aquarius warns that not only must you make sure that you are not taking any “dirty money” or privileges to which you are not entitled, but that those with whom you associate are keeping their own hands clean as well.  

SCORPIO – Read “the movie trailer” in Cancer. Remember a few years back when the State of New Jersey conducted a sting op, arresting dozens of corrupt politicians before dawn, then leaving them in a school bus as they explained the law enforcement stuff to the media? Well, Mars in Aquarius now asks the people of your good city, state, province or country, “Well, how can we top that?” Well?  

SAGITTARIUS – Mars in Aquarius denotes that the true test of political humor is when political adversaries absolutely refuse to think it is funny. Watch not what you say but to whom you say it. Brick walls hurt the head!  

CAPRICORN – Journalists can be clever – H. L. Mencken was clever. But Mars in Aquarius qualifies that journalists who write books can be deep – like Ernest Hemingway. Of course, Hemingway wasn’t always deep – but some journalists are never deep. There is a difference.  

AQUARIUS – The First Amendment empowers you legally to say what you want. However, if what you want to say disregards or offends those who live where you happen to say it, Mars in Aquarius almost guarantees that the police in that area will monitor you more closely – especially if the local citizens would love to chase you out of town.  

PISCES – Restrict family members from befriending or associating with prominent local rabble-rousers & troublemakers. Mars in Aquarius warns that if too many neighbors turn against you they can make the lives of everybody in your family miserable. “Enlighten” the recalcitrant, “Our family will not suffer because you use your freedom to do what you like irresponsibly.”  

$ The North Node and the South Node, or the Nodes of the Moon, represent current & past life karma, respectively, according to astrologer Martin Schulman. Astronomically, the North Node & the South Node are the two points at which the Moon's orbit intersects the ecliptic, setting a timetable for large-scale Solar & Lunar Eclipses over time.  

* A Conjunction is a harmonious aspect wherein two or more planets meet as they transit the same sign. !


Jupiter in Scorpio transits Retrograde Motion* from March 9 to July 11, 2018, while Deucalion$ in Scorpio transits Retrograde Motion* from February 18 to July 31, 2018. One of the greatest strengths in the model of society of the United States of America lies in the fact that each & every one of its citizens can believe whatever he or she wants – except, of course, about arithmetic. Sure, the Bad Idea t-shirt that says, “There are 3 kinds of people in this world – those who are good at math and those who aren’t,” makes a lot of people laugh at its fundamental stupidity. However, when somebody owes you three dollars, and then only hands you two – even if it is a Thomas Jefferson two-dollar bill (“How queer!”) – it will throw up red flags. You are not going to care that they believe that the Earth is flat. You are not going to care if they believe in predestination. You are not going to care that they endured Stendhal Syndrome and travelled to a past life in (Cairo) (Xian) (Athens) (Santiago). You are going to say, “You owe me three dollars and only handed me two – and no, I do not use the barter system, and, therefore, this transaction did not occur during, and is not governed by, the Burning Man Festival of Pershing County, Nevada. Pay me one more dollar.”  

ARIES – When Jane Roberts signed a contract with a book publisher to represent Seth Speaks, the book dictated via the disembodied spirit Seth about alternative reality, which literary agent represented Seth? Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, reply, “Nobody.” Indeed, Seth “wrote” the book through the medium Jane Roberts out of love. Jane Roberts, who did all of the practical work to make the book happen, got the money, but gave all the credit to Seth – because it was not about the money.  

TAURUS – You may have a love for vinyl but no love for cassettes or eight-tracks. You may love video cassettes but hate DVDs. Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, bring up these distinctions because you simply don’t’ value anything just because it is old – or new. Something about the object connotes an experience, and not just a memory, that no longer exists. The recollection includes more than just nostalgia because the medium sparks a protocol of consciousness. Talisman!   

GEMINI – Not only do honest people keep records in obsolete formats, but so do criminals. Whether you work with honest or dishonest people as you do your research, Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, admonish you upfront to curb your impatience with “backward technologies.” Respect that that which serves its purpose has not only utility but in fact validity.  

CANCER – Looking up all the old Grateful Dead online archives for a good version of Weather Report Suite, “Scarlet Fire Estimated Eyes” or Dylan covers? Still jet-setting to Dead reunions long, long, long after they have already buried Jerry? Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, both ask, “What are you trying to do?” In “Pretzel Logic,” Steely Dan sings, “Those days are gone forever, over a long time ago – oh yeah.” And Walter Becker is dead, too! What are you trying to do?  

LEO – If you still live somewhat close to it, Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, encourage you to visit the house or apartment where you were raised. You will note that the building itself is an inanimate physical object. Why then do you feel so emotional? Reconcile the core of your personality & soul with the trappings of your most remote past.  

VIRGO – Don’t berate a spouse or partner for an inability to think logically & systematically. Instead, Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, advise you to get a whiteboard & a black magic marker, or a pad of paper with a pencil, and to spell out all transactions, very slowly, in black & white. Do not patronize. Do not insult.  

LIBRA – A very old family myth or urban legend rises to the surface, whether as a result of a transfer of financial interests or a change in leadership, and many people speculate, based upon no information, about what really happened. Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, declare that you remember what happened, and you remember what the police revealed & all that was never mentioned. Is there any point, however, in trying to set the record straight amongst people who do not know whereof they speak?  

SCORPIO – Because Scorpio rules secrets, and because Scorpio is always vaguely paranoid, many people assume that you, as Scorpio, are now, and are always, keeping secrets. What actually afflicts you under the current influence of Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, are memories of remote days & remote locations with people whom you no longer see anymore. How it offends you that other people fail to realize that you cannot control the permanent exile of your personal past!  

SAGITTARIUS – Contrary to popular belief, vice is not sin. Sin occurs when somebody consciously harms somebody else, in defiance of rules, law & morality, for their selfish benefit. Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, announce that you will soon encounter a clear example of sin in your own life that happened a long time ago, far back in the day. Your mission: Overturn injustice. Retrodict!  

CAPRICORN – A priest, minister or rabbi may preach how to speak or to act, in general, when confronted with hypothetical scenarios. Now, however, one individual remembers all of the details of a specific incident which allows that one individual to disagree with everything that priest, minister or rabbi says from beginning to end. Even so, Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, notice that you really have no patience with those who have all the answers to every question all the time. And, herein lies the key to this know-it-all: Nobody can know the total number of possibilities which any individual can encounter in a logistic or moral crisis – nobody.  

AQUARIUS – A strong undercurrent within the classic progressive rock album Tarkus by Emerson Lake & Palmer, according to Keith Emerson himself, is the theme of “Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in reverse.” Similarly, Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, bemoan the ascendancy, whether in various governments around the world, within different companies of the private sector or even amongst the various social circles of individual lives, of anthropomorphized monoliths of totalitarian despots unilaterally wielding brute force in the service of absolute power. Why is all of this happening? Refer to “Stones of Years,” within the Tarkus suite itself, “How can you know where you've been . . . in time? You'll see the sign and realize . . . your sin.” You didn’t study history – now you’re condemned to repeat it!  

PISCES – There are reasons why species cease to exist, why bloodlines end, why nations are conquered & consumed by more powerful nations. Keeping that in mind, Jupiter & Deucalion, both Retrograde in Scorpio, encourage you to look back at what ended to find out what those species, what those bloodlines & what those nations did wrong, which caused them to fail to adapt. Concentrate your attention as you train your mind & body so you can make your knowledge of these weaknesses, strengths, built into your body & mind.

$ Deucalion is a transneptunian object (TNO) discovered on April 18, 1999. Deucalion, the son of Prometheus & Clymene, is the Greek counterpart of Noah, as Zeus saved Deucalion & his wife Pyrrha, who rode upon an ark, from a flood that devastated mankind.

A great resource for ephemeris data on Deucalion and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website "Ephemeral Info" at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center

* Planets either move forward, in which case they orbit in Direct Motion, or move backward, in which case they orbit in Retrograde Motion. Planets in Direct Motion seek to make progress, while Planets in Retrograde Motion seek to redress past imbalances.


Saturn in Capricorn
transits Retrograde Motion*
from April 19 to September 7, 2018.

Very few natives of Havana, Veracruz, Acapulco or any random island in the Caribbean have any awareness, or even a clue, about the epic painting A Visit to, a Visit from, the Island, bought by New York City’s Whitney Museum of Art soon after Eric Fischl completed it in 1983 – although certainly many art fair attendees of Art Basel & Art Miami who drop by La Playa de Miami semi-annually will have pondered this early masterwork both before & after the Whitney relocated to the Meatpacking District after a few decades on Madison Avenue in New York City’s Upper East Side. Indeed, the self-evident theme of the painting, “the white man colonizes where the dark man suffers,” strikes at the core of white guilt, underscoring in bold black magic marker the liberal Democratic party ethos – in contradiction to, moreover, to the assertion of Whitney Interpretation Fellow Gene McHugh’s within “On View: Eric Fischl, A Visit to, A Visit From, The Island (1983),” who argues, “Its message is stark and in-your-face: the white people are completely oblivious to the harsh reality experienced by non-whites in these tropical island paradises.”

Indeed, white people are not necessarily oblivious at all – and some are very aware. For instance, songwriting & musical legend Neil Young wrote “Cortez the Killer,” a pop song censored by Spanish military dictator Francisco Franco, while studying for history class in high school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A popular favorite in concert, Guitar World named the guitar solo on “Cortez the Killer” as the 39th greatest guitar solo of all time. As Young himself comments within that Guitar World article:  

I am a naturally very destructive person and that really comes out in my guitar playing. Man, if you think of guitar playing in terms of boxing…well let’s just say I’m not the kind of guitarist you’d want to play against. I’m just scarred by life. Nothing in particular. No more scarred than anyone else. Only other people often don’t let themselves know how damaged they are, like I do and deal with it.

Young’s appraisal of himself here strives to be realistic, devoid of hyperbole – just as Young’s appraisal of himself strives to be equally realistic when Jimmy McDonough, Young’s biographer, asks him if Young intended the lyrics of “Cortez the Killer” to be autobiographical, “What am I doing writing about Aztecs in ‘Cortez the Killer’ like I was there, wandering around?  Because I only read about it in a few books. A lot I just made up because it came to me.”  

ARIES – Discussions with strangers, about any topic whatsoever, can not only prove counterproductive, but can outright waste your time, as Retrograde Saturn warns that many of these strangers will cast judgment upon you based upon their ideological stance without bothering to hear the facts you cite or the argument that you develop. Do much more. Talk much less.  

TAURUS – Law enforcement, industry regulators & other authority figures are now preoccupied with borderline, trouble-making characters with their criminal nuances & they have no time to pay attention to you specifically – which Retrograde Saturn affirms, “That’s a good thing!” Why draw attention to yourself amongst those who can only hurt you? Let the badges & gumshoes in trench coats chase their man. Focus upon your work.  

GEMINI – Stratify your financial goals as rigidly as a bank stratifies loan payments from its borrowers. Retrograde Saturn will reward you in the long term with a capacity for systems if you provide yourself achievable, and, at times, difficult, targets, on a monthly basis or even more frequently, for credit card debt, paying loans and – best of all – saving & investing money. It is all like weightlifting: You can carry more & more every time with regular & routine practice.  

CANCER – When you agree with your spouse or business partner, your shared objectives immediately manifest as les faits accomplis. Retrograde Saturn points out that you & your spouse or partner only have problems when you do not agree upon objectives. Disagreement is healthy –power struggles are not. Concentrate upon what you both want to accomplish. If a disagreement demands negotiation, thrash through your differences so that you can stop talking & start acting!  

LEO – Overcommunicate with employees & colleagues in your work groups, and encourage constant communication from employees & colleagues amongst each other & you. If you do so, then Retrograde Saturn guarantees that you will be able to accelerate series of deadlines on important projects on an ongoing basis. However, to prevent ongoing chaos, call more frequent meetings to keep everybody on the same page.  

VIRGO – Depriving teenagers of fun too often so as to instill in them discipline & a work ethic may prove counterproductive as teenagers may begin to develop increasingly desperate & dangerous ways to indulge pleasure. However, Retrograde Saturn strongly confirms that to give those teenagers a goal for which to work hard, whether a state championship in sports or a national academic prize with a cash payout, imbues within that student an awareness of what effort is necessary to compete at the highest level.  

LIBRA – If you are volunteering on a municipal improvement project, all of your work is a job founded in altruism as you make your city a better place to live, work & visit. If, however, you work as an elected official or within politics, Retrograde Saturn qualifies that how you do your work, and how much work that you do, must be subordinate to the legacy that your term or tenure connotes to the public at large after you have left public life, permanently.  

SCORPIO – Review work done by employees, vendors & merchants in front of them as you address those people explicitly about the job that they just did for you. Retrograde Saturn insists that you must emphasize to these people who work & sell to you that you want the best that they have to offer the first time around – and then, and only then, will you only begin to negotiate much more aggressively, “Prove to me that you want my business!”  

SAGITTARIUS – You may make good money with lots of opportunity for extra income from your job. However, Retrograde Saturn now really wants to know, “Do you gain meaning from your work?” If the answer is, “No,” you will begin to squander your money by engaging & indulging in vice – because that money will have no value. Identify & honor your purpose despite the Satanic vicissitudes . . . of societal absurdity.  

CAPRICORN – Capricorn the Goat, according to legend an individual of few words, prefers to let their personal & professional achievements to speak for themselves. However, Retrograde Saturn now reminds you that, at times, it is entirely proper for you to assert the purpose behind what you are trying to manifest or to accomplish – without selling. Assert ideals upon which your achievements are founded without tying your interests into those ideals which you now assert.  

AQUARIUS – If you do not approve of what your employer, or the market sector within which your employer is located, does, publicly & professionally, then you should not expect to continue to work for that employer indefinitely. Retrograde Saturn suggests that that your employer will know by the look on your face that you are judging them morally – and your silent judgment does not help that employer make money. Expect powerful opposing forces to challenge what you intend to keep secret.  

PISCES – A professional or political associate takes pains to try to persuade you to treat their pet professional or political project with the same level of commitment that they lavish upon it. Retrograde Saturn compares this to a mother asking another woman to help by breastfeeding the mother’s new infant. Don’t try to dispel any such associate’s zealous delusion. Simply respond, “Of course, I could say yes – but, deep down in your heart, do you really think that that is going to happen?”

1 Planets either move forward, in which case they orbit in Direct Motion, or move backward, in which case they orbit in Retrograde Motion. Planets in Direct Motion seek to make progress, while Planets in Retrograde Motion seek to redress past imbalances.


Chiron^ in Aries squares* Pholus< in Capricorn from April 17 to June 9, 2018, after which Chiron^ in Aries squares* 2001-BL41> in Capricorn from May 7 to July 10, 2018. The rebel can only attack, but the authority figure can respond to the rebel’s attack in any one of a variety of ways. Once the authority figure forces the rebel to retreat, a phalanx of authority figures do not need to wait for the rebel to attack, but can, as a result of the rebel’s losing reputation, push the pathetic pawn all over the chessboard in an amusing demonstration of truly malicious will.  

ARIES – You must expect that your boss will change their boss’s mind in favor of their boss at your inconvenience. Keeping this truism firmly in your mind, Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 demand that you prioritize your work so that you serve the most senior & most powerful boss – because that is the only way that you will be able to maintain control of your workload amongst a bunch of professionals who attempt to usurp that control for their own unenlightened self-interests.  

TAURUS – Cops at public events try not to look at individual faces, hands & bodies, because cops do not want to remember anybody except those who cause trouble – which is why Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 advise you strongly against drawing attention of the police towards yourself for stupid & frivolous reasons.  

GEMINI – Some clients who owe you money wonder how long they can delay paying you as they juggle their high debt. Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 therefore insist that you develop impersonal protocol, complete with an employee skilled at such impersonal transactional relations, wherein you keep in contact with such clients on a regular enough basis so that they will never delay that payment for very long at all.  

CANCER – Bosses know very well that if they let the first shuck-and-jive manipulator get away with their relentless & invasive machinations, then the floodgates will open to all sorts of people who have no respect for the rules & the law whatsoever. For that reason, Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 confirm that establishing & maintaining the doctrinaire, dogmatic protocol to thwart non-compliance is in everybody’s professional interest.  

LEO – Conduct an unusual amount of due diligence to ensure that new employees are obeying protocol, rules & laws. Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 surmise that one rotten apple can cause you a seemingly interminable sequence of legal problems – whether or not they happen to corrupt anybody else. Neglect none of your unknown quantities.  

VIRGO – All authority figures: Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 warn that a deceptive, sneaky & manipulative male teenager will seek to evade rules, to use criminal means to trespass property and, worse, to attract peers to follow him in acts of vandalism & crime. Stop this troublemaker right from the very beginning before circumstances have an opportunity to spill out of control.  

LIBRA – A business partner does not have enough respect for how people in your city, state or province do business. A spouse does not have enough respect for the traditions & idiosyncrasies of your family. Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 encourage you to correct this business partner sooner rather than later – before “episodes” become interminable.  

SCORPIO – Issuing open-ended instructions on projects requiring the execution of many different tasks causes the employee to make choices – and most employees will play to their most immediate strengths. Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 state that this is what you need to know: What employees consider to be their strengths. Once you have identified this, lay “the real job” on them.  

SAGITTARIUS – Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 denote that your love life & your creativity severely augment or curtail your ability to make money, to increase or to decrease, sharply, the amount of money that you earn, and your ability to hold onto whatever money you make, no matter how much or how little. Don’t allow your appetite to rule your heart, your finances or your imagination. Strategize before you take out your wallet.  

CAPRICORN – A family member, professional colleague or local elected official needs an authority figure against whom to rebel. Although you have the necessary “job qualifications,” Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 know that you really couldn’t be bothered. Unless you have a stake in this rebel’s long-term happiness, let them rebel against any one of the authority figure robots walking down the street.  

AQUARIUS – A proxy for an undeclared enemy casts aspersions & attempts to intimidate you via intimations of worst-case scenarios using the subjunctive mood. Unless you act like you really couldn’t care less, Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 warn that many more undeclared enemies will seek to manipulate you in the exact same way.  

PISCES – While some people in the marketplace offer their skills or their connections in order to make money, it is the value of your personage which gets you the jobs you need & want. Therefore, Chiron, Pholus & 2001-BL41 remind the sometimes gullible or oblivious Fish that, when somebody wants a piece of you, for selfish reason, they will act like your best friend! Well, ask yourself, “Who needs friends like that?”

^ Chiron, named after the wounded centaur who sacrificed his immortality in return for the liberation of Prometheus (he who stole fire from the gods!) was the first centaur planet discovered back in 1977. Chiron, described as "the wounded healer" by Zane Stein & Barbara Hand Clow, bridges the gap between Saturn & Uranus, exhorting us to teach that which we most need to learn.

< Pholus, named after the centaur who accidentally died because mighty Hercules was thirsty, was discovered in 1992 & named in 1996. Pholus bridges the gap in consciousness between Saturn & Neptune, forcing us mere mortals to realize that even our most severe discipline is worthless when God wishes to teach us a lesson.

> 2001-BL41 is an unnamed centaur planet discovered on January 19, 2001. The orbit of 2001-BL41 traverses between the orbits of Jupiter & out past Saturn. For information on how to interpret 2001-BL41, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below.

The best source in print for how to interpret Chiron and many other minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Asteroid Goddess, written by Demetra George and published by
ACS Publications of San Diego, California. 

A great source online for how to interpret Chiron, Pholus and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends" at

Read seminal astrological analysis on Chiron, Pholus and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at

The only source online for how to interpret 2001-BL41 and many other unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Chiron, Pholus and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “A Summary of The Centaurs”
on Jonathan Dunn’s website "Ephemeral Info” at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Chiron, Pholus, 2001-BL41 and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website "Ephemeral Info" at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center

* A Square is a disharmonious 90 degree aspect between or amongst planets transiting signs of like modality (modalities being Cardinal – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn; Fixed – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius; & Mutable – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).


Uranus transits Taurus from May 15 to November 6, 2018. Whether one uses a computer, a cell phone, a pen with a piece of paper, a wire transfer, a credit card, a check or the cash in one’s wallet, everybody on earth seeks a secure, safe, fast & accurate transaction – but what serves the buyer may not serve the seller, “I can pay you in pesos – I can pay you in pesos right now!” If buyer & seller do not agree – you do not have a deal!  

ARIES – Because Uranus in Taurus threatens all sorts of “upgrades” about how you receive, save, invest & spend your money, you are defensive & nervous – and rightfully so, “My way always worked before – why should I change?” Answer is simple: If you don’t want to, don’t. Think short-term about such innovations: See if it works for you now, immediately, permanently, in small quantities. Decide if you want to live with it.  

TAURUS – A change in your appearance, particularly involving a haircut, moustache or beard, under the current influence of Uranus in Taurus will impel you to express your personality in ways that you have repressed . . . for far too long.  

GEMINI – Accountants, bookkeepers: You already know that some of your peers cheated, and how. You may think that you do not need to know the brand new way that such peers will now cheat under the current influence of Uranus in Taurus. However, you not only must find out about these new developments as they happen, but you must also anticipate the follow-up protocol & attempts to adjust as changes in technology bring with them the acceleration of such peers’ criminal instincts.  

CANCER – A new sophisticated & intellectually brilliant professional associate can explain the true amount of money stored in not only stocks & bonds but in fact in new & old novels or artistic masterpieces. However, first, Uranus in Taurus advises that you must stop thinking about personal factors such as “buyer,” “seller” and “timing.” Think instead, “liquid urgency,” “illiquid maturity” and “stored value over time.”  

LEO – You ascend, or somebody else ascends, to the top of your profession under the current influence of Uranus in Taurus if they pay close attention to one margin: What I have now compared to what I will have (tomorrow) (next week) (year-end) (2030). No gray area!  

VIRGO – You intuit a new way to distribute books after publication or to publicize, to display or to ship artwork under the current influence of Uranus in Taurus. Stay under the radar as you perfect your operations methodology. Don’t broadcast any of your innovations to your adversaries.  

LIBRA – New ways to steal money or to extort corrupt payments becomes glaringly apparent. If you maintain the honor of your moral backbone, Uranus in Taurus will show you colleagues & enemies who grasped the same idea at the same time – some struggle, some succumb. For now, just watch closely.

SCORPIO – Certain partners & rivals have always been blunt – but, more often than not, they shut up with a bemused smile after they make their point. Not so under the current influence of Uranus in Taurus. That unyielding downwind smell of bad breath intends to steer you in a specific direction. Detach – but do not disassociate.  

SAGITTARIUS – You have neglected the back end of work projects, and the employees & peers who execute them, to sell bosses & clients your premium services. Now, Uranus in Taurus signifies that this backlog impedes your front end sales efforts. Apply your innovative expertise so as to jettison that backlog as soon as possible.  

CAPRICORN – Uranus in Taurus empowers the Goat, whether financier, novelist, painter or sculptor, to apply a genius innovation to create either a short-term, high-yield money machine or a creative masterpiece of staggering proportions. However, have you really discovered the formula to perpetual wealth & brilliance? Not so fast!  

AQUARIUS – Buying a second piece of property under the current influence of Uranus in Taurus will provide insight about how to redesign your current home to service your & your family’s more ambitious personal visions. However, don’t rush through changes. Think things through.  

PISCES – Develop new comedy routines based exclusively upon how people do & do not deliver upon their transactions with either financial payment or the goods being purchased. If you do so now, then Uranus in Taurus will introduce you to more “material” than you can handle for a decade – which is perfect, as all of it will stay fresh for at least that long!


Pluto in Capricorn transits Retrograde Motion* from April 22 to October 1, 2018, while in 2003-CO1 in Capricorn transits Retrograde Motion* from April 29 to September 30, 2018. Poor Rex Tillerson. A civil engineer by trade, Tillerson worked extremely hard at his specialized position his whole life to climb the corporate ladder to its ultimate pinnacle in, perhaps America’s (or the capital market’s) most admired company, as Chief Executive Officer of Exxon. Enter President-Elect Donald Trump, fresh from a campaign where he promises West Virginia, Pennsylvania & Ohio that “coal is coming back,” tapping Tillerson as the premier non-Washington insider to take the helm as Secretary of State – only to be dumped some fifteen months later, firing Tillerson with less ceremony than he used to fire political enemy FBI Director James Comey, or even reality television wrestling villain & loser apprentice Omarosa Manigault. Tillerson chose to take the high road, exhorting those both new & old to that “very mean-spirited town,” Washington D.C., "You don't have to choose to participate in that. Each of us gets to choose the person we want to be, and the way we want to be treated, and the way we will treat others."  

ARIES – When professional athletes serve in government, such as Bill Bradley, Jack Kemp, J.C. Watts & Dave Bing, the keynote is “transformation,” as exemplary team players transcend from one elite milieu to another. When government officials appear on Celebrity Apprentice, as convicted former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich did, the keynote is “debasement” – why would an elected official sully the prestige of office by participating in a low-minded reality TV show? Keeping this comparison in mind as you ponder a new career or post-career venture, Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, provide you with the proper criteria by which to judge what you should do next: Is what you plan to do next worthy or unworthy of all that you have already done?  

TAURUS – Edward Conlon made quite an innovative splash in the literary world after graduating Harvard University to become a published author while working as a New York City police officer, culminating in his police memoir Blue Blood in 2004. Therefore, years later, when Joseph Wambaugh praised Conlon’s first full-length novel Red on Red, “This is the cop novel for everyone who reads books,” did Conlon feel truly comfortable in this new pigeonhole which somehow does not reveal his Ivy League upbringing? Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, point to Officer Conlon because Conlon, more than most cops, has the background & training to evolve beyond his chosen job description which slants his worldview in potentially permanently fixed ways. Can one take the fish out of the fishbowl & place it in the ocean in such a way that the fish forgets the fishbowl ever existed in the first place?  

GEMINI – Investments in emerging markets & alternative investments endure duress under the current influence of Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, as U.S. President Donald Trump’s seemingly illogical Twitter rants seek to coral all investment in domestic companies whom he favors. Because “out of the box” is never “out of style,” President Trump’s atavistic totalitarian economic strategy is to put “out of the box” “out of business.” Hedge your bets.  

CANCER – Recently, newly formed friendships or associations of a spouse or business partner diverted their attention from their routine. Now, Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, urge both of you to decide if such relationships are worthwhile in the long term, and, ultimately, sustainable.  

LEO – An employee or work colleague whom you hired in the past two years offered credentials not for the job in which they were hired, but credentials which would you’re your entire team in a more progressive direction. Now is the time, according to the current influence of Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, to determine if this experiment worked. If yes, continue. If not, change course – perhaps with new personnel.  

VIRGO – Back in the day, before interleague play, a batter traded from the National to the American League, or vice versa, got one chance to tear the cover off the baseball against every pitcher in the league because all those pitchers would be facing that batter for the first time. After that, pitchers will have had one experienced & done their research, and therefore “know the score.” Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, declare that many rookies in your league have already fulfilled that first time quota. Bear down hard upon these former rookies now – see if they can survive “the Sophomore Slump.”  

LIBRA – Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, declare that you now you know the full score about that Johnny-come-lately new kid in local politics – and why they arrived here from there. Make your moves.  

SCORPIO – Until about 18 months ago, long-term conflicts with “entitled” genius employees caused you to hesitate before issuing direct, straightforward, clear instructions. Now, you no longer hesitate – you see no reason to hesitate. You can act like yourself. However, as changing astrological influences will bring with them changing conditions in the workplace, Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, recommend that you consider why you allowed genius employees to undermine your rhythm so that you won’t allow any new head cases to get under your skin in the future.  

SAGITTARIUS – Increasing the number of streams of liquid income by diversifying your skills worked well in the past 18 months. However, with Saturn in Capricorn firmly entrenched in your second house of money through 2020, Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, alert you that you may need to focus upon your main bread & butter if you are to please demanding & unyielding bosses.  

CAPRICORN – Aristocratic old money blue bloods will implement their exit strategy so that everybody will admire them as they leave to you & everybody else difficult problems that require not only a clear strategy but very hard work. Even so, Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, advise you not to resent such blue bloods – now is your opportunity to get yours.  

AQUARIUS – A truly decent individual who worked behind the scenes has left the firm – which is why certain types have reverted back to their extremely bad behavior. No matter – Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, remind you that you are tougher now. Give as good as you get & do not back down.  

PISCES – A professional ally with a lot of class moves on, leaving you to deal with all the hardened & bitter “realists” who are only in it for a dollar. That’s okay – Pluto & 2003-CO1, both in Retrograde in Capricorn, know that Pisces can get along with anybody. Just don’t expect too much – 

* 2003-CO1 is an unnamed centaur planet discovered on February 1, 2003. The orbit of 2003-CO1 commences just beyond the orbit of Saturn as it crosses over the orbit of Uranus & Neptune.

A great resource for ephemeris data on 2003-CO1 and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website "Ephemeral Info" at

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center

1 Planets either move forward, in which case they orbit in Direct Motion, or move backward, in which case they orbit in Retrograde Motion. Planets in Direct Motion seek to make progress, while Planets in Retrograde Motion seek to redress past imbalances.


The North Node$ transits Leo from April 28, 2017 to November 16, 2018. A brilliant, innovative, hard-working mind, ensconced within a frustrating infrastructure, can still ascend from a middling position to a professional apex in a heartbeat, when that infrastructure, already providing all the resources that it possesses, needs that stellar individual to accomplish a far-reaching agenda. Even so, that individual feeds more effectively, not upon the unconditional support & seemingly limitless resources of that now profoundly empowering infrastructure, but from vendettas against rivals & adversaries. Disturbingly, even though such individual succeeds more when that one cooperates impersonally on societal goals, such one nevertheless derives motivation from personal antipathy & animal prejudice – the same way that good hates evil like any normal human reviles a cockroach. Such misplaced motivation disintegrates first into politics, then into power struggles with unenlightened despots, leading to the loss of self-esteem – until, in the end, that brilliant, hard-working mind realizes that impersonal cooperation, without ego, in pursuit of agendas for one & for all, represents the most practical, enlightened path.  

ARIES – You endured so many ongoing frustrations for months, if not years, at a time, that you really worried when success came thick, fast & easily. In this context, while it is noble to embrace one’s struggle, the North Node in Leo qualify that it is foolish to struggle strictly for the sake of struggling. Every struggle contains a karmic component which mere mortals (including Aries the Ram) forget. Listen to voices in dreams tell you the purposes of struggles recently surmounted. Enjoy rewards in the light of the noonday sun.  

TAURUS – Who wouldn’t want to live in your beautiful new apartment, condominium or house? Conversely, the North Node in Leo states that the real question for the Bull is, “Why can’t you seem to live in your own skin?” What’s with all the self-loathing? Who cares about what "the world" thinks? Accept that you have a right to be who you are no matter if anybody else likes it or not.  

GEMINI – To get what you (you say that you) want (you said that you wanted it!), the North Node in Leo demands that you ask the tough questions of spouse, lovers & partners who do not want to answer them, and that you yourself answer the tough questions of administrators, investors, editors & curators – even though you don’t want to do it. On Steely Dan’s “Do it Again,” Donald Fagan sings, “Those black cards can make you money, so you hide them when you’re able – In the land of milk & honey, you must put them on the table.” Full disclosure!  

CANCER – Liquid income & windfall profit now allows you the opportunity to accumulate money. However, in order for you to hold onto what you earn, the North Node in Leo advises that you must not deprive yourself. All work & no play exhaust the spirit. Curb eating & drinking – exercise more. Also, pursue romance – not wanton carnality.  

LEO – Assert your will. Sales, international business, romance, sports – the North Node in Leo rewards those who make things happen! However, avoid low-minded trash talk with dishonorable competition without scruples. Uphold your nobility.  

VIRGO – Your familial, property-related & professional responsibilities weigh heavily on your mind, body & spirit. The North Node in Leo denotes that you cannot escape but require a refuge. The ideal refuge: A gymnasium with a variegated & flexible yoga program.  

LIBRA – Intimacy with lovers can be delectable albeit cloying. The North Node in Leo denotes that you now favor adult, society-oriented objectivity: You want this but can you provide me with that? One caveat: Certain players are rule-breakers – and some rule-breakers will tempt you to break rules. Careful!

SCORPIO – Manifest power becomes available to you – but the North Node in Leo signifies that you must first demonstrate an ability to manage your money, time & energy – as well as the money, time & energy of colleagues & employees. Also, avoid power struggles – even if you win, more power struggles follow. Wait for professional superiors to bestow the crown upon you.  

SAGITTARIUS – “The correct answer” is no longer important. The North Node in Leo rewards the right attitude. Moreover, demonstrating the right attitude is superfluous. Do only what is important, necessary & inspired. Avoid all vices of excess – including lust, gluttony, greed & intoxication. Allow the purity of your essence to shine.  

CAPRICORN – Local business & real estate ventures which now go bust, as well as professional high rollers who cannot deliver on their word, threaten your own personal & professional bottom line. While some such incorrigible debtors may call you heavy-handed, the North Node in Leo insists that you are entitled to this money which you yourself desperately need. However, refuse to debase yourself with illegal, hardball tactics. Work with the courts of law to seize that cash lawfully – and irrevocably.  

AQUARIUS – Allowing vendors, associates & employees latitude in the spirit of egalitarian magnanimity will only make you a doormat. The North Node in Leo states that now is the time to enforce – because if you will not enforce, bosses will find somebody who can & will.  

PISCES – Weightlifting! The North Node in Leo rewards stamina, endurance & strength. Bosses need more done in less time. Bosses, at times, need brute force to push large objects & vast projects across untenable thresholds. “So what?” you say. “What’s the big deal?” Way to be!

@ The North Node and the South Node, or the Nodes of the Moon, represent current & past life karma, respectively, according to astrologer Martin Schulman. Astronomically, the North Node & the South Node are the two points at which the Moon's orbit intersects the ecliptic, setting a timetable for large-scale Solar & Lunar Eclipses over time.