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ARTICLE #1: The current influence of
transiting Chiron in Direct Motion in late Pisces sextile
transiting Bienor in late Taurus
ARTICLE #2: The current influence of
transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius square
transiting Nessus in Pisces opposite
transiting Aphidas in Virgo
ARTICLE #3: The current influence of
transiting Mars in Pisces
ARTICLE #4: The current influence of
transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius
ARTICLE #5: The current influence of
transiting Uranus in Retrograde in late Aries
ARTICLE #6: The current influence of
the transiting North Node in Cancer


Chiron^, which turns to Direct Motion1 on December 10, 2018, completes its transit of Pisces on February 18, 2018, during which Chiron^ in Pisces sextiles2 Bienor< in Taurus from December 10, 2018 to February 18, 2018, and during which Chiron^ in Pisces sextiles2 Bienor< conjunct3 Echeclus> in Taurus from December 27, 2018 to February 18, 2018. Prove to authority figures, official sales reps & those who dispense resources that you are worthy of trust. Too many people recently fleeced vulnerable & trusting bosses as the sudden emergence of new loopholes led to embarrassing losses. Demonstrate that you surmise, if not exactly know, what happened – and go that extra step to prove that your credibility & character are above question & beyond reproach.  

ARIES –Bureaucrats treat the public with either unconditional trust or unconditional mistrust depending upon the times. Because such bureaucrats currently trust nobody, Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus advise you simply to have your papers in order, to tell the truth about whatever you are asked & to expect no favors. Earn yourself a modicum of respect.  

TAURUS – Everybody has a complaint about current political & economic conditions. However, because a lot of people, including  yourself, have complaints about other people, Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus advise you not to discuss what you dislike with anybody at all, lest you complain about somebody that the person to whom you are complaining knows.  

GEMINI – Accountants: Simply prepare to demonstrate to bosses & clients that your calculations & conclusions are correct. Bosses must make popular & unpopular decisions based upon what facts you present – but, ultimately, Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus declare that you can only present facts. Communicate with neutrality.  

CANCER – Christianity espouses financial generosity. However, Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus now notice instances where supplicants & beggars are demanding. This is the cart leading the horse. Exercise a firm hand before you choose to open your wallet – or your heart.  

LEO – Bosses indulge anger & even rage as you comply with various interfaces & infrastructures to get payment for your goods & services. Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus realize that you well know the need to use the human touch to pull off the impersonal mask of the bureaucrat – but you also must use the human touch to calm down bosses who demand their money. Be more even-handed with your own emotions.  

VIRGO – Whether they must speak to academics, teachers, parole officers or psychiatrists, Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus demand that you impel your spouse to visit authority figures on behalf of your children & family to find out what you may not want to hear. Go with them – but do not go by yourself. Let your spouse take the lead.  

LIBRA – Employees take an unusual interest in how well your company is doing because they are worried about their own finances. Moreover, Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus warn that such employees will not take kindly at all to your plight if your company has endured an embezzler in your midst. These public relations are very difficult – watch what you say.

SCORPIO – Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus denote that hostile neighbors will take umbrage, and may call the police, if you & yours celebrate too excessively . . . while others in your neighborhood suffer.  

SAGITTARIUS – Distance yourself from colleagues’ & employees’ complaints. Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus state that such complaints will only add aggravation to your much deeper, more personal pain. In one ear & out the other – water off a duck’s ass!  

CAPRICORN – Do you want to communicate complaints to official agents? Do you want to make an artistic statement? Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus will distinguish between a social worker & an artist. Attempt no awkward overlapping hybrids.  

AQUARIUS – If the various members of your workplace clique agree about that political & economic obstacles cause problems in your local area, then Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus suggest that you all meet informally & codify them for public presentation. However, make sure you are on the same page – on the same pieces of paper.  

PISCES – You have asked that they pay you the money, you have repeated the request that you asked for the money & you followed up with a formal letter codifying your requests. Chiron, Bienor & Echeclus confirm that all know where you stand. Prepare to push a little harder once not everybody proves forthcoming.

^ Chiron, named after the wounded centaur who sacrificed his immortality in return for the liberation of Prometheus (he who stole fire from the gods!) was the first centaur planet discovered back in 1977. Chiron, described as "the wounded healer" by Zane Stein & Barbara Hand Clow, bridges the gap between Saturn & Uranus, exhorting us to teach that which we most need to learn.

< Bienor, a centaur planet that traverses from just outside the orbit of Saturn just across the orbit of Uranus, was discovered in August 2000 & named in January 2004. Theseus, fighting for the Lapiths against the Centaurs to avenge the honor of Peirithous's bride Hippodamia, killed Bienor by jumping on his back, pulling his hair, and smashing his mouth while it spouted violent threats. For information on how to interpret Bienor, formerly 2000-QC243, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below. 

> Echeclus, a centaur planet that traverses from the orbit of Jupiter to the orbit of Uranus, was discovered in March 2000 & named in February 2006. Echeclus, in the battle fought between the Centaurs & the Lapiths, died as the Lapith Ampyx threw his spear without a tip directly into Echeclus's face as Echeclus was attacking Ampyx at full gallop. For information on how to interpret Echeclus, formerly 2000-EC98, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below. 

The best source in print for how to interpret Chiron and many other minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Asteroid Goddess, written by Demetra George and published by
ACS Publications of San Diego, California. 

A great source online for how to interpret Chiron, Bienor, Echeclus  and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends" at

Read seminal astrological analysis on Chiron and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Chiron, Bienor, Echeclus and all named centaurs, is 
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “A Summary of The Centaurs” 
on Jonathan Dunn’s website "Ephemeral Info” at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Chiron, Bienor, Echeclus and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website "Ephemeral Info" at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center

B Planets either move forward, in which case they orbit in Direct Motion, or move backward, in which case they orbit in Retrograde Motion. Planets in Direct Motion seek to make progress, while Planets in Retrograde Motion seek to redress past imbalances.

2 A Sextile is a harmonious yet primarily mental & social aspect between either Fire & Air signs (Fire being Aries, Leo, Sagittarius;  & Air being Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) or Earth & Water signs (Earth being Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn; & Water being Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).  

3 A Conjunction is a harmonious aspect wherein two or more planets meet as they transit the same sign.


Jupiter in Sagittarius squares1 Nessus< in Pisces opposite2 Aphidas> in Virgo from November 24, 2018 to December 20, 2018. The most philosophical or spiritually enlightening thing an aficionado of technology can do with all their devices is to help, proactively, those people who have no use for such gadgets. Okay – but how can such an aficionado practically & actually perform such services? Stay tuned – and stay alert.  

ARIES – If you only use your cell phone, when you are not making phone calls, emails & texts, to play 21st century video games during your commute, then you might as well toss it in the sewer & time-travel back to the Seventies when you unloaded all your quarters to play Space Invaders or Pacman. Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas now challenge you, “Can you use your technology as a tool to help you interact with people – people in the same room who now stare at you in the face?”  

TAURUS – Performers, athletes, especially acrobats and gymnasts, automobile race car drivers: Demanding & cynical audiences will now dare you to perform stunts & tasks where you risk getting hurt – and, if you do get hurt, they clap, and you go to the hospital, then pay for it, and perhaps never perform again. Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas agree that this is a bad deal. Stay self-contained within your rhythm as you keep your eye on the safety nets.  

GEMINI – If you want both professional success as well as peace in your life, then Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas denote that bosses must know the boundaries that dominate your domestic home life, while your spouse & family must know, and respect, the demands placed upon you by both reasonable & unreasonable bosses. There is no intrigue in keeping these parts of your life secret!  

CANCER – Assuage ongoing, ostensibly interminable merchant-customer & cashier-customer hostility, whether you are a merchant or a customer, by behaving as consistently as possible as you conduct each individual transaction. Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas declare that you should not underestimate how mistrust borne of retail transactions hardens into pure hatred over time. As for yourself, have your money ready, say please & thank you – and skip the small talk. No drama!  

LEO – You & the skilled, accomplished employees directly under your charge now have much to gain by your buoyant, aggressive sales efforts. Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas therefore exhort you to tolerate the lazy& corrupt no longer. Sacrifice no achievements, with their concomitant spoils, to save the face of negative influences who would never go out of their way to save yours.  

VIRGO – Partners & rivals continually bait your temper with their bitter insults because they cannot direct their wrath towards those whom they hate the most: Themselves. However, because you are quite capable of insulting them back in an entirely juvenile manner, which would set an extremely negative & interminable precedent, Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas urge you to try to raise the level of discourse by admonishing those partners & rivals, “You can – and you should – do better.”  

LIBRA – You now have evidence that specific employees in your professional workplace have been committing crimes. Gathering the whole company in a meeting, then confronting these specific employees in front of all their colleagues, would prove a shocking risk – but Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas guarantee that, in the end, such a spectacular episode would absolutely clear out all the bad air.  

SCORPIO – A professional workplace which you could control, if you wanted, is now divided into two camps: The old guard who knows you personally for many moons & the new guard who simply wants to get more done. Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas announce that the sword now cuts both ways: This is your money – and this is with whom you wish to share it.  

SAGITTARIUS – The challenges of bosses’ ultimatums, coupled with the private pain of your dysfunctional family, may have failed to make you a stronger person already – but Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas guarantee that these same challenges & this same pain will make you an absolute powerhouse now. Why? Because you now expect success – and you will do whatever is necessary to achieve it.  

CAPRICORN – The incorrigible challenge your massive legal advantage under the current influence of Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas. See how much nerve the incorrigible really have before you turn the tables on them. Damages plus all reasonable attorneys’ fees!  

AQUARIUS – Gerry Rafferty sang while in Stealer’s Wheel, “Fools to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am – stuck in the middle with you.” An amusing sentiment – but Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas confirm that what you now endure is not funny: “Friends” use bitter peer pressure to mock your current revolutionary ideas while enemies blackmail & threaten you to keep your mouth shut. Until the time & the place arrives for you to let loose your clarion call . . . better alone than in “bad company.” (“Bad Company! Another great band – and album!”)  

PISCES – Jupiter, Nessus & Aphidas denote that legitimate authorities have assigned a boss, arbitrator, mediator or judge to settle a bitter dispute between you & a former partner or current rival. What this authority figure proclaims about your dispute will be binding. Curb hostile sentiments & trash talk. Negotiate with your best foot forward. 

< Nessus, named after the centaur whose bloodied & semen-stained shirt eventually killed Hercules, was discovered during the siege at Waco in April 1993 & named in 1997. Nessus bridges the gap in consciousness between Saturn & Pluto, forcing us to discard naivete about jealousy, anger, irrationality & evil in ourselves & in others so that we may cultivate the will & the stomach to evolve as a species.  

>Aphidas, a centaur planet which crosses between the orbits of Saturn & Neptune, was discovered in December 1999 and named in October 2017. The centaur Phorbas, disgusted because his fellow centaur had passed out, drunk, rather than fighting the Lapiths during the wedding feast of Pirithous, killed Aphidas with a javelin, with black blood pouring from Aphidas’s throat into his wine cup.  

A great source online for how to interpret Nessus, Aphidas and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at  

Read seminal astrological analysis on Nessus, Aphidas and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at  

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Nessus, Aphidas and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “Riders in the Sky – The Centaurs”
on Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at  

A great resource for ephemeris data on Nessus, Aphidas and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website “Ephemeral Info” at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center

1 A Square is a disharmonious 90 degree aspect between or amongst planets transiting signs of like modality (modalities being Cardinal – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn; Fixed – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius; & Mutable – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).  

2 An Opposition is a disharmonious 180 degree aspect between or amongst planets transiting signs of like modality (modalities being Cardinal – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn; Fixed – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius; & Mutable – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).


Mars transits Pisces from November 15, 2018 to New Year’s Day 2019. New phenomena & circumstances surface, but many people will stubbornly interpret what is new according to their entrenched perspective, value system or politics. Far better to turn away from “news” to focus upon personal projects that involve physical effort – labor in solitude frees the imagination & the intuition to work in tandem to form a truly accurate impression.  

ARIES – New information arises, but some incessant talker at work insists upon asserting their unchanging, static opinion. Luckily, Mars in Pisces augurs that bosses will give you more than enough to do so that you may disregard such nonsense. However, write down your dreams – they will not only be prophetic but also intensely beautiful.  

TAURUS – Certain peoples’ biases are fully formed & beyond any hope of change. Mars in Pisces urges you not to get involved. Meet your true allies as a result of a brilliant spontaneous revelation!  

GEMINI – A new employee or client instigates conflicts across the org chart. Mars in Pisces suggests that a savvy manager, aware of all this disruption, offers a project that gets everybody involved on the same page. Genius!  

CANCER – Don’t talk about religion or your recent international vacation in the professional workplace. In the workplace, Mars in Pisces advises that you discuss business. Discuss spirituality & worldly experiences only with like minds.  

LEO – Keep operational managers & those who interface with individual customers in the dark about your more concerted & more lucrative sales efforts. Mars in Pisces reminds expansion-minded Lions that such people see more business as more work for just as much money – really, what’s in it for them? Talk about your sales efforts with those at your company who can hire more employees.  

VIRGO – A family member either degenerates to truly intolerable behavior which requires professional help – or, much more likely, improves tremendously. In either instance, Mars in Pisces advises that you take control of relationships with family members who have needed help for a long time. After the critical transition where the long-suffering family member finally engages the world . . . watch your spouse or business partner change in wonderful ways.  

LIBRA – If employees do not want to cooperate, soft-peddle confrontation. Mars in Pisces declares that if you demonstrate fairness by backing off, employees should reciprocate by eagerly tackling your requests when it is clearly reasonable for you to do so.  

SCORPIO – Mars in Pisces is adamant: Expressions of love should not involve money. Reward sons & daughters who are student athletes who win championships with cash awards. Smother a lover or spouse with adoration, adulation & affection.  

SAGITTARIUS – If a family member does not want to leave the home to engage the world, then Mars in Pisces suggests that you make an investment to force them out of the house, whether to attend a class, enter a clinic or to commence some type of psychiatric treatment that they really need.  

CAPRICORN – Undeclared enemies try to induce you into revealing your personal business. Mars in Pisces encourages you to baffle these rude people with some convoluted nonsense that will first confuse, and then insult, them, “The nerve of this jerk to pump me for my own personal info!”  

AQUARIUS – Do not preach political or professional ideals to friends & colleagues. Mars in Pisces connotes that bosses & other authority figures demand their time & attention. Deal with your group or clique solely within terms of your group or clique – magical moments will happen.  

PISCES – Give demanding bosses exactly what they request – and refuse to flinch when such bosses discover that they made a very basic mistake which wasted your precious time. Mars in Pisces guarantees that other bosses will notice your extremely professional demeanor – and they will respect you for it deeply. Just another day in the ocean with all the other fish!


Jupiter transits Sagittarius from November 8, 2018 to December 2, 2019. Hordes of lapsed Catholics, including generations of those who spent decades indulging in sex, drugs, high finance, high technology & rock’n’roll, will begin to feel the need to reconcile themselves with the Catholicism in which they were raised, including the need to hear the Mass, with the Liturgy of the Word followed by the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Such need arises not as a result of any intellectual or philosophical reconciliation with the Catholic faith, because many such individuals will not have felt any such reconciliation whatsoever. Such need transcends mere nostalgia to experience what no longer exists, whether book stores, record stores, block parties or summer camps sponsored by a Catholic Church honoring its commitment both to teaching service to its own teenagers & to provide service to the local indigent. These lapsed Catholics experience the afterimage of the inculcation of their own indoctrination, often in the form of codified, homogenized prayer – for, as Dion Fortune asserts in The Mystical Qabbalah, “These monks frequently bring to the working of the Mass a very high degree of magical power, as any psychic can testify. It is the ensouling of an astral form with spiritual force which is the real act of Transubstantiation. It is in the knowledge of these things, and in the possession of organized bodies of men and women trained in their use in the encloistered Orders, that the strength of the One Catholic and Apostolic Church lies.”  

ARIES – Jupiter in Sagittarius warns that two useless phenomena will try to stop you: Excuses & guilt. To combat excuses: Consider, “Whether you say you can or you can’t, you are correct.” Decide that you are capable. To combat guilt: You were allowed to make mistakes yesterday because you are allowed to do great things tomorrow.  

TAURUS – Psychic, spiritual, religious & New Age excursions into consciousness, extensive travel to foreign lands or reading deep, pure philosophy alienates lesser minds. Selling property to immigrant transplants alienates poorer natives. Both provide limitless opportunities under the current influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius – but you must be able to stand your ground against hostile forces.  

GEMINI – A foreign spouse or international business partner can bring you fabulous luck. However, to capitalize on such luck, Jupiter in Sagittarius demands that you communicate to stick-in-the-mud bosses exactly what is going on . . . when they really need to know.  

CANCER – Working with foreign clients or immigrant employees & colleagues can empower you with skills that many in your professional cohort will lack. However, Jupiter in Sagittarius declares that the flip side of accepting such knowledge involves repeated instances of “foot-in-mouth” disease. Accept that embarrassment is a sign that your heart is in the right place.  

LEO – Salespeople: Jupiter in Sagittarius flatly denotes that your ability to drum up business – which is indeed considerable – will do you & your company no good unless you have allies in y our company’s infrastructure who will expedite the delivery of goods & services that you sell with but a minute’s notice.  

VIRGO – Your family can now enjoy unprecedented happiness & contentment – but Jupiter in Sagittarius demands that you must make your spouse, with all their alienating idiosyncrasies & outside associates, a part of that family. Pipe dream: Can you afford a brand new house where you can all start a brand new chapter together?  

LIBRA – You have an inspirational message to deliver – but that message is lose on work colleagues & employees. Jupiter in Sagittarius insists that you know your audience. Preach to those who have never heard anything like what you now have to say.  

SCORPIO – You’ve paid off all your huge loans & outstanding debt. Now, Jupiter in Sagittarius congratulates you as all the money now flows into you. Put it in the bank – and disregard the whining lovers & children who only want you to dissipate your hard-earned money on their caprice & whimsy. Consolidate.  

SAGITTARIUS – Your self-development & caring for your loved ones are not mutually exclusive propositions, but rather “master-slave.” That is, Jupiter in Sagittarius states that you can only help loved ones if you take care of yourself & your needs first – and that includes your need to create whatever bona-fide creative masterpiece that you happen to envision.  

CAPRICORN – Protect yourself from “homeowners” & “business people” who failed arithmetic in third grade. Jupiter in Sagittarius states that you will benefit when less capable & less disciplined people fail – as long as they don’t drag you down with them.  

AQUARIUS – Colleagues don’t want to hear your philosophical ideas – they want to know what you know about petty ongoing workplace “developments.” Jupiter in Sagittarius indicates that the real question is amongst groups of strangers who meet to hear what people like you have to say. In such venues . . . you are the star of the show!  

PISCES – Current & new bosses will make extra demands upon you because they know that you can handle the job. Jupiter in Sagittarius instructs you to do the work & to take the overtime, raises & promotions – but one caveat: Absolutely refuse to work when you are sick.


Uranus, which exits Taurus on November 6, 2018, continues to transit Aries in Retrograde Motion* to January 7, 2019. Reckless behavior which made your entire clique roll all over the floor in laughter just one year ago can get you arrested or sued right now – with, moreover, what you did recorded on cell phone & posted online to some electronic scandal blog for the entire world to see. If you got away with it in the past – you might pay for it, in spades, right now.  

ARIES – Read Scorpio. Whereas your allies outnumbered your allies when you executed some outrageous stunt in the recent past, now, under the current influence of Retrograde Uranus in late Aries, your allies have completely disappeared – and your enemies will seek ruthless revenge upon you. Stay out of the limelight – low profile!  

TAURUS – Certain cowards don’t care at all what damage they do. Therefore, Retrograde Uranus in late Aries advises cautious Bulls to avoid venues where they might meet such cowards – including crowded bars. They don’t call alcohol “liquid courage” for nothing!  

GEMINI – Retrograde Uranus in late Aries states that you will only make enemies discussing politics – and enemies can prove very expensive. Save your money – say nothing.  

CANCER – At least one boss at your workplace is self-destructing. Retrograde Uranus in late Aries recommend that you avoid this boss at all costs. Let them destroy themselves without attaching your name to their narrative.  

LEO – Whether dealing with cross-border or interstate business or international travel, Retrograde Uranus in late Aries demands that you comply with all rules, regulations & protocol. Find the employee in your firm with the neatest possible handwriting to do all the paperwork – because you will not be able to fill out these forms on a computer. The old-fashioned way during the old-fashioned timeframe!  

VIRGO – You do not favor leniency towards those who damage or destroy your property – but Retrograde Uranus in late Aries reminds you that you must know what to say to those parents of those juvenile criminals who expect such leniency from you.  

LIBRA – Do not let a partner or rival speak for you to clients & bosses. Retrograde Uranus in late Aries denotes that such partners & rivals will continue to communicate in sarcastic & undiplomatic. That’s their business. As for yourself – protect your interests.  

SCORPIO – Read Aries. Because you & your bosses needed that genius employee three years ago, you tolerated their arrogant behavior & bitter rudeness. Retrograde Uranus in late Aries says, “That was then, this is now.” This genius has nothing left to offer you & you’ve taken more than enough of their crap. Good riddance!  

SAGITTARIUS – Writers, artists, actors: Retrograde Uranus in late Aries favors those creative types who do unexpected, radical work – not those who live reckless, revolutionary lives.  

CAPRICORN – Don’t let any changes in your local area infuriate you – Retrograde Uranus in late Aries states that you want to be in a position to calm your neighbors down when they start screaming absolute Holy Hell! Let everybody on your side elect you to be “the voice of reason.”  

AQUARIUS – With whomever you happen to have an emotional argument for whatever reason, Retrograde Uranus in late Aries announces that whoever raises their voice first, loses.  

PISCES – Married couples, parents: Restrain yourself from making purchases of luxury items. Retrograde Uranus in late Aries declares that unexpected yet necessary expenditures are likely. Don’t squander your emergency funds.

* Planets either move forward, in which case they orbit in Direct Motion, or move backward, in which case they orbit in Retrograde Motion. Planets in Direct Motion seek to make progress, while Planets in Retrograde Motion seek to redress past imbalances.  


The North Node$ transits Cancer from November 16, 2018 to June 4, 2020. Currency trader Eric Packer, the protagonist of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis, considers himself the smartest man in the room – any room. Packer became a billionaire executing the exact same risky transactions as he did through the course of DeLillo’s novel, during which he loses hundreds of millions of dollars in one day betting that the Japanese Yen would plummet in value – by demonstrating ironclad conviction in dangerously leveraged counterintuitive gambles. Such strategic vigor colors Packer’s basic personality. When Packer visits one of his many paramours, Didi Fancher, Didi informs him of the upcoming availability of a prime period Mark Rothko painting, “It will remind you that you’re alive. You have something in you that’s receptive to the mysteries.” Didi, instead of feeling fulfilled by the appropriate concomitant gratitude that she expects Packer to provide, becomes horrified when Packer asserts that he wants to buy the fourteen paintings within, and, the Rothko Chapel of Houston, Texas, “In my apartment. There’s sufficient space. I’ll make more space.” Packer’s flippancy towards the perpetually despondent & neurotic Rothko, which Rothko himself would undoubtedly revile, illustrates how Packer’s narcissistic acquisitions inject him with an adrenaline rush based upon his adolescent penchant for destruction.  It falls under the same paradigm of Chrimatistikůs, the Greek word for “moneymaking,” as per his Chief of Theory, Vija Kinski. “You paid the money for the number itself,” Kinski interprets. “This is what you bought. And it’s worth it. The number justifies itself.”

ARIES – We’ve heard it all before, “The bigger they come, the harder they fall.” But that is just the sound of a loud “thud.” The real questions that the North Node in Cancer asks, “When money is everything and one loses it all – loses everything –what, exactly, if anything, truly matters?”  

TAURUS – Booze! So rivals can brag about their “victories” to your face. Cuisine! So you & your (date) (lover) (spouse) (paramour) may define “the rules of engagement.” The North Node in Cancer comments, “How careless elitists are with the Sword of Damocles.” Do any of these cutthroats buy a kid an ice-cream cone just to see the kid smile?  

GEMINI – Divest from enough investments in stocks, bonds, artwork & excess property to accumulate enough cash on hand to make you feel comfortable amidst volatility in all types of markets. The North Node in Cancer encourages you to put yourself in a position where you can lose absolutely everything in which you have invested with the attitude of dispassionate abstraction because you have the cash on hand to survive the long term.  

CANCER – A spouse or partner who demands control has already lost control. The North Node in Cancer instructs you to refuse to engage a spouse or partner once that individual crosses that very clear threshold.  

LEO – The North Node in Cancer denote that employees & colleagues who skip steps, and who refuse to complete required logs, are manifestly untrustworthy. If it is not transparent, it is most likely dishonest. Raise the objections despite the uproar against you.  

VIRGO – Parents: Discipline male teenagers strictly – particularly if they participate in school sports. The North Node in Cancer signifies that many such male teenagers will behave more recklessly, and will get themselves involved in punitively spectacular episodes, more than usual. Other parents – especially mothers – will be truly irate. Assert, “Only role models graduate without a police record – get it, son?”  

LIBRA – Your rage towards local politicians or corrupt business leaders may not be misplaced but is nevertheless futile. The North Node in Cancer reminds the justice-minded Libran that sometimes generations must pass before a full reward or punishment can be given. Pay more attention to those powerful people who take distant care of the obedient masses who constitute “the salt of the earth.”  

SCORPIO – How you say what you say can get you in legal trouble. Instructions, directions, jokes, news items, critiques – the North Node in Cancer warns that censors will key on you if they have reason to correct you even once. Speak so formally & drily that you put people to sleep.  

SAGITTARIUS – Sequester your liquid income as if you plan to buy property. If you don’t, the North Node in Cancer will ask you, “How do you want to take away all your discretionary income – through budgeting for a new home, via your spouse or via legal judgment by the police?”  

CAPRICORN – The North Node in Cancer warns the Goat not to alienate spouse or business partner. You are entitled to stupid mistakes – but you are not entitled to be a jerk. Be good to those loved ones upon whom you must rely.  

AQUARIUS – You get revenge against hidden enemies in the bureaucracy – but only, as the North Node in Cancer now qualifies, if you do not fight back. Allow your allies to fight your battles for you.  

PISCES – Adults behave badly, even though they know better, because they are wicked. The North Node in Cancer conversely emphasizes that children who do not know any better are full of love – and innocence. Shield your children from such wicked influences. Teach your children well!

@ The North Node and the South Node, or the Nodes of the Moon, represent current & past life karma, respectively, according to astrologer Martin Schulman. Astronomically, the North Node & the South Node are the two points at which the Moon's orbit intersects the ecliptic, setting a timetable for large-scale Solar & Lunar Eclipses over time.