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ARTICLE #1: The current influence of
transiting Asbolus in Cancer
ARTICLE #2: The current influence of
transiting Bienor in Cancer
ARTICLE #3: The current influence of
transiting Echeclus in Cancer
ARTICLE #4: The current influence of
transiting Cyllarus in Leo
ARTICLE #5: The current influence of
transiting 2001-SQ73 in Retrograde in Leo & Cancer, and
transiting Cyllarus in Retrograde in Leo
ARTICLE #6: The current influence of
transiting Aphidas in Virgo
ARTICLE #7: The current influence of
transiting Thereus in Virgo
ARTICLE #8: The current influence of
transiting Elatus in Scorpio
ARTICLE #9: The current influence of
transiting Pholus in Capricorn
ARTICLE #10: The current influence of
transiting Hylonome in Capricorn
ARTICLE #11: The current influence of
transiting Amycus in Aquarius
ARTICLE #12: The current influence of
transiting Chariklo in Aquarius
ARTICLE #13: The current influence of
transiting Crantor in Pisces
ARTICLE #14: The current influence of
transiting Nessus in Pisces
ARTICLE #15: The current influence of
transiting Okryhoe in Aries
ARTICLE #16: The current influence of
transiting Chiron in Aries


Asbolus! transits Cancer from May 26, 2024 to May 24, 2043. From the time a young boy leaves his mother’s womb until sometime in his teenage high school years, the boy’s mother worries about & concentrates upon everything the boy does – and much later on, says. In the beginning, when the boy can do nothing without his mother, every babble, tear, sob, drink, mouthful, teethe, slobber, cough, sneeze, snort & laugh obsesses the poor mother with fear, worry, hope & joy. How will he survive? Will he be okay? He will be fine. He will be President! But then, as a teenager, the boy does not need his mother as he once did for all the basic functions of living – which compounds her worry. Will he get along with his fellow classmates? Will he behave in class? He must get up on time every day to get the bus. Make sure to tell him to avoid all the bad boys in the gang near the park! Then, one day, the mother of the teenage boy dreams about him, walking along the bottom of the ocean. The young boy sidesteps the crab who fails to see him pass. The young boy ducks below the whale sucking in millions of plankton. The young boy remains calm & emits no fear so that the shark sees, yet ignores, him. Then, looking at his watch, at a predetermined moment, the boy leans heavily into a squat, and then, thrusting with his legs & back to the surface, shoots straight up, through hundreds of feet of ocean water. A row boat attached by a rope to a mid-ocean cruiser sees him & transfers him to the row boat and then the cruiser. The young boy had executed all instructions meticulously.  

ARIES – The term “gaslighting” refers to when those associates known to you alter the environment & their behavior to you to such an extreme degree that you begin either to doubt your reality or your sanity. Such associates can expertly disorient you if they know beforehand that you are currently deeply, emotionally insecure; then, they will be able to alter even familiar surroundings so that they become horrifyingly foreign & intimidating to you. Asbolus in Cancer denotes that your mother will not be present at such attempts to gaslight you. The instinctive bond to what is known & familiar lies within your mother. Keeping your mother & family in the center of your heart, like a sacred talismanic object embedded into an altar, will help reveal to you the true quality of those soundwaves constructed during such gaslighting so that you will know the truth of what is happening despite others’ decidedly impure intentions.  

TAURUS – Some environments are so entrenched in a particular mindset, whether driven by hierarchical relationships, specialized commerce, controlled substances or a fixed personage who never, ever leaves, that they strike an outsider as a native of a foreign, intergalactic or fictional realm which operates according to rules & laws of their own. As long as you are not completely foreign to that environment yourself, you won’t need to come up for air prematurely. However, you will wonder if individuals within that entrenched environment who all know you outside of it will be able to recognize you as a distinct individual rather than some random adversary or interloper. Asbolus in Cancer encourages the Bull, “Have hope” – you may be the stimulus which reminds such individuals that this fixed personage, you, this environment & the outside world coexist with vastly different conceptual meanings. If such an environment is annoying to you, such individuals may thank you years later as they become able to disassociate themselves from where they were & everything that they saw & did in order to reacquaint themselves with themselves, the world & their own limitless potential.  

GEMINI – Getting paid by an employer? Cash under the table with no taxes withheld? Employee with benefits & taxes withheld? Employee paid by stock options which fluctuate in value? Bitcoin? Asbolus in Cancer confirms that money comes in all forms. For most people, and employees with benefits: What they did last year, they will do this year. Why? Because they know how to do it – and the IRS doesn’t bother them. The real question, however, is “To what advantage is the labyrinthine & complex process you undergo when you receive your paycheck?” Such as, for examples, when employers pay employees in stock options. Is this a Plutocrat’s attempt to assert class consciousness into young high-tech executives who could lose their shirt fiddling with complex fiscal instruments designed & implemented by much smarter economists? Plus, more conservative employees didn’t lose an untoward amount of money – like one cashing in their stock options. Make sure that you know what you are doing when you sign up for your weekly paycheck to come in the form of unfamiliar financial instruments. And then, if you do know what you are doing, maximize the value of the financial instrument’s innovation when the time becomes ripe.  

CANCER – Your spouse & business partner froze you out emotionally for the better part of two decades as you wondered throughout the entire transit of Pluto through Capricorn from 2008 through 2024, “What is going on with this individual and all their professional & personal associates?” Well, after Pluto exits Capricorn for good in November 2024, your spouse or business partner will not be able to freeze you out – but you won’t care in the slightest. They had their chance.  Asbolus in Cancer denotes that you intend to devote your energy to the young man & the little boys of the future. Truly, your intuition is overwhelmed by the inundation of psychology emitting from so many young men & little boys without any significant direction whatsoever. All this is noble & fine, and it is nature’s duty to fill voids of responsibility abandoned by those who feel they have better things to do – but please give these boys & men enough space to live their own life & grow. “Mother” by the Police off Synchronicity, “Oh, mother dear, please listen – and don’t devour me.”  

LEO – Some peoples’ mouths & emotions run amok. These people are awaiting the manifestation of doom emerging out of their self-evident negative energy. However, some people with all the grace, charm & propriety in the world, every once in a while, endures an undeniable instinct or intuition. Asbolus in Cancer declares that such people are disinclined to disregard logic – but, if the stimulus is strong enough, they will abandon it outright & head for the hills. The lesson: Know with whom you are dealing, and, if those whom you respect behave in an unusual manner, take close heed.  

VIRGO – Asbolus in Cancer emphasizes mothers as political forces or media spokespersons, and the influence of politics on mothers. Will this be a mutually profitable alignment? Potentially, and under very specific, auspicious conditions, particularly later in this transit – but, overall, not at all. Ruby Franke, the Utah mother with a wildly popular YouTube channel promoting parenting advice who was recently convicted of felony child abuse, seems to be a negative role model for such a transit. High self-esteem, demonstrated ambition making the private role of caretaker, custodian & teacher of young children very, very public. Making matters worse, children, especially young boys & young men, face accelerated crises in their own lives, especially involving gangs & street crime, of which some of their mothers are blithely unaware. While all sorts of people assert, “Somebody should have seen this coming,” how can anybody if those pursuing those ambitions are accountable to nobody?” Then again, potentially, if such a messianic figure is moneyed by somebody who can & will hold them accountable and will direct them to envision & to shape an even greater, greater good – who knows what such a woman might achieve?  

LIBRA – Professional women: Treating employees like prepubescent children with no experience, no education & no individuality while providing a mystically confused male spouse with neither praise nor direction, like a real man: Asbolus in Cancer posits a duality that not even a demonic & deceitful Libran can engineer. Indeed, such is the recipe for “fatal equilibrium” – letting those who don’t know, and who cannot defend themselves, walk around in circles, as the boss & wife commands supreme confidence. A lot of this description reads like the selling of a science fiction novel or movie where all meet their demise except for the tragic anti-heroine who is opposes by an entire planet of violent male enemies whose testosterone identifies & seeks to obliterate her cortisol. And why? Because the anti-heroine, rather than nurturing the disenfranchised to reclaim their power, instead vampirizes those who succumb to their fearful, spiritually lost weakness. Reject such indifferent cruelty.  

SCORPIO – The tragedy of Kit Moresby in Paul Bowles’ The Sheltering Sky lies in the fact that she remains within her microcosm – really, nucleus – of Western civilization with her husband Port & their friend George Tunner amongst an uncontrollable & hostile foreign civilization in North Africa’s Sahara Desert without the slightest clue that it may be dangerous to her until several days after she is removed from Port’s corpse & George’s presence. Travelers: Asbolus in Cancer puts Bowles’ classic novel on your reading list as it assigns you the task of concentrating upon Kit’s character, a woman who overestimates her own sophistication, intelligence, savvy & safety as she underestimates the barbarism of an anti-Social Darwinist cacotopia.  

SAGITTARIUS – A female porn star or night club stripper would never get the opportunity to mentor a young teenage boy wallowing in the corruption of alcohol & sex – why would a teenager be drinking in a strip club in the first place? On top of that, anybody posing as a boy having sex with a female porn star must be a porn star himself. But an actual unmarried female high school teacher in her early Twenties in a classroom of hormone-sated teenagers, including virgin sports jocks with no girlfriends & no sexual experience – Asbolus in Cancer declares that, by the law of numbers, a certain number of teachers & students will eat the forbidden fruit. And, until somebody has a genuine clue about how to change this system, more & more teachers as well as more & more students will believe that they have found a solution to a long-standing problem.  

CAPRICORN – Husbands: You will receive either reward or revenge from your spouse, depending upon how you treated them during the transit of Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 through 2024 under the current influence of Asbolus in Cancer. If it is revenge, they will not freeze you out, as you would do to them – not by a long shot. Instead, their hysterical histrionics will put you in a space from which you will be unable to escape. But, then again, such hysterical histrionics may not be directed towards you at all, so you may not be in a space where you can stop them anyway – but woe to your poor son, for whose soul your spurned wife will do ongoing, protracted, concentrated medieval battle!  

AQUARIUS – Owning, managing, working at, supplying or eating regularly at a seafood restaurant can lead you to unexplored heights of ecstasy, unfathomable depths of despair or ongoing mundane outbursts of frustration & desperation. Asbolus in Cancer claims that seafood can exalt the tastebuds, kill through toxins or bully through allergies. Then there are days you don’t know what you will get or why. Catching an edible shark is heaven for two dinners then Hell for four months, “I am so sick of shark meat!” As for other inhuman hazards of the business of running even a very popular restaurant, no novel is more informative or entertaining than Montreal author Yves Beauchemin’s The Alley Cat. Exasperating!  

PISCES – Parents of accomplished athletes & entertainers: Some athletes & entertainers, such as Derek Jeter & Taylor Swift, respectively, for example, are well-behaved & fabulously successful. Other athletes & performers, such as Tyreek Hill & Kanye West, respectively, rebel, insult, sometimes outright injure, and are also fabulously successful. Asbolus in Cancer does not recognize anybody’s fabulous success. What it recognizes, as per both these cases, is whether such accomplished athletes & entertainers still obey & respect the teaching & the discipline instilled in them by their parents or whose egos are way too big for them to obey & respect the teaching & the discipline instilled in them by their parents. No influence is bigger or more important than the influence of your father & mother. Your father & mother are the two who created you & brought you onto the earth.

! Asbolus, named after the psychic centaur whose wisdom was completely ignored while his foolishness was universally emulated, was discovered in April 1995 & named in September 1999. Asbolus, which embodies the higher mind in the lower self, bridges the gap in consciousness between Jupiter & Neptune, warning us not to take our “leaders” at face value.  

A great source online for how to interpret Asbolus and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at  

Read seminal astrological analysis on Asbolus and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at  

The only source online for how to interpret many other unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Asbolus, Bienor and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “Riders in the Sky – The Centaurs”
on Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at  

A great resource for ephemeris data on Asbolus and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website “Ephemeral Info” at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center


Bienor* transits Cancer from April 12, 2023 to July 15, 2026. One, whether art critic or fanatic Abstract Expressionist aficionado, might argue that, contrary to public perception, the best work of master painter Willem deKooning lay in his gestural urban landscapes of the mid-Fifties, highlighted by the psychotic Gotham News & the morose, obsessive, contemplative masterpiece Easter Monday – rather than, of course, his series of Women paintings, including Woman with Bicycle. Woman with Bicycle, like all of deKooning’s famous women, is a full frontal, head to toe, surrealistic caricature of a tall, buxom, voluptuous female – with, unusual even for deKooning, two sets of teeth. deKooning’s phase of gestural urban landscapes ended as a result of his relocation from his apartment & studio near New York City’s Cooper Square to East Hampton in Suffolk County in Long Island – which he did not engineer, but, instead, which happened to him as a result of the collective will of his wife Elaine, a prominent painter in her own right with whom he did not live, and his various prominent & familial associates, worried that the police might find him dead in the gutter after a night of relentless drinking. Once on Long Island, images of deKooning’s women would try to reemerge, the vague outlines of female form surfacing in abstract depictions of deep ocean water, as deKooning recalled not only the many lovers in his storied promiscuous life, but also his mother, a tavern keeper in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who, by necessity, also served as the tavern’s bouncer.  

ARIES – Logically, most men would think that they need to come to terms with their fear of the big bad world in order to have a happy life. Truth be told, the big bad world adds to a man’s happiness, inculcates his freedom as a happy-go-lucky Viking. What really scares men, according to Bienor in Cancer, is the chaotic psychology of their nuclear family – especially, no matter the age of the man, the unfathomable, unpredictable feelings & actions of that man’s mother. Rejoice in the logistic impossibilities of a badly designed, decrepit & corrupt world! Beware the mild yet urgent request of your sincere yet clearly insane mother.  

TAURUS – Bienor in Cancer denotes that the fervent & hostile complaints of a friend, sibling, client or customer serve as a barometer for a more pervasive malady. Unless, of course, those complaints originate from one individual – then, that barometer very accurately diagnoses a real pain in the neck (To put it politely). However, when the second individual complains harshly about the same thing, it doesn’t matter if the first person complains about everything – the complaint is now valid. Fix it.  

GEMINI – Inflation? A reality in an economy undergoing fundamental disruptions. But Bienor in Cancer warns that increasing prices are not only occurring as a result of disruptions of the supply chain or shortages of key crops. Check your credit card & bank statements vigilantly to identify in real time untoward & unauthorized expenditures. And, like C. Wright Mills’ “higher immorality,” be alert as to how plutocrats like Elon Musk manipulate their stock prices in the capital markets for unenlightened & selfish financial benefits.  

CANCER – A spouse or business partner deals with untold responsibilities professionally. That spouse or partner may wish not to discuss this at all for months, then suddenly reveal everything in a convoluted manner – or while sleeping & dreaming. Bienor in Cancer chastises you proactively not to bother that spouse or partner, whether they do not want to talk or whether they will not shut up. As for yourself, professionally, younger bosses who do not know what they are doing do not want to hear it. Talk to business associates & peers about such problems. Wait for the infrastructure to find a worthwhile solution. Most of all, cut back on alcohol – a drink allows your most bitter negativity to rise to the surface.  

LEO – You & your work colleagues are sick to death of professional complainers. Only bosses deal with these internal troublemakers directly, but they still cast a pall upon working relations with the entire workplace. Even so, Bienor in Cancer recommends that you say & do nothing about these annoyances – unless & until these complainers execute an injustice against new rookie employees in the workplace. Tolerate no bullying.  

VIRGO – Politically active mothers & female schoolteachers have every right to complain about the damage that gang warfare does to the local youth – but Bienor in Cancer whispers that they notice when you say, “What are you going to do to solve this problem?” Of course, not even the governor or the mayor can solve this problem as an individual – but, from the perspective of the complainer, this problem is not anybody else’s problem except the complainer. Challenge these “activists” with the subtle didactic admonition, “What are you doing to make our neighborhood & region safe from this self-evident scourge?”  

LIBRA – Like other air signs, particularly & spectacularly Gemini, Librans have two faces: A happy, approving face & a ferocious, castigating condemning countenance. Usually, much more than the overtly spectacular Twin, Librans moderate their disapproval to save that ferocious, castigating condemning countenance for those who truly deserve it. Now, Bienor in Cancer advises the generally mild-mannered Libran to change the ratio of mild to harsh – say, from 80% happy & 20% hostile to 95% happy & 5% . . . evil. Some people need encouragement – encourage them. Other people require damnation – deliver it.  

SCORPIO – Whether you are the boss, a professional with clients, a merchant with customers, a teacher or a coach, other people may raise their voices to you, but, under no circumstances, Bienor in Cancer insists, should you ever raise yours. Nor may you curse, issue overt or covert threats, or tell “inside jokes.” You’re heard the phrase, “The customer is always right.” Now, you are guilty until proven innocent – if anybody bothers to try to absolve you of any sin or crime at all.  

SAGITTARIUS – Contrary to their spoken words, the bartender, the cannabis retail clerk, the drug dealer, the strip club owner & the madame do not consider you a lameass dweeb. Bienor in Cancer qualifies that each of these individuals appraises you as a potentially deep-pocketed customer with a weak moral fiber – which makes it within their interests to try to manipulate you. Don’t allow your frustration creatively or romantically to spill over into a lack of self-confidence. Recall that you took up such a difficult adventure not because you sought the primrose path but because you sought a challenge. Steal your resolve. Bite the bullet.  

CAPRICORN – Whether current professional work duties are purely nominal or extremely arduous,, Bienor in Cancer insists that you make yourself available to spouse & family – despite your professional responsibilities. Fathers: Sons need protection from overzealous & emotional mothers. Do not disappear. Remain firmly within the family “picture.”  

AQUARIUS – While at your workplace, Bienor in Cancer strongly advises the Waterbearer to express their opinions & to speak their minds exclusively when in the company of your clique of choice & tight friends. The firm has recently hired the mouth from Hell, and you are frankly not mean enough to survive too many confrontations with them. Retreat from conflict. Sequester.  

PISCES – Parents, especially fathers: You hate to act like an adult with your children. However, Bienor in Cancer declares that the current untoward and, at times, outright bad behavior of your children unconditionally demands it. However, relentless discipline complete with relentless punishment is simply not the answer. Paying money for specialists greatly exceeds your budget. Pow wow with other parents & teachers to help identify, to ferret out & to rectify underlying maladies.

@ Bienor, a centaur planet that traverses from just outside the orbit of Saturn just across the orbit of Uranus, was discovered in August 2000 & named in January 2004. Theseus, fighting for the Lapiths against the Centaurs to avenge the honor of Peirithous's bride Hippodamia, killed Bienor by jumping on his back, pulling his hair, and smashing his mouth while it spouted violent threats. For information on how to interpret Bienor, formerly 2000-QC243, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below. 

A great source online for how to interpret Bienor and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Bienor and all named centaurs, is 
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “A Summary of The Centaurs” 
on Jonathan Dunn’s website "Ephemeral Info” at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Bienor and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on   
Jonathan Dunn's website “Ephemeral Info” at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center


Echeclus* transits Cancer from May 23, 2021 to June 24, 2025. Because one cannot conceive, start & complete large-scale projects in less than one day, week, month, year or, in some cases, decades, one does not really complete the work when one completes the project – the novel, the suite of paintings, the epic bas-relief, the four-act opera, all the food prepared for the wedding reception menu, the bridge over, or the tunnel under, the river. One must first undergo the long process of review – a process which one would be wise not to complete alone. One must read, look, smell, talk, listen. One must kick the tires. Then, one must show what one has completed to capable, powerful people – reviewers, potential clients, potential investors, the in-laws. The audience, the public, the masses see the finished product after all those with a real interest try to identify & to correct its flaws. Even then, after all the work, review & preview, something may go wrong – and (hundreds) (millions) (your family) may be directly affected. One cannot possibly be too careful. There is no rush whatsoever.  

ARIES – Read Capricorn. It annoys you that your mother or grandmother is a perfectionist. However, you are deeply wrong – Echeclus in Cancer states that if the project at hand is not flawless, the flaw in question can bespeak ruin. Imperfection means indiscipline – zero tolerance for imperfection & indiscipline!  

TAURUS – Working with copious amounts of good source material allows you to analyze a broad swath of niche product closely & carefully. Whether you create variety in bulk or a bulk of variety, Echeclus in Cancer gives you a wide array of options as long as you don’t corrupt the samples that you acquire with sloppy, slipshod work. Systemize from the onset.  

GEMINI – Echeclus in Cancer states that the best part of maintaining two or three hobbies as cottage industries lies in the fact that money is available to you from myriad sources. In today’s world, moreover, you need not be a New England marmalade chef or a Wisconsin artisan cheese producer to do so. Work in focus groups. Sell old vinyl or CDs on eBay or Discog. Trade & sell baseball cards. You’re playing Monopoly with real money!  

CANCER – You deal, more often than not, not with the project itself, but with the people connected to the project – the developers, the inventors, the regulators, the investors, the distributors, the clients, the public. Whether fast, slow, focused, distracted, friendly, mean, cheap or generous, Echeclus in Cancer reminds you that the project, the object, the thing on which all work & focus, is sacrosanct & what people do to the project, the object, the thing on which all work & focus is not only merely incidental, but cannot change it. The thing is the thing. A is A.  

LEO – It annoys you that you must account for other people on the current project because you feel you could get this done quickly – one-shot deal! – and move on. Unfortunately, Echeclus in Cancer denotes that somebody you haven’t met is concerned about all the moving parts. Well, if this somebody you haven’t met is concerned about all the moving parts, why haven’t you met them? Because, if you meet this individual, it means you are doing something wrong . . . and you don’t want that.  

VIRGO – Read Libra. Whether you do damage control, regulatory or product review, Echeclus in Cancer denotes that your ability to slow down the development of the overall project ensures its permanent success. Put bluntly, all those who are now in a hurry are deeply misguided. You all have all the time in the world. Use it.  

LIBRA – Read Virgo. It might appear to you that your job is to prevent those in a hurry from pushing progress along too shabbily & too fast, but the truth goes deeper than that. Echeclus in Cancer signifies that regulators, quality control personnel & damage control experts may indeed come up with ideas for significant improvements which require that you add time on the timeline to investigate. Your role can be much more dynamic. Therefore, keep political troublemakers at arms’ length.  

SCORPIO – In-house general counsel: An unusually high volume of workers’ compensation claims seems bogus – and are. For that reason, Echeclus in Cancer worries that you may focus less attention on regulatory issues brought up to you by research & development engineers about unexpected issues & possibilities that they discover. Find a cost-effective manner to dismiss fraudulent players with dispatch. Keep your eye to the main chance.  

SAGITTARIUS – The more that you hang out with practitioners of vice, the more likely you will meet a high-end money launderer. Echeclus in Cancer fears that you will strike the Devil’s jackpot. Diversifying your portfolio so that it is leveraged across all types of street crime will lead you to no good. You expand the likelihood that you will not only be arrested but in fact damned. Withdraw now. Retreat very deeply from this darkly glamorous but murderous “frontage.”  

CAPRICORN – Read Aries. While everybody would like to get involved in a certain phase of the project, an extremely impatient younger family member would, if allowed, interrupt the process which older family members began to wrap things up to move onto the next phase of the project. Unfortunately, younger family members do not understand, will not respect & will not honor that everything must be completed in a proper & flawless way. Somebody must instruct younger family members of the proper way to handle themselves & this situation – and Echeclus in Cancer denotes that this person can only be a mom.  

AQUARIUS – Ensuring that colleagues & employees know their roles in the professional workplace will reduce their need for supervision. This is also what you need, as Echeclus in Cancer suggests that you need to reduce the chances wherein you may lose your temper.  

PISCES – Children should play. Children do not need money. Echeclus in Cancer suggests that you only hand children money, gifts or toys if it encourages them to play. Do not kill the spirit of youth with coin.

* Echeclus, a centaur planet that traverses from the orbit of Jupiter to the orbit of Uranus, was discovered in March 2000 & named in February 2006. Echeclus, in the battle fought between the Centaurs & the Lapiths, died as the Lapith Ampyx threw his spear without a tip directly into Echeclus's face as Echeclus was attacking Ampyx at full gallop. For information on how to interpret Echeclus, formerly 2000-EC98, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below.

A great source online for how to interpret Echeclus and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret  Echeclus and all named centaurs, is 
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “Riders in the Sky – The Centaurs”
on Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Echeclus and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on   
Jonathan Dunn's website “Ephemeral Info” at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center


Cyllarus@, transits Leo
from June 7, 2022 to July 26, 2039.

In “When Adding New States Helped the Republicans,” the Atlantic’s Heather Cox Richardson, professor of history at Boston College & author of How the South Won the Civil War: Oligarchy, Democracy, and the Continuing Struggle for the Soul of America, clearly explicates the Real Politik, “New states were supposed to join the union when they reached a certain population, but in the late 19th century, population mattered a great deal less than partisanship.” In this context, Boston College history professor Richardson asserted, “Republicans did not hide their intentions.”

What intentions were those? Again, Boston College history professor Richardson spells it out clearly, “One supporter in the popular Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper argued that the Republican Party must stay in power to protect Big Business. If that meant shutting more populous territories out of statehood and admitting a few underpopulated western states to enable a minority to exercise political control over the majority of Americans, so be it.” So, without further ado, “In 1889 and 1890, Congress added North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming – the largest admission of states since the original thirteen.” In the process, Congress skipped over New Mexico, who had accumulated sufficient population to become a state as far back as 1870, six years before Congress admitted Colorado into the Union.

Boston College history professor Richardson observed, “The strategy paid dividends deep into the future; indeed, the admission of so many rural states back then helps to explain GOP control of the Senate today, 130 years later.” Not all six states are Republican strongholds – Washington State, as dominated by high-tech Seattle, champions East Coast liberalism as much as the cities of Boston & New York. However, as illustrated by The Guardian’s Oliver Bullough analysis of “dynasty trust” investors in “The Great American Tax Haven: Why the Super-Rich Love South Dakota,” some such dividends appear genuinely eternal. Read “When Adding New States Helped the Republicans,” in the Atlantic for the full scoop.

By contrast, as in all things, the admission of both Saskatchewan & Alberta into Canadian Federation stuck closely to the maddeningly frustrating, puritanically proper, doctrinaire, nose-to-the-grindstone, straight & narrow path for which certain Americans emulate Canadians. Although the North-West Territories Act of 1875, under which Canada governed the Northwest Territories which contained both Saskatchewan & Alberta, allowed for the evolution of responsible government over its vast land mass, a fully elected legislated assembly responsible to the people who voted for it only came into being some twenty years later in 1897. During that time, population grew as the Minister of the Interior under Canadian Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier, Clifford Sifton, engineered & directed the mass immigration of hordes of Germans, Poles & Ukrainians onto the vast prairie.

A major speed bump to the path towards provincial status involved the massive ambition of Northwest Territory Premiere Sir Frederick W. A. G. Haultain. Northwest Territory Premiere Haultain aggressively lobbied Ottawa to admit the entire Northwest Territories as one provincial landmass named “Buffalo.” Canadian Prime Minister Laurier demurred, fearing that Buffalo would eventually accumulate too much power, putting itself in a position to take control over Canada – or, probably more realistically & secretly in Canadian Prime Minister Laurier’s worldview, giving Buffalo the ability & position to challenge the primacy of the equally gigantic land masses of either or both Quebec & Ontario.

Northwest Territory Premiere Haultain challenged Canadian Prime Minister Laurier by championing the Conservative Party under the leadership of Nova Scotia MP & Haligonian lawyer Robert Borden in the 1904 Canadian Federal Election – an election which the Liberal Party and incumbent Canadian Prime Minister Laurier won handily, both throughout the Federation & within the Northwest Territories. During the summer of the following year, Canadian Prime Minister Laurier signed into law both the Saskatchewan Act and the Alberta Act during July, decreeing Saskatchewan & Alberta into existence into the Canadian Federation as independent provinces on September 1, 1905.

One major sticking point in both provinces lay in the fact that Ottawa claimed control of the mineral rights & natural resources of each respective province, rights for which lawyers in both provinces fought for many years before receiving them in 1930. Such mineral rights & natural resources seemed like a whole lot of nothing at the time. Now, however, in “Separated at Birth, How Two Provinces Have Now Reunited in Alienation,” CBC News’s Kathleen Petty, who observes, “Oil and gas, potash, uranium and gold finally helped Saskatchewan graduate out of ‘have not’ status,” focuses more attention upon recent yet former Saskatchewan Premiere Brad Wall than current  Saskatchewan Premiere Scott Moe – given how former Saskatchewan Premiere Wall waxes nostalgically poetic about Northwest Territory Premiere Haultain’s vision concerning Buffalo, "I think there have been occasions throughout our history where I'll call it the spirit of Buffalo, that place that was supposed to be both provinces together, was manifest in governments that didn't agree on everything ideologically, but understood their interests were aligned."

As for Alberta: Until a fireball of flames, recalling a nuclear bomb, burst hundreds of feet into the air during the Oil Strike at Leduc on February 13, 1947, Alberta had no idea of how rich it really was.  

ARIES – Sports fans sometimes fail to understand why star athletes require protection from the public, thinking, “D don’t know why such so-called superstars are like that – they are just human beings like you & me!” Well, yes & no. Truth be told, to the contrary, such superstar athletes – or, for that matter, actors, actresses, singers, musicians, inventors or anybody supremely skilled – are very expensive commodities upon which industries employing hundreds or thousands rely. Why do you think that J-Lo, Jenny from the Block, Jennifer Lopez insured her body for $1 billion? To that end, Cyllarus in Leo reminds you that, when dealing with such self-evident celebrities, that you respect their bodyguards & to treat them with the deference of heads of states. If, however, you are such a celebrity, or are simply extremely gifted in any area of endeavor, demand that others treat you with respect. In all instances, exude nobility & magnanimity. Shun the vulgar & criminal rabble.  

TAURUS – Whoever it is that brings fame, fortune & glory to your family, city, state, province or country merits royal treatment. Of course, those who exist to take potshots at such figures, such as the son of retired NBA small forward Dennis Scott, the brat on ESPN who actually sucker-punched Shaquille O’Neal in the head with a left hook – but that says more about that brat than about Shaq. Because such enemies & detractors try to sully those who accomplish so much, Cyllarus in Leo agrees that you should expect these local royals to take important political positions when the situation demands, like when retired Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis called or peace during Baltimore’s Freddie Gray riots, or like when Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan, who released a statement after riots followed the police shooting of African-American Charlottean Keith Scott. The charisma of the plutocratic superstar is a gift – it must be deployed for the public good.  

GEMINI – When a college professor lectures, that professor must take care to enunciate what he or she says so that students may transcribe notes or identify the words, concepts or terms on prepublished downloaded lesson plans, taking care to explicate objectively, maintaining consistency in a clear, concise, rhythmic, yet articulate, tone of voice. What often results, a monotone, dulls the senses of the audience, s the sound waves emanating from the college professor’s mouth fail to impress themselves on the listener – which is why such professors may defer to audio visual material midway through a lecture to disrupt the monotony. Cyllarus in Leo emphasizes that a speech is not a lecture. A speech should rouse emotion. In “Yes You Can: New Emotion Dubbed 'Elevation',” the Toronto Star’s Diana Zlomislic wrote about newly elected U.S. President Barack Obama, “Quoting the Greek philosopher Longinus, ‘The effect of elevated language upon an audience is not persuasion but transport.’" The accuracy of the content does not matter as much as the emotional impact. Does this mean that you should emulate the broad exhortations of former President Obama, or, for that matter, the mangled facts of John Belushi as Bluto Blutarsky in Animal House? Well, that depends: Who is your real audience?  

CANCER – You earned your personal wealth as a result of your own hard work & good luck. You held onto your personal wealth as a result of your personal discipline, financial acumen & wise, timely investments. Cyllarus in Leo reminds you of the power of your fiscal self-reliance because people, and, much more likely, institutions & political parties, need your money & input, but will seek to communicate to you that you are beholden to them rather than the other way around. Is this a brazen scam? Do certain representatives actually believe this? Well, yes & yes – but, really, that is their problem. You have plans of your own. Forthwith!  

LEO – Professional experts, noted scientists, high-level executives & elected political officials worthy of your time are allowed to see you according to your schedule. As such, those professional experts, noted scientists, high-level executives & elected political officials presume that you will tolerate & accommodate their idiosyncrasies, but not necessarily their excesses, as the personages are worthy of your time, and such personages carry with them such idiosyncrasies. That being said, and all parties have openly agreed . . . Cyllarus in Leo says, “Then there is you.” How exactly did you come to be second? Don’t be ridiculous! You aren’t second at all. Indeed, you are so important & powerful, as well as so central to every aspect of everything that only certain elites are entitled to see you. Are such elites presumptuous? Very, very rarely – for the most part, most of these types are eccentric, and do their best to curb their eccentricities so as not to waste your time. However, be reassured that, at some point, one of those weirdos will demonstrate egregious presumptions, for which they will earn . . . your concomitant opprobrium. The Lion roars!  

VIRGO – You will have many open rivals who will try to bait your temper by stepping on your ego, especially beginning with the long-term transit of Neptune in Aries from 2026 to 2039. However, Cyllarus in Leo strongly warns Virgo that your real enemies are behind-the-scenes manipulators who will conduct an overt type of covert surveillance deliberately intended to insult your honor. Shield your physical appearance more conspicuously, with hat, sunglasses, scarves, et al, so that your personal demeanor does not announce itself to scoundrels amongst security personnel expertly working a remote zoom lens.  

LIBRA – Politicians & aspiring politicians: A self-evidently, genuinely wealthy & probably blue-blooded individual approaches you after one of your more powerful, expansive & compassionate public speeches to congratulate your performance, “(Sir) (Ma’am), I absolutely deeply believe every word that comes out of your mouth, yes, (sir) (ma’am)!” You smile sincerely, but you are deeply uneasy. “Thank you very much,” you thank them, “but who are you?”  Cyllarus in Leo strongly advises you to maintain that smile when you hear that individual’s reply, “Why, I am your constituency!” Indeed, that individual does not lie. When that individual holds out their hand, don’t just stand there – shake it, “Pleased to meet you.”  

SCORPIO – In “Elon Musk Makes a Serious Accusation Against a Top Tesla Regulator,”’s Luc Olinga reports that Musk accused the Security & Exchange Commission of leaking confidential information about Tesla & Musk as he recounts, “His lawyer, Alex Spiro, accused the SEC of targeting both him and the clean-energy carmaker in an ‘unrelenting’ investigation aimed at limiting his right to free speech,” regarding the SEC’s enforcement of a 2018 settlement agreement between the SEC & Musk regarding how Musk’s Twitter usage can unduly serve to manipulate share prices. Cyllarus in Leo shakes its head soulfully in heartfelt commiseration, “My heart goes out to you, Mr. Musk. By the way – may I call you Elon, sir? – By the way, Elon: Do you have any idea what the SEC can really do to you?”

SAGITTARIUS – Quarterback Tom Brady, New England Patriot or Tampa Bay Buccaneer, hard-working role model or inveterate, brazen cheater, never asked anybody for $50 million a year. Aaron Rodgers, who outright demanded $50 million a year from the Green Bay Packers, after he didn’t lead the Green Bay Packers to Super Bowl LVI, after cheating on his COVID-19 test, has only one Super Bowl ring – and Tom Brady has seven. Cyllarus in Leo recalls the Catholic ethos, “To one to whom much is given, much is expected.” Aaron Rodgers does not appear to respect this ethos at all. If you want & get the money, then you absolutely must lead your people to the promised land.  

CAPRICORN – Remember WorldCom CEO Bernie Ebbers? Ebbers dug his own grave persuading investors & the wider world that he & his company had more money than he & it actually did – and spent all sorts of money that he never had. Cyllarus in Leo distinguishes from Bernie Madoff, the former chairman of the NASDAQ stock exchange, who, similarly, convinced investors & the wider world that he & his company had more money than he & it actually did, by asserting that one of the people that Ebbers ultimately fooled as he cascaded into the abyss of his downfall was himself. Indeed, Madoff knew that he was a scoundrel & took half of Hollywood down with him, whereas Ebbers succumbed to the self-deception of his own greed. And this can happen to you, too! Pay with cash – if you have the money, buy Jaguars, Lamborghinis, condominiums, houses, with cash. Cash is king.  

AQUARIUS – Extremely wealthy or professional accomplished business partners or political rivals tend towards egoism – but Cyllarus in Leo insists that they genuinely respect you. Indeed, those extremely wealthy or professional accomplished business partners or political rivals do not respect just anybody. As Colonel Geoffrey Wain corrects his sister-in-law Maria in Hugh MacLennan's Barometer Rising, “It’s been my experience that few people know anything about anything.” Keep dialogue elevated by discussing only the most ambitious projects, the broadest & most influential public policy & the loftiest ideals.  

PISCES – Professional colleagues rely upon their speed. Frankly, you can’t keep up. Therefore, Cyllarus in Leo demands that you rely upon unusually profound physical strength & extreme micromanaged organization. One handtruck & two machine-gun arms carry one load which would normally require twelve people. One seven-word email sent to one list of twenty-five names in an email address book instructs managers of twenty people apiece in fifteen cities the following week’s work. Once you send it, go to the gym & sculpt your forearms. Stamina, endurance & compartmentalization!

* Cyllarus, a centaur planet that traverses between Uranus & Pluto, was discovered in October 1998 & named in June 2003. Cyllarus, the noble husband of Hylonome, was killed by a random spear from an unknown hand in the battle between the Centaurs & the Lapiths. Upon witnessing the death of Cyllarus, Hylonome committed suicide by jumping on the spear that killed her husband in order to die with him. For further information on how to interpret Cyllarus, formerly 1998-TF35, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below. 

A great source online for how to interpret Cyllarus and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends" at

Read seminal astrological analysis on Cyllarus and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Cyllarus and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “Riders in the Sky – The Centaurs”
on Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends”  at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Cyllarus and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website "Ephemeral Info" at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center


2001-SQ73< transits Leo & Cancer
in Retrograde Motion*
from November 7, 2023 to April 8, 2024,
while Cyllarus> in Leo
transits Retrograde Motion*
from November 7 to April 14, 2024.

“Guys who want to bulk up, the first thing you see them do it hit the flat bench,” the personal trainer explains. “Two 25-pound flats for about two weeks, two 35-pound flats for about two weeks, two 45-pound flats for about two weeks, adding 10s, 25s, 35s, whatever. Ten reps, twenty reps, thirty reps, whatever.

“Then the dumbbell curls,” the personal trainer continues. “Forty reps 20 pounds for awhile, forty reps 25 pounds for awhile. Or, forty reps 20 pounds for awhile, sixty reps 20 pounds for awhile, eighty reps 20 pounds for awhile.

“They all want to show me,” the personal trainer says. “That’s great, I’d say. I say, ‘When do you do your French curls?’ They ask, ‘What are French curls?’ I say, ‘Do you work the butterfly for chest definition?’ They ask, ‘What’s the butterfly?’ I say, ‘How do you work your wrists? What about your forearms?’

“Going big gives aspiring meatheads the inspiration to go dumb,” the personal trainer concludes. “I don’t even dare ask them about their nutritionist.”  

ARIES – Herculean effort & superhuman bravery only comes to the forefront of TV detective dramas after the detective has identified the cunning criminal who now launches into flight with gunfire. Even if you are not trying to handcuff criminals, 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, state that you have to formulate a detailed plan based upon hard-learned facts before you apply the considerable effort necessary to achieve the goal that took several weeks of research & analysis to actually identify.  

TAURUS – Somebody in your extended family is the hero of tomorrow – but who? 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, declare that the answer lies in a study of the past. A remote ancestor did something heroic that couldn’t be believed at a time when somebody had to do it – or else. Find out who, why & the entire complete story – and your answer will be obvious.  

GEMINI – Whether you are a journalist, attorney, fiction writer, conversationalist or raconteur, 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, commend you for asking a brilliant trail of intelligent & incisive questions. If the person who is answering your questions enjoys the process (or, in the case of a deposition or jury trial, chooses to cooperate), you will arrive at a story which will delight, or obsess, absolutely everybody.  

CANCER – 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, demand that you untangle the currently confused financial affairs to determine how much money you really have. Don’t worry – the final answer to this basic question is likely to be a very pleasant surprise.  

LEO – 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, denote that psychotherapy could do you a world of good – not because there is anything wrong with you, but to unleash & to unburden your truly massive potential.  

VIRGO – Surveillance & security professionals: Canvas your bosses to buy another camera to be placed in a different strategic location. 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, signify that each new piece of equipment expands your capacity to analyze what you discover exponentially. Don’t take no for an answer.

LIBRA – A very specific representative of your client is the decision-maker behind whether & how much they hire your firm. Although it is absolutely in your interests to find out who they are, 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, state that this specific representative realizes that, and obscures their contribution deliberately. A well-integrated social agenda with such a client is necessary if you are to find out who this individual is.  

SCORPIO – A specific law enforcement official believes they know that you are breaking the law & how you are doing it – but they operate from prejudice. 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, agree – only you know the answers to these questions. If the answer really is, “Hey, musclehead, I’m cleaner than your wife’s underwear,” well, then, it is incumbent upon this specific law enforcement official to think so as to identify who the criminal they are pursuing really is.

SAGITTARIUS – Artists, actors, writers: 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, declare that an Instagram feed or You Tube account may be all that is preventing your launch from public anonymity to worldwide stardom. Big corporations will still develop & handle talent, but they can no longer ignore millions of unique visits to some unknown genius’s accumulated intellectual repository. Open your own feed or account. Get to work.  

CAPRICORN – Goats laden with too much debt: 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, advise you to pay the minimum of all your bills on time. An event of default upon a very small debt can cause the avalanche which catastrophically & tragically destroys you.  

AQUARIUS – Waterbearers lover the romantic chase – but they play hard to get for too long, the pursuer loses interest. 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, signify that one such pursuer shares a mutual friend with you – who told that pursuer the truth, “You’ll wait until Hell freezes over.” You may complain to this mutual friend, but this mutual friend is having none of it, “Prove me wrong.”

PISCES – It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working out at the gym, acting in plays & movies or playing a specific musical instrument. 2001-SQ73 & Cyllarus, both Retrograde, signify that the right tutor can always show you new tricks to get you to that elusive next level.

< 2001-SQ73 is an unnamed centaur planet discovered on September 19, 2001. The orbit of 2003-SQ73 crosses over the orbit of Uranus. For information on how to interpret 2001-SQ73, note reference too Philip Sedgwick below.

> Cyllarus, a centaur planet that traverses between Uranus & Pluto, was discovered in October 1998 & named in June 2003. Cyllarus, the noble husband of Hylonome, was killed by a random spear from an unknown hand in the battle between the Centaurs & the Lapiths. Upon witnessing the death of Cyllarus, Hylonome committed suicide by jumping on the spear that killed her husband in order to die with him. For further information on how to interpret Cyllarus, formerly 1998-TF35, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below.  

A great source online for how to interpret Cyllarus and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at  

Read seminal astrological analysis on Cyllarus and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at  

The only source online for how to interpret 2001-SQ73 and many other unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Cyllarus and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “A Summary of The Centaurs”
on Jonathan Dunn’s website "Ephemeral Info” at  

A great resource for ephemeris data on 2001-SQ73, Cyllarus and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website “Ephemeral Info” at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center

* Planets either move forward, in which case they orbit inn Direct Motion, or move backward, in which case they orbit inn Retrograde Motion. Planets in Direct Motion seek to make progress, while Planets in Retrograde Motion seek to redress past imbalances.


Aphidas* transits Virgo
from July 17, 2017 to July 21, 2030.

Rosie the Riveter, the illustration of a lower-middle class, blue collar female factory worker flexing the muscle of her right upper arm with a scowl on her face, represents one of the enduring images of the feminist movement as a demonstration of women’s equality to men. However, the promulgation of this illustration, created by Pittsburgh artist J. Howard Miller, did not originate with any suffragettes, women’s liberation or feminist movement at all, but with the U.S. government (actually, specifically, the Westinghouse Company's War Production Coordinating Committee) who had deployed every available man overseas to Europe or overseas to Japan in a two-front World War, making every woman available for deployment at American munitions factories executing semi-skilled labor along Henry Ford-style production line conveyor belts.

This truly full employment scenario differs qualitatively from Father’s relationship with Mother in E.L. Doctorow’s Ragtime, a historical novel published during the height of the woman’s liberation movement in 1975, but written about the year 1902. In Ragtime, Father, the owner of a factory manufacturing American flags & American patriotic memorabilia, leaves the operations of his business to Mother for an entire year, as he joins thousands of men to accompany Robert Peary as he discovered the North Pole – during which, dishonorably, Father cheats on Mother with some unnamed Eskimo woman. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in Westchester County, Mother, unaware that that Father is inserting his semi-erect blubber into some lucky toothless aboriginal, becomes aware of something that she never suspected: To do Father’s job well required very little skill & very little effort – but an awful lot of self-serving bluster.

Today, all of these historical circumstances about a woman’s ability to compete amongst the workforce are obsolete – despite women’s protestations that they aren’t getting enough pay or far enough fast enough compared to men – as both genders have created a glut of available workers in a workforce so saturated with unemployment that the U.S. government dismisses the majority of it as “structural” to disregard it, subsequently & summarily as part of its statistical matrix. Indeed, with the specter of robotics about to enter into the workplace to a degree where robots displace a large swatch of unskilled, semi-skilled & even skilled workers, women as well as men will soon be complaining, attempting to assert their right to employment at a job that should be filled by a human with both a gender & a salary, whether “M,” “F” or “T” (whichever bathroom he or she, or he-or-she, prefers) rather than a robot with neither gender nor salary, “Neuter!”  

ARIES – Whether you are the owner of a business, a manager who hires & fires or the working stiff towards or at the bottom of the totem pole, the specter of outsourcing will once again raise the reality of the differential. Does the differential exist in the general difference in the training & skill of the respective labor pools, in the respective wage scales or in the currency exchange per se? No matter what you answer to this question, Aphidas in Virgo challenges you with the inferred ultimatum, “What is preventing you from pegging your price point at a premium?” The ultimatum inferred begs a simple question, “What do you do better or different than your competition?” You only know that you will have answered the question correctly when you have no competition at that skill which you & you alone do best, for which clients pay you big, and which attracts so many charlatans that do not know what they are doing that you can actually say so!  

TAURUS – The first great wave of the Abstract Expressionists in the late Forties, which highlighted Jackson Pollock, Willem deKooning, Mark Rothko & Arshille Gorky, represented distinctly male painters (Lee Krasner & Elaine deKooning notwithstanding) who worked obsessively on their art work & their art theory interpreting Cubism & Surrealism within the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the Thirties & early Forties as hard-drinking, quasi-Marxist, alcoholic, antisocial, isolated, blue collar artists with a distinctly jagged edge of class-based hostility. In this context, Aphidas in Virgo asks, “What was the basis of the hostility of the First Generation Abstract Expressionists towards the rise of the Second Generation, including Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell & Grace Hartigan?” Was it strictly gender? Was it socio-economic, as both Frankenthaler & Mitchell, unlike Pollock, deKooning, Rothko & Gorky, were upper-class American debutantes (Hartigan, who hailed from Newark, actually exhibited as “George Hartigan” at the beginning of her career in order to draw attention to “her” work), unlike the displaced Marxist Jungian cowboy & three immigrants? Did the level of skill of the women threaten the level of the skill of the men? Most importantly, and art history aside, how do the challenges which the Abstract Expressionist men & women faced mirror the political, ethical, economic & moral obstacles that you now face pursuing not only your own creativity & creative careers, but also your romantic life?  

GEMINI – Robert Fripp, the pedantic English guitarist & composer who some say would have become England’s greatest economist if he never pursued a career in music, gets zero credit for his prescient & prophetic one page of economic lifestyle statements on the back of his solo album Let the Power Fall, which states that the average individual in the future will forsake the acquisition of limitless commodities in order to acquire devices & tools which will allow him to live in a small amount of space with a much more pronounced emphasis on widespread personal mobility. Aphidas in Virgo cites Fripp’s 1981 model now because you possess enough of the equipment necessary to fulfill a deeply personal quest that will require several years of focused & solitary work. Know what you need & why you need it. Know who opposes you, why they oppose you & the best vantage wherein you may assume strategic & striking distance to them.  

CANCER – A knave will buy an expensive piece of high tech equipment because that knave cannot afford time & effort to acquire actual skill. Even so, Aphidas in Virgo states that to insult those with premium gadgets who don’t have a remote clue is superfluous – and mean-spirited. A masterful demonstration of how to do, what to do, is the most painful reproach that such a fool can tolerate. Conversely, if that individual is not a fool, but, in fact, an adult, that individual will gain a meaningful lesson in the manifest demonstration of genuine expertise. Engage to endeavor to edify.  

LEO – Most people know you only as Leo, Monarch, whether King or Queen, of the Jungle – but more astute observers notice, over time, that you have, at your ready disposal, all sorts of skilled specialists, technicians & experts whom you can hire at a moment’s notice. However, as experience has not only taught but has also made you forget, Aphidas in Virgo counsels you not to demonstrate your big-hearted generosity too quickly. After all, you actually know well that all talented people have egos – and any talented ego believes that they deserve. Well, as Leo the Lion, with both talent & an ego, you try to rein in your own myopic, egoistic excesses, and you correctly see no reason why you should tolerate the myopic, egoistic excesses of those whom you employ. Which brings the subject to how you control such bad behavior: The power of the purse. You could afford to hire this skilled, talented professional – and you can afford to hire a different one as well.  

VIRGO – The long-term transit of 1998-BU48 in Virgo from August 2005 through October 2021 makes you feel not only capable, but very proud of how capable you are. Aphidas in Virgo turns this pride in your own capability into a weapon: You do not respect people who are not capable – and you will say so. But be careful: This weapon can also harm you badly. Eschew hubris – do not think, “I am better than those who are not capable.” In fact, use this weapon extremely sparingly. When to use this weapon? If somebody in authority who should know better, who does know better, flaunts their power tyrannically . . . and dishonorably, “Who taught you how to wipe your butthole, you obnoxious, loud, ignorant thug?”  

LIBRA – Read Virgo. Certain professionals demonstrate so much extreme haughty pride in their accelerated skills that they believe that they are better than everybody else. Aphidas in Virgo declares that many people, including yourself on a team of like minds, must remind this niche player that the technician has no tolerance with a tool more arrogant not only than that technician who wields it, but also than that technician’s boss!  

SCORPIO – Aphidas in Virgo denotes that you need a savvy political ally with an extremely sharp tongue who will not be afraid to put anybody & everybody in their place! That way, you can concentrate upon making alliances & power moves, rather than insults in defense of your self-evident genius, that would both scare & impress President Donald Trump himself!  

SAGITTARIUS – Whoever the boss is – and the boss may be or may become you! – the boss takes the boss’s job and, more importantly, the boss’s status, personally. Aphidas in Virgo emphasizes that, however the boss got to be the boss – whether with a PhD in nuclear physics, walking the beat in the South Bronx, the South Side, East L.A., Roxbury or Liberty City, or by making more Subway sandwiches at the Subway franchise near the train that they bought in cash with the money that they saved – in order to get what you want, you must go directly through that boss, who will or will not say, “Yes.” (“You seem to be in a bit of a hurry, don’t you?”)  

CAPRICORN – Legal matters involving the government of the United States left firmly on the side, the impeachment hearings of President Bill Clinton represented a clear personal insult. Aphidas in Virgo declares that many will, in the next several years, use the courts as a tool & an auditorium for vengeful personal mockery. Restrain your peccadilloes – whatever peccadilloes a Capricorn the Goat might indulge – and command your allies, “Stop behaving like a drunken horny high school sophomore before a fiercely sober & proper judge in a binding court of law!”  

AQUARIUS – In the film, Changing Lanes, Ben Affleck & Samuel L. Jackson use automobiles as weapons to visit revenge upon the other. Quite an exciting, action-filled movie – but Aphidas in Virgo demands that you keep all that action on the screen, eh? Don’t emulate criminal hot shots who use their wheels in games of brinkmanship for the non-existent stakes of willfully absurd bragging rights.  

PISCES – Aphidas in Virgo guarantees that insulting your spouse, partner or rival will generate an escalating & opposite insulting response until both of you consciously decide to stop this downward spiral & grow up! You might ask, “What if my spouse, partner or rival insults me first?” Do you think that downward spiral will then start to turn sideways? Get it straight – if it is not getting better, it is getting worse. Stop the insults. Restore civility to uncivil dialogues.

* Aphidas, a centaur planet which crosses across the orbits of Saturn & Neptune, was discovered in December 1999 and named in October 2017. The centaur Phorbas, disgusted because his fellow centaur had passed out, drunk, rather than fighting the Lapiths during the wedding feast of Pirithous, killed Aphidas with a javelin, with black blood pouring from Aphidas’s throat into his wine cup. For information on how to interpret Aphidas, formerly 1999-XX143, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below.

A great source online for how to interpret Aphidas and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends" at

Read seminal astrological analysis on Aphidas and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla's website "Astrology of the New Centaurs" at

The only source online for how to interpret Aphidas and many other unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick's webpage "Riders in the Sky – The Centaurs"
on Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends" at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Aphidas and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website “Ephemeral Info” at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center


Thereus$ transits Virgo August 5, 2021 to July 12, 2025. Whether hunting, or whether looking for a job, a lover, a client or a parking spot, the fourth line in Wilhelm’s I Ching’s Hexagram 32, “Hŕng” (Duration), offers considerable wisdom, “No game in the field.” It is useless to hunt in the absence of prey. Equally useless is trying, amidst a drought, to surmount too many obstacles, and to risk one’s safety & health in the process, to obtain what little is available. Conditions change; an environment of plenty will again predominate; one can find & obtain what one wants. The challenge, at this point, changes. As George Carlin once joked, “I don’t want everything – where would I put it?” (Besides: Those who want everything are greedy pigs.) Know, and want, so you can get, what is best for you.  

ARIES – You miss out on working with & employing some truly skilled craftsman by demanding that they pass tests which do not involve their expertise. Thereus in Virgo speculates that this problem occurs because you have too many options. You don’t need finesse – you need somebody who can get a lot done. When your car breaks down on a freeway out of state, your choice will be made for you – and, then as well as now, you will know with whom you are dealing by what they do . . . not how they test.  

TAURUS – Producers, agents, professional performers: Rare talent demands a high price. And, as long as they execute consistently, Thereus in Virgo promises they will get it. And, for that matter, word gets out. Rare talent that is not yet famous still expects to be treated well. If you are rare talent, don’t take a bum deal from somebody looking for a bargain. If you are a producer or agent, don’t be a dirtbag – open up your wallets & hearts generously.  

GEMINI – Sometimes working at home benefits you, as it provides you with time & space to think – and as it also protects you from thoughtless & disorganized bosses trying to burden you with more work. Other times, however, you must show up & assert your personage to those who talk you down. Thereus in Virgo demands that you know the difference.  

CANCER – You see a candidate who can get a lot done – but human resources or the individual hiring intends to make them play patty-cake to get that job. If you can supersede, then Thereus in Virgo affirms you should. Get formidable allies to back you up.  

LEO – Don’t let your star employee or top vendor work for an egoistic, my-way-or-the-highway control freak. Why? Because Thereus in Virgo says, “That control freak doesn’t deserve it.” Indeed, you have plenty of bosses who will love this player – down the line, these bosses will give this superstar more work than they ever imagined. Save your best for the best. Give annoying people whoever & whatever will make them stop complaining – at least to you.  

VIRGO – You run afoul, and will always run afoul, of those who dominate meetings, because they talk & argue & you act & execute. You cannot expect preferential treatment from those who do not favor you. Thereus in Virgo says that the good news is that a lot of people out there favor you. Naysayers will finish their long sentence condemning you eventually. As Paul McCartney sang on “Get Back” for the Beatles, “Get back to where you once belonged.”  

LIBRA – What your legal adversary calls, “The smoking gun,” you call irrelevant. What you call “The smoking gun,” the defendants claim is circumstantial. Thereus in Virgo, smirks, “A rose by any other name.” No matter – it is or it isn’t. The proof will out.  

SCORPIO – Whether you already know this individual from the past or not, you can’t help but smile when they ask, “Hey, slick, what can I do you for?” And, indeed, Thereus in Virgo confirms that this new kid on the block is exactly who you want to see right now. Professional betrayals have led you to question your faith in humanity. This individual notices this, “Whatever happened to your acute penchant for revenge?” You already know who your friends are!  

SAGITTARIUS – Bosses got to be bosses because they could do hard, intellectually taxing jobs – and then they did them. Thereus in Virgo confirms that this is what bosses expect from you – and all they expect from you. Expect, of course, that, over time, your workload will increase.  

CAPRICORN – Lawyers: You have evidence that will destroy your adversary’s best argument. Whatever the rules of the court may be, Thereus in Virgo demands that you withhold this evidence from your adversary for as long as you possibly can without violating the rules of the court. Because this is easier said than done, take extra steps along the way to prevent you from setting yourself up for a fall.  

AQUARIUS – Lock every doorway & window in your home. Lock your car. Lock your computer when you leave your desk at work. Furthermore, Thereus in Virgo advises that you upgrade your home surveillance system, your automobile’s safety devices & your computer’s firewall. Criminals lurk. Prepare now.  

PISCES – Singles, newly engaged couples: In the beginning, you want your new love to get along with your family. The longer you date or are married, you determine if their ability to do math applies to cold, hard cash. However, in the end, Thereus in Virgo implores you not to disregard the most difficult thing that your lover will encounter in their relationship with you: How to negotiate your periodic, albeit extremely profound, cosmic insanity.

* Thereus, a centaur planet that traverses the orbit of Saturn, was discovered in August 2001 & named in June 2003. Thereus was a centaur who hunted bears which, upon capture, he carried home alive. For information on how to interpret Thereus, formerly 2001-PT13, note reference to Philip Sedgwick  below. 

A great source online for how to interpret Thereus and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Thereus and all named centaurs, is 
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “A Summary of The Centaurs” 
on Jonathan Dunn’s website "Ephemeral Info” at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Thereus and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on   
Jonathan Dunn's website “Ephemeral Info” at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center


Elatus* transits Scorpio from September 30, 2023 to November 29, 2028. Many Americans & Canadians view Sixties’ musicians such as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Jefferson Airplane and Bob Dylan as not just commenting upon, but in fact, driving political change in North America. Simultaneously in Brazil, however, Gilberto Gil & Caetano Veloso, active proponents of Tropicalismo, the Brazilian art movement of the late Sixties, recorded separate albums in 1972, Gil’s Expresso 2222 and Veloso’s Transa, which served as important historical documents of their generation. Both Gil & Veloso endured censorship, imprisonment & eventual exile in London from late 1969 to early 1972 under Artur da Costa e Silva & EmÝlio Garrastazu MÚdici, the second & third of five Brazilian Presidents servicing the military dictatorship known euphemistically as the Fifth Republic of Brazil, allegedly for mocking the Brazilian National Anthem at the Sucata Club in Rio de Janeiro in October 1968. Rolling Stone Magazine lists both albums as amongst the 100 Greatest Albums in the history of Brazil. Gil named Expresso 2222, which appears as No. 26 on Rolling Stone’s Brazilian album list, after the train that Gil took from his rural hometown Ituašuto to Salvador, Bahia. More provocative than Gil’s sentimental tribute is the subtext for which Veloso names his album which appears as No. 10 on that same list, Transa. After Brazilian President MÚdici’s regime granted Veloso relief from exile in January 1971 so that Veloso may attend his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, representatives of the military junta asked Veloso to compose a song praising the contemporaneous construction of the Transamaz˘nica highway. Veloso did not respond to this request directly either way. Instead, Veloso released Transa upon his return to Brazil. Transa, which contains the songs “It’s a Long Way,” with overt references to the Beatles, “It's a long road – It's a long and winding road,” and “Neolithic Man,” with the cryptic conundrum, “I'm the silence that's suddenly heard after the passing of a car – Spaces grow wide about me,” perhaps praised the construction of Transamaz˘nica highway, but, also, perhaps, insulted it, by deploying the word transa, accepted (and rejected) as a vulgar colloquialism for “fornication.” Use your own judgment.  

ARIES – Read Libra. Before the high-tech era, the mysterious blue-collar guy at your corporate offices with six separate keychains with twenty to thirty keys apiece attached to the one master keychain? That individual exuded importance like nobody’s business – this individual had access. This individual also had massive responsibility & liability – so don’t cross that player at all costs. Of course, this has changed. The Information Technology Department at your company now owns all those keys – and also employs, as Elatus in Scorpio informs you, a powerful behind-the-scene player that you see every day. You wonder, “What does that individual really do?” The question is wrong. The question, which is the answer, “What does that individual know about what happens here? What do they control? How do they monitor what is under their control?”  

TAURUS – The Information Technology Department & certain employees in accounting at your company don’t say hi to you because they await the day that you sit on the hot seat through no fault of your own. But don’t take this professional snub as a personal snub – Elatus in Scorpio denotes that they treat everybody outside of their department the same way. Truth be told, anybody & everybody will one day sit on the hot seat through no fault of their own. The impersonal cruelty that they impart is not intended to dispense any charity, any benefit of any doubt. Therefore, in the meantime, in their own terms, they “leave you alone. They keep their poison ready within its syringe.  

GEMINI – Medicinal codes, litigation codes, bankruptcy codes, IP addresses, confirmation numbers, cancellation numbers – they all boil down to a level of accountability for individuals you have never met & will never meet. Elatus in Scorpio surmises that the Twin knows more about these codes than many other people – they are numbers, after all. Even so, because you realize that the significance of these codes far beyond just random numbers, you should realize that there is no reason to enlighten anybody about them so that the powers that be retain their ability to keep certain information . . . secure.  

CANCER – On December 2, 2008, the Toronto Police Service arrested American attorney Marc Dreier, sole equity partner of New York City law firm Dreier LLP, for acting as an imposter of Michael Padfield, in-house lawyer with the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, to a man whom he had just met in an elevator, by handing that man in the elevator the business card which Padfield had just handed Dreier. As brazen as Dreier’s crime was, it was much more inept & desperate than brazen, as Dreier LLP, at the time, actually carried at debt of at least $38.5 million, all which he needed, immediately. Which serves as an example, as Elatus in Scorpio moralizes, that, when one commits fraud or forgery, it is infrequently to gain an advantage, but, rather, a desperate attempt to survive a profound disadvantage.  

LEO – Signing one’s own will & testament, or signing a lease as a guarantor for a family member, family members or worst of all, a family member and their “friends,” makes on the target of all sorts of surreptitious investigators, interrogators & outright extremely intrusive questions & conduct – but only because you say nothing about the items of such business to anybody involved, of which Elatus in Scorpio approves. Eventually, alas, you will probably need to tell a lawyer, as your family member, or hopefully, one of their “friends,” screws up royally. That’s okay – you expect that. Just tell everybody that Santa Claus went on a diet.  

VIRGO – Dining with “friends”? “Separate checks.” A credit card for you and your spouse? One credit card – in the possession of the breadwinner or the one who pays all the bills. Neither a borrower nor a lender be? Investing in private placements with strangers? “Really, I don’t know you.” Any other questions? “Really,” Elatus in Scorpio clarifies, “it is your name on the credit report. What else do you need to know?”  

LIBRA – Read Aries. Employees working in the Information Technology Department (IT) at your employer know not only your last six passwords, but the last six passwords of everybody at the firm. And, of course, much, much more. Elatus in Scorpio declares that, like the Libran, IT employees not how other people handle proprietary information. When individuals outside your firm hack your firm’s servers, they look not only for some individual’s last six passwords, but for credit card information & all concomitant personal identifying information. Why? You guessed it – in the end, to steal cold, hard cash. These IT professionals notice more than you realize. You know how some people take Librans for granted? IT people know how this feels.  

SCORPIO – “I’ve been a reporter for eleven years in this city. And I’ve traveled with bikers and I’ve traveled with whores and I’ve traveled with gamblers. And I’ve traveled with people from the east end of town to the west end of town. And I’ve been in all kinds of trouble with the police.” So spoke the legendary & inimitable Ralph Klein, longtime Mayor of Calgary and long-time Premiere of Alberta, while still a City Hall Reporter on CFCN-TV in Calgary, as he ran for mayor at the launch of his political career. A high school dropout, Ralph said nothing about being honest or honorable or smart or devoted – nope. What you see is what you get. Elatus in Scorpio notes that Ralph Klein never lost an election. The people knew what they were getting because Ralph Klein delivered upon his truth in advertising, come Hell or high water. Ralph Klein walked his talk – which they published in Pravda!  

SAGITTARIUS – It was not a surveillance but a cell phone video, but that cell phone video which revealed that Mayor Rob Ford smoked crack turned the City of Toronto upside-down for weeks. Did Mayor Rob, kid brother to future Ontario Premiere Doug, know that he was being videotaped? At this point in (time) (history), the point is moot. However, as for Sagittarius the Archer: Elatus in Scorpio promises you no guarantee, whatever you may be doing, that there will be nobody watching you, videotaping you, or both.  

CAPRICORN – A lot of people do some preliminary, armchair spying on past frenemies from school or past workgroups by searching them in Google. Which information one mines can prove dubious at best. Police, however, if it is warranted, have a much more superior system as they check the criminal database for “priors.” Putting such “searches” in this context, Elatus in Scorpio wants to know, “Why are you looking for this information or for such disinformation?” In a civil court of law for libel, “I read it on the Internet,” sounds less than persuasive. But it need not go that far. You & everybody knows the format of a click-through, of a porn club’s signage, of a white nationalist clubhouse or bar or an urban gang hangout by its formatting, by its design, by its colors. Are you indulging prurient interest? Are you looking for a specific type of trouble?  

AQUARIUS – Read Pisces. When you see an extended biography of a new Mexican drug lord in the Sunday edition of your local paper, do you think that that new Mexican drug lord consented to an interview in the tradition of Sean Penn & Kate del Castillo? How exactly did the American or Canadian newspaper find out about such a new Mexican drug lord – from a press release in its corporate communications? When that new Mexican drug lord’s name appears in the newspaper or on TV, it means only one thing: The police are hunting him or her. In fact, if such a newspaper reports any symbols, gang signs or gang colors, Elatus in Scorpio state that the newspaper is not accepting ad money to promulgate that gang’s influence to the suburbs: It means that the reportage is obsolete. But will the gang be far enough ahead of the reporting to continue to do business? This is the real danger to the kids in the suburbs.  

PISCES – Read Aquarius. Cops, detectives: You already know that suburban kids looking for vice in the big bad city do their homework to know where to go to get what they want. Gang symbols & code words, per se, constitute marketing. As a result, Elatus in Scorpio declares that it is not your job to disseminate this information for these groups. You are looking to shut those gangs down, not bring them more customers. Know how to handle this data with discretion.

* Elatus, a centaur planet that traverses the orbits of Saturn & Uranus, was discovered in October 1999 & named in June 2003. Elatus, along with Chiron, was injured by the same poisoned arrow of Hercules when an entire tribe of centaurs attacked Hercules for drinking the communal wine of the tribe while the centaur Pholus cooked & served Hercules dinner. For information on how to interpret Elatus, formerly 1999-UG5, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below.  

A great source online for how to interpret Elatus and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at  

Read seminal astrological analysis on Elatus and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at  

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Elatus and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “Riders in the Sky – The Centaurs”
on Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at  

A great resource for ephemeris data on Elatus and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website “Ephemeral Info” at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center


Pholus* transits Capricorn
from October 23, 2019 to November 18, 2042.

Charley Anderson, a rather curious character in The U.S.A. Trilogy by John Dos Passos, thwarts preconceived notions. Introduced at the end of the trilogy’s first novel, The 42nd Parallel, Anderson hovers around New York City’s Union Square Park, replete with communists, socialists & federal undercover police agents, not exactly sure of where he is or what he should do next. Then, Anderson, who, for whatever reason, simply couldn’t get arrested, does not reappear until the beginning of the trilogy’s third novel, The Big Money, wherein Anderson, after earning high honors & a legendary reputation as an Air Force fighter pilot, sets out to make his fortune investing money in Wall Street stocks, while ceaselessly indulging an alcoholic’s interminably protracted daily & nightly drunkenness for the entire Roaring Twenties. Finally, in a profoundly desperate act of machismo & with a young lady named Eileen in the passenger seat late at night after drinking heavily in a bar in Miami (Jackson Pollock, anyone? Jackson Pollock?), Anderson, driving north-south, tries to outrace a speeding locomotive, driving east-west, loses, and collides head-one into the train. (Dr. Ridgely Snyder, attending to Anderson in the hospital after his combination car-train wreck, commented, “Funny, I’ve never known an airline pilot yet who could drive a car.”)

The moral of the story – some skills are simply non-transferable – rings true.

Consider a historical example. Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman, an alumnus of West Point who graduated amongst the top ten students in his class, as “Civilian Sherman,” did not lead a particularly accomplished life previous to the American Civil War. Sherman, who resigned his military commission after his promotion to captain based upon his work in an administrative capacity in California during the Mexican-American War in the late 1840s, encountered difficulties in the private sector. Sherman first took a job as manager of the St. Louis-based bank Lucas, Turner & Co. in San Francisco – a job at which Sherman did not excel & which Sherman did not like, "I can handle a hundred thousand men in battle, and take the City of the Sun, but am afraid to manage a lot in the swamp of San Francisco." Later, Sherman became president of the St. Louis Railroad, a streetcar company –another job that left him cold. In 1859, Sherman was offered, then finally accepted, a job in line with both his temperament & credentials: First Superintendent of the Louisiana State Seminary of Learning & Military Academy, which would later become Louisiana State University (LSU). As fate would have it, Sherman resigned from the Louisiana State Seminary in January 1861, anticipating Louisiana’s secession from the Union later that month.

Throughout his early military career, Sherman had spent considerable time in the American South, fighting in the Seminole War in Florida & enjoying the status of his foster father in high society in Charleston, South Carolina. Sherman understood & liked the South. Nevertheless, as a military officer, Sherman appraised the chances of pro-Secessionist forces coldly & objectively:  

You are rushing into war with one of the most powerful, ingeniously mechanical, and determined people on Earth—right at your doors. You are bound to fail. Only in your spirit and determination are you prepared for war. In all else you are totally unprepared, with a bad cause to start with. At first you will make headway, but as your limited resources begin to fail, shut out from the markets of Europe as you will be, your cause will begin to wane.

Invariably, however, Sherman, having achieved nothing spectacular amongst a well-educated, well-bred social class, had another opinion as valid or as invalid, but ultimately as speculative, as any other opinion amongst his peers. Sherman simply bided his time until the core purpose of the nation state in which he lived & for which he served either rose, or fell, to meet the future Union General William Tecumseh Sherman where he stood . . . exactly at his level.  

ARIES – Your boss, whoever your boss is at the moment, has zero interest in your personal total aptitude & potential. Your boss is solely interested in satisfying the demands presented by an amalgamative, disjunctive, sometimes chaotic infrastructure. In this context & your boss’s universe, Pholus in Capricorn proclaims that you are merely furniture which does or does not facilitate the infrastructure’s environment. If you can or do enhance that infrastructure’s environment, your boss will put you in a place which enhances that environment the most. Your boss may even like you & remember your name – but don’t be fooled. (So how do you move up in an environment where you are “furniture?” You don’t. Either you or the infrastructure disappear, allowing you to populate some environment . . . where your boss will hopefully find a better place for you.)  

TAURUS – The law of the land is based on the lay of the land, and what is or is not allowed may depend entirely upon where you stand. In most cases, such issues are speculative parlor games. However, sometimes, as Pholus in Capricorn warns, what you have done your entire life in your own hometown would shock a police officer who watched you do it in public somewhere else. It may be an open container of alcohol – it may be jaywalking. Whatever it is, is irrelevant. Tone down your presumptuous attitudes in unfamiliar surroundings.  

GEMINI – Pholus in Capricorn illustrates that the jockeying for position to become the dominant marijuana stock in the capital markets articulately expresses how a change in social values augurs an inevitable & inexorable shift in real-time capitalist market values. The only reason why climate change activism does not spell doom for fossil fuel industries lies in pure resistance of those companies & people vested in that industry sector to change. Prepare yourself for the day when an idea’s time has come.  

CANCER – Recently deceased Republican Senator from Arizona John McCain reportedly became just as traumatized by his divorce from his first wife Carol Shepp after he entered national politics because he realized that he was not the same man as he was when he married her as he had been as an active Navy Aviator during the Vietnam War . Pholus in Capricorn contemplates that if the trajectory of history can transform or debase an individual, it can transform or debase or destroy a couple. Those not part of the couple can, and will, but not always, pass judgment. Know when it is possible to exert changes over your own life & relationships – and when you must follow the changes demanded by forces much larger than you & those whom you love.  

LEO – Methodologies in the workplace originate at the end – what goods or services do you wish to provide at what price point? In this context, Pholus in Capricorn declares that a radical shift in the price point will transform or debase the methodologies – and will change all the faces at the workplace at the same time. What will change the price point? The same thing that it always does in classic economics – surplus or shortage. (Be prepared for those improvements which make things worse: Price supports from the government.)  

VIRGO – The forcefield of glamour, fame, money & power that shields professional athletes from criminal prosecution is nowhere near as strong as it had been previous to the arrest of football all-star, film actor, advertising spokesman & color television sports commentator O.J. Simpson in June 1994, but it certainly does still exist – and not just at the professional level. Indeed, athletic programs on the university, collegiate & even high school levels can pay for academic programs for all students at the school as a result of extremely generous alumni contributions. Even so, Pholus in Capricorn nevertheless does not fail to recognize how many athletes get away with extremely bad behavior because the system protects them – but only while they contribute to the system as athletes. After their careers are over, many such athletes cannot possibly understand why law enforcement authorities no longer continue to allow them absolutely unfettered liberties – despite the fact that this reality is clear to everybody else in the world, “I’m the coach of this team now, son. You have the right to remain silent – ”  

LIBRA – Local law enforcement & civic groups would love to be able to penetrate the haze of corruption that surrounds certain duly elected civic officials, including the mayor, the city council or the county executive. However, Pholus in Capricorn outright guarantees that whoever tries to penetrate that veil from the bottom of the org chart will only succeed by acquiring the same stain of corruption that they try to investigate.  

SCORPIO – Don’t you hate it when a waiter or waitress takes your order without writing it down – then returns with the wrong food? As aggravating as this can be personally, Pholus in Capricorn signifies that a similar situation in a more advanced & lucrative work environments can lend itself to lawsuits, criminal investigations, arrests & the failure of entire companies if a professional representative miscommunicates hard numbers which cost your clients & your company money. Furthermore, when a colleague at your firm quotes numbers to you on which you must base further transactions, follow up to confirm the veracity of those numbers yourself . . . no matter where such fact-checking will lead you.  

SAGITTARIUS – You have a large fortune? Live large & do whatever you want. You have a small fortune but want to live large? Pholus in Capricorn shrugs. Toronto, New York & San Francisco are expensive – Veracruz & Acapulco are cheap. Loonie Dollar Peso!  

CAPRICORN – A wide range of outer planets & centaur planets transiting through Capricorn, sometimes more than once, from the early Eighties through 2021, have empowered you to learn about, realize & manifest more aspects of your basic personality than all other signs of the zodiac. Pholus in Capricorn suggests that you can have much more control over how you wish to deploy your basic personality. Find a purpose for who you are.  

AQUARIUS – Pholus in Capricorn declares that you will be blind to how personnel changes behind the scenes affect where you work. You may love or hate what occurs as a result of such changes, but you cannot see the relationship between those personnel changes & how they manifest where you are. If things are great, carry on. If things are awful, leave. Don’t try to learn what you will never discover.  

PISCES – Professional peers interact with you to find out how they are doing. If you cease to be their peer, whether through upward or downward mobility, most former professional peers will cease to communicate with you because you no longer present to them that “mirror” that they need. All that being said, Pholus in Capricorn declares that you will not understand the truth of this analysis until you experience a profoundly radical change in circumstances, at which point you will ask, “Who am I, anyway?” (A more academic analysis along different cultural plateaus: Emile Durkheim analyzes which member of which religious group is most inclined to kill themselves in his sociological treatise Suicide.)

* Pholus, named after the centaur who accidentally died because mighty Hercules was thirsty, was discovered in 1992 & named in 1996. Pholus bridges the gap in consciousness between Saturn & Neptune, forcing us mere mortals to realize that even our most severe discipline is worthless when God wishes to teach us a lesson.

A great source online for how to interpret Pholus and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends" at

Read seminal astrological analysis on Pholus and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Pholus and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “Riders in the Sky – The Centaurs”
on Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Pholus and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website "Ephemeral Info" at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center


Hylonome* transits Capricorn
from November 22, 2015 to January 10, 2026.

Massive & sudden wealth afflicts certain new instantaneously formed cities – such as, for instance, Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico & Miami, Florida, U.S.A. – with a uniquely vicious type of criminal. Like certain women who are so astoundingly beautiful that even their most careful training in how to defend themselves breaks down in the face of a male predator skilled & experienced in deploying invasive tactics to penetrate their defenses, the massive wealth that bombards certain new cities creates an affluence that rapidly expands the scale of the city, like blubber on a whale, making that city demonstratively less mobile & weaker, developing vulnerabilities which that rapidly expanding city is slow to spot & correct – and which ravenous predators are quick to detect & to exploit.

The Spanish Conquistador Hernßn CortÚs founded Veracruz (the “True Cross”) on Good Friday, April 22, 1519. Two days later, CortÚs met Tendile and Pitalpitoque, governors of Moctezuma II's Aztec Empire nearby, on the island at San Juan de Ul˙a on Easter Sunday, five months before CortÚs perpetrated the Cholula Massacre in current day Cholula, Puebla. Veracruz, under the protection of the military fort subsequently built on San Juan de Ul˙a commencing 1565, became the main seaport for Spain’s colonial holdings within North America. The massive export of gold & silver to Spain from Mexico via Veracruz and San Juan de Ul˙a, as well as the import of African slaves to replace the native population ravaged by European diseases on Mexican sugarcane plantations, attracted the long-term attention of the world’s most vicious pirates during both the 16th & 17th centuries – including the pirate raid of 17 May 1683, during which, according to David Marley’s Pirates of the Americas,  Laurens de Graaf, Nicholas van Hoorn and Michel de Grammont, along with 800 pirates, looted every home within Veracruz’s city of 6,000 occupants.

After the era of piracy declined at the beginning of the 18th century, the port of Veracruz, defended by its military fort on the island of San Juan de Ul˙a, served as both the commercial & military entrance to Mexico, making it supremely vulnerable to military takeover.  Accordingly, San Juan de Ul˙a endured many highs, lows & outright contradictions during its five centuries in existence.

San Juan de Ul˙a ‘s most famous victory dates from its attack upon the British privateers, pirates & slave traders John Hawkins & Francis Drake in 1568. Thereafter Mexican, French & American navies in various wars between Mexico, Spain, France & the United States attacked & captured San Juan de Ul˙a. The Governor’s House within the fortress represented the nation’s official presidential palace for Presidents Benito Juarez & Venustiano Carranza for Mexican Federal Governments in exile from Mexico City during war. And, from the beginning, San Juan de Ul˙a incarcerated not only criminals, but in fact various political prisoners, including Benito Juarez himself during one of the eleven different terms of President Antonio Lˇpez de Santa Anna.

Overall, and throughout its entire self-contradicting history, San Juan de Ul˙a symbolized, for all of the people within Mexico as a whole, Mexico’s resistance to foreign domination, in spite of overwhelming odds, in Mexico’s ongoing quest for self-determination in a perpetually changing & hostile world.

Henry Flagler founded the city of Miami under the long-term persuasion of Julia Tuttle in much more modern times & under different circumstances.

A business partner of John D. Rockefeller at Standard Oil, Flagler started traveling to Jacksonville in the late 1870s with his ailing wife Mary at the advice of his wife’s physician. After Mary died in 1881, Flagler discontinued his operational work at Standard Oil to pursue real estate & railroad investments in Central Florida. Larry Wiggins states within “The Birth of the City of Miami” that Flagler only turned his attention to South Florida, despite Tuttle’s ongoing solicitations & invitations, after James E. Ingraham, the director of railroad land development within Flagler’s railroad company, showed orange blossoms from an orange orchard on Julia Tuttle’s estate. Ingraham emphasized to Flagler that those orange blossoms had survived the Great Freeze of the winter of 1894 & 1895 which had destroyed the entire Florida commercial citrus crop.

As Flagler negotiated not only with Julia Tuttle but with the other prominent landholders in the Miami area, the Brickells, to acquire the land necessary for Flagler to complete the extension of his railroad to the as-yet unnamed city of Miami, harbingers of Miami’s future emerged immediately. First, Wiggins notes that the first Miami real estate boom happened before the actual founding of Miami:  

While the railroad's extension to Miami remained unannounced in the spring of 1895, rumors of this possibility continued to multiply, fueling real estate activity in the Biscayne Bay area at a time when land prices throughout the rest of Florida were relatively depressed due to the affects of the freeze. In May 1895, prices for bayfront property were reported as "almost out of sight," but good lands for agricultural purposes could still be found "from one to two miles back from the bay," priced reasonably at $10 to $25 an acre.

This sounds eerily similar to what Frederick Lewis Allen describes in Chapter XI, “Home, Sweet Florida,” in his journalistic account of the 1920s, Only Yesterday:  

There was nothing languorous about the atmosphere of tropical Miami during that memorable summer and autumn of 1925.  The whole city had become one frenzied real-estate exchange.  There were said to be 2,000 real-estate offices and 25,000 agents marketing house-lots or acreage.  The shirt-sleeved crowds hurrying to and fro under the widely advertised Florida sun talked of binders and options and water-frontages and hundred-thousand-dollar profits; the city fathers had been forced to pass an ordinance forbidding the sale of property in the street, or even the showing of a map, to prevent inordinate traffic congestion.   

Secondly, later in 1895, as Flagler, Julia Tuttle & the Brickell family completed all necessary land deals, Miami adopted its first “refugees”:  

Men, both black and white, from throughout Florida flocked to Miami to await Flagler's call for workers of all qualifications to begin work on the promised hotel and city. By late December 1895, seventy-five of them already were at work clearing the site for the hotel. They lived mostly in tents and huts in the wilderness that as of yet had no streets and few cleared paths. These men were primarily victims of the great freeze that had left both money and work scarce.  

The criminals appeared soon enough, just like everybody else trying to escape the snow & the cold – but with a little something extra on the side. In “Al Capone's Gangster Mansion on the Market in Miami Beach,” Reuters’ Zachary Fagenson notes, “High-profile organized crime figures were a mainstay of Miami's early days, in part because of its proximity to Havana, a popular gambling and watering hole for Americans during the prohibition era.” However, these early mobsters did not directly benefit from any crimes done in Miami, but were just like any other snowbirds that made their money somewhere else in North America who vacationed in “the Magic City” – unlike La Madrina, “the Cocaine Godmother,” Griselda Blanco.

In “‘Cocaine Godmother’ Griselda Blanco Gunned Down in Colombia,” the Miami Herald’s David Ovalle describes:  

Raised in the slums of Medellin, she began her criminal career as a pickpocket, eventually commanding an empire that reportedly shipped 3,400 pounds of cocaine per month, by boat and plane. She was considered a Colombian pioneer in drug smuggling to the United States, a precursor to the larger cartels that dominated in the 1980s. She even had a Medellin lingerie shop custom design bras and girdles with special pockets to hold cocaine, a tool used by her drug mules flying to Miami.  

Blanco dominated the cocaine trade previous to the rise of the Medellin Cartel, which, according to the film expose of George “Boston George” Jung’s criminal career, Blow, traded in a purer stain of cocaine than Blanco; according to Ron Chepesiuk’s The Bullet Or the Bribe: Taking Down Colombia's Cali Drug Cartel, the illegal drug trade represented Florida’s most lucrative industry, bringing in over $10 billion annually. Blanco used an unprecedented level of violence to enforce her market hegemony – suspected of some 250 murders, Miami-Dade prosecutors found enough evidence to indict her for three. The Sun-Sentinel’s Beth Duff Sanders, in “3 Linked To Mall Slayings 1979 Dadeland Killings Unsolved,” a follow-up report investigating the participation of Guillermo Velasquez, Jorge Ayala and Alonso Ayala, “paid enforcers for Blanco, also known as La Madrina, or The Godmother. Blanco,” in these murders, asserted that the Dadeland Mall Killing which “occurred on July 11, 1979 branded Miami one of the most violent cities in the United States.”

The refugees came between Capone & Blanco. Waves of exiles left Cuba, often, but not always, on boats traveling across the Straits of Florida from Havana, Camarioca & Varadero Beach, to arrive in South Florida, whether Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach or Miami, from the end of the Eisenhower Administration, through the Presidential Administrations of Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford & Carter – and even, in the tragic personage of five year-old Elian Gonzalez, during the Clinton Administration – after Fidel Castro conquered Cuba in a military coup soon after New Year’s Day 1959.

Starting during President John F. Kennedy’s administration, through the First Presidential Administration of Richard Nixon, the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962 provided that the U.S. Federal Government would process & indoctrinate new Cuban refugees at the old Miami News Tower, the old Miami News headquarters at 600 Biscayne Boulevard, a building in the Mediterranean Revival which had survived the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 – during which the Miami News Tower became “The Freedom Tower.”

Long after the Freedom Tower stopped processing & indoctrinating new Cuban refugees in 1972, Jorge Mas Canosa, founder of the Cuban-American National Foundation, a militant right-wing opponent of Communist Cuba & a Cuban-American exile living in Coral Gables who was imprisoned for expressing his political views under the regimes of both Fulgencio Batista and Fidel Castro, bought the Freedom Tower in1997 with the intention, as stated in a press release by Jorge Mas Canosa Freedom Foundation as a symbol of “the struggle and achievements of Cuban exiles in their quest for freedom.”

Today, the Freedom Tower stands as the only building in the Bayfront Park Skyline which survived not only the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 but also Hurricane Andrew in 1991. Its self-evidence anachronistic burnt umber & yellow ochre edifice amongst an ocean of South Florida white & turquoise rascacielos, the Freedom Tower represents the highest ideals of America – the championing & empowerment of the dispossessed to determine their fate through their own efforts & as they see fit – within a very narrow context that can only happen within, and could only emerge as a result of the core identity of, the city of Miami. Both San Juan de Ul˙a in Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico & the Freedom Tower in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. represent the virtues of the nations in which they reside.

Both San Juan de Ul˙a & the Freedom Tower demonstrate these virtues not only by how they engage both those within & without their borders in ways that could only happen in the specific cities – Veracruz & Miami – in which they respectively reside, as they interact with not only citizens within their own country but also with both allies & enemies from foreign lands in ways that their fellow citizens within Mexico & the United States, respectively, will forever be destined to misunderstand . . . completely.  

ARIES – Hylonome in Capricorn will give you much less tolerance with those bosses who cry poor – even & especially at the exact time when such bosses may be crying poor truthfully. Those who assert that “the business runs itself” do not know how to run a business, but the reality of that ineptitude only kicks in when the low-lying fruit disappears. Truth be told, there hasn’t been any low-lying fruit in a dog’s age – and there won’t be any around for that dog’s son, either. Now is the time for bosses to show that they can bring home the bacon no matter what – and it is up to you to follow only bosses who know exactly what they are doing & to leave all the makeshift wannabes . . . to scramble.  

TAURUS – No matter who is doing the blaming – civil rights groups claiming human rights abuses; ambitious district attorneys & local prosecutors; mayors, governors or premiers hosting large-scale city, state or province level events welcoming government or religious leaders from around the world – nobody is easier to blame than a cop, the lowest man on the totem pole enforcing legitimate state authority amongst people in places where it is truly most difficult to enforce. For many people, the temptation to feed that cop to the wolves, to throw that cop into the bay with the sharks, to let that cop hang to dry on a cross sawed, hammered & nailed by the court of public opinion in collusion with a government attorney running for office, is just a knee jerk no brainer not worthy of a first, let alone second, thought. That being said, Hylonome in Capricorn promises the Bull that the day will come when the Bull needs that unlikely & ill-suited twenty-first century urban martyr, the cop, to save its neck & ass. Therefore, rather than “Mea culpa, oh my God, I am so sorry,” one hundred thousand worthless times after the fact . . . redress your prejudices now.  

GEMINI – Those who studied the trajectory of the very recent history of Bank of America of Charlotte, North Carolina from the perspective of the rise of Hugh McColl & Edward Crutchfield as the leaders of Nations Bank and First Union, respectively, through the stock market crash of 2008, to Bank of America, now an official American financial colossus, outright protected the extremely massive yet distressed assets of venerable American companies Merrill Lynch and Countrywide Home Loans, realized, as the national media based the evil financial plutocrats at Bank of America, that very few people in the country actually understood what had just happened. Now, as it becomes clear how central the pursuit & prosecution of money launderers is to stopping terrorism, contraband trafficking & the human slave trade in every country in the world, Hylonome in Capricorn advises the intellectually gifted Twin to look behind the smiley face corporate fašade of savings, commercial, merchant & investment banks of all scales . . . and to get a clue.

CANCER – A spouse or business partner is either building an unprecedented business model, developing a brilliant invention, championing an astounding work of social justice or wallowing in hopeless delusion. Because there will come a point when, frankly but accurately, their pain becomes your pain, Hylonome in Capricorn demands that you appraise what that spouse or partner is doing, dispassionately, objectively and, in fact, rather coldly. Quantify the risks involved, then tell that spouse or partner the numbers that you foresee, whether or not you think it will happen & whether you want to be a part of it. If it is all total delusion, issue ultimatums, “Cut bait – or else.”

LEO – Employees & colleagues at your job may maintain a neutral demeanor – but perhaps more in line with that lyric towards the end of the song “Time” on Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way” more than upon duty-driven concentration. Indeed, Hylonome in Capricorn reminds you that some colleagues, employees & even bosses suffer extremely acutely in ways that have nothing to do with their jobs and, therefore, in ways that you will never know. While this is not a warning to treat the workplace like a library before final exams or a hospice section of a hospital ward, it is a post-it note in a conspicuous place asserting, “Don’t act like a reckless & insensitive jerk.”  

VIRGO – Perhaps no baseball player in the history of Major League Baseball is more likely to become canonized a saint by the Catholic Church than former Pittsburgh Pirate Roberto Clemente. Clemente, the only baseball player in Major League history to hit a walk-off, inside-the-park, grand slam home run, also, quite symbolically, ended his career with exactly 3000 hits before dying on New Year’s Eve 1972 when the plane flying him & a store of provisions for the victims of the December 23, 1972 Managua, Nicaragua earthquake crashed into the Atlantic Ocean just outside Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. Hylonome in Capricorn now cites the example of Clemente, who played his entire career before the immensely lucrative & ongoing era of free agency, to emphasize that there are now a lot more athletes with a lot more money who do infinitesimally less than Clemente did for those who really needed it. Fans: Demand much more from those who can do infinitely more. Athletes: Recall how former Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steeler Franco Harris saved the jobs of everybody who worked for Baltimore’s Park Sausages by buying the company just before it went bankrupt. The greatest good for the greatest number provided by the best who ever played the game!  

LIBRA – Certain local activists for religious & civic charities merit high respect while others wield more power & influence than love. Regardless, Hylonome in Capricorn advises you to demonstrate overt respect towards those who wear their idealism & virtue conspicuously on their sleeves. If you, however, wish to accomplish something truly worthy for the poor, underprivileged, disadvantaged & disenfranchised in your city, state, province or country . . . reference Matthew 6:3, “When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”  

SCORPIO – While individual Scorpions may or may not believe in God, the sign of Scorpio rules atheism & atheists. That being said, Hylonome in Capricorn signifies that you will, and, in fact, you must, preach a message. Address your audience only in terms of absolute archetypes – God & Satan, salvation & damnation, patriot & traitor, martyr & scoundrel. Exacerbate acute polarity. Force your congregation or constituency to choose.  

SAGITTARIUS – At some point under the current influence of Hylonome in Capricorn, you will cry poor. But why? Will you cry poor for the charity for whom you will be doing fundraising so as to drum up donations for a worthy cause? Will you, as an artist, cry poor to solicit funding for your novel, film or artistic endeavor? Will you cry poor because your gambling habit, addiction to blow or outrageous lifestyle has finally bankrupted you, morally as well as financially? Invest your penchant & propensity for poverty in an endeavor which pays high dividends for credibility & legitimacy. Protect your political capital.  

CAPRICORN – A close reading of the lyrics to the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” will quickly reveal that its first-person eponymous narrator deserves, warrants & wants very little sympathy indeed – but what should one expect from a cadre of puerile jerks who had the gall to host a free concert upon the restoration of diplomatic relations between the United States & Cuba on Good Friday in Havana? (It’s not irony when one does it on purpose.) And, initially, many a citizen will not hold back from a public stoning of former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon, who tried to exhort over $1 million to fix the municipal zoning of a light rail system to favor a specific real estate deal. (As Willie Stark, fictional governor & dictator of Depression-era Louisiana says in Robert Penn Warren’s All The King's Men, “Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption and he passeth from the stink of the diaper to the stench of the shroud. There is always something!”) Therefore, as you consider your own role in politics, or the private & public sides of public figures with enormous professional responsibilities, Hylonome in Capricorn advises you to reflect upon how embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel replied, in terse Hemingway, or even Shakespearian, fashion, as reported by  Newsweek’s Jack Martinez in “Rahm Emanuel Gets Heated With Reporters, Says He Has No Plans to Resign,” when Politico’s Mike Allen accused, on a damning personal level, “You have a rather heartless image among a fair number of people,” during a press conference about changes to the Chicago Police Department in the wake of the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald, a black teenager cascading down the middle of a highway high on angel’s dust, by a Chicago Police Officer.  “We’re all more complex than we’re presented.” Chicago Mayor Emanuel asserted. “I’m comfortable with who I am and what I’ve done.”  

AQUARIUS – Within the offices or workplace where your employer conducts business, you overhear the laments & sorrows of a powerful executive who bemoans their suffering & penury that they, their spouse & their children endure – which strikes you as the unabashedly obnoxious, gratuitous & insincere bellyaching of a brazenly spoiled capitalist. While you & many others want to tell this executive what an egoistic & spoiled bunch of jerks this executive, their spouse, Chip & Muffy really are, Hylonome in Capricorn whispers to you in warning that this executive would directly welcome your hostile, admonishing insults – this would give them a reason to dislike & to fire you. Therefore, when this bloated plutocrat tries to solicit your empathy, respond with inscrutable neutrality, “It is true: We all have our crosses to bear.” Give none of what you really feel & believe away.  

PISCES – Pisces, more than any other zodiacal sign, has earned the reputation of one who destroys themselves by giving away too much. Because so many people & institutions are now suffering – not just the homeless & churches but even work colleagues, bosses, multinational corporations & countries – Hylonome in Capricorn may indeed target you to extract the infinite amount of charity that they desperately need. Well, clearly, their needs exceed your resources – your resources are finite. Learn to close yourself off from anybody & everybody that can manipulate you against your good nature when you simply cannot afford it. .

* Hylonome, named after the wife of centaur Cyllarus, with whom she died during the Centaurs' battle with the Lapiths, was discovered in February 1995 & named during the year 2000. Hylonome bridges the gap in consciousness between Uranus & Neptune, forcing us to draw unexpected links between "accident" & "devotion" much more rapidly than is either wise or comfortable. 

A great source online for how to interpret Hylonome and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends" at

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Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Hylonome and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “Riders in the Sky – The Centaurs”
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An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

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Amycus* transits Aquarius
from December 19, 2023 to January 12, 2037.

What’s more beautiful than a boy & his dog? A man & his dog. Two animals who understand each other. Over time, they communicate, and, over time, the communication changes. The boy throws the ball, the dog fetches. The man throws the stick, the dog fetches. The man holds the stick; the man teaches the dog to fight for the stick. The man teaches the dog to bite the stick & to pull the stick from the man’s hands. The man trains the dog to become smart, strong & tough – and to fight!

Many who train that man, to teach that man who loves the dog that he trains, do not love that man. John Houseman as Professor Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr. tells Timothy Bottoms as law student James T. Hart, in front of over 100 of his law student peers in the film The Paper Chase, “Mr. Hart, here is a dime. I want you to call your mother & to tell her it is unlikely you will graduate from law school.” To which Hart replies, after brief consideration, “You, Kingsfield, are a son of a bitch.” Saturn ate his children. No love is lost.

But the man who trains that dog because he loves that dog knows also that some men who train that man, or compete with that man, love that man, want that man to be smart, strong & tough – and to fight! Of course, politicians play, “I’m the smartest guy in the room.” So do musicians, bankers, artists, accountants, cops. “I’m smarter than you! I’m tougher than you! I don’t think you can beat me at anything!”

There are some things that one cannot accomplish by one’s self! Who out there will help? Like you – how are you going to make friends? How will you meet your posse, who will gather together to solve insurmountable problems, to conjure ambitions that no one individual can accomplish alone?

How will you find the one who will help you transport one ton of sand from the driveway to the fourth floor of the fraternity to prepare for the Acapulco Annual during a damning blizzard in mid-January? How will you find the one partner who will help you set up & break down your six-person blues & rock band in your road trip southward along the Mississippi in Duluth, Minneapolis, Iowa City, St. Louis, Memphis, Jackson and New Orleans? How will you find the one true professional willing to act as your chief of staff & to contact the campaign manager of the incumbent governor to request a televised debate during your upcoming campaign for political office?

By challenging your biggest rival, your best friend. Because, face it: Your worst enemy will not piss on you if, and when, you are on fire.  

ARIES – It is almost impossible to believe that there will ever be another Republican politician like Republican Arizona Senator John McCain, who died just before the Congressional midterm elections during the Presidential Administration of Donald J. Trump. Can you imagine any other Republican politician walking down the Senate Chamber to the floor, walking directly to confront Senate Majority Leader, Republican Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, to vote against President Trump’s core political agenda, the repeal of Obamacare, by dramatically emphasizing his thumb downward with his right hand while saying, “No?” But, one way or another, Amycus in Aquarius augurs transformations & debasements between & amongst the partisans, and opportunities to shine & to fall in many different ways amongst those who populate both sides of their respective causes. The same roles which politicians have fulfilled over time – the rebel against the power; the power that is who toes the line – still exist. Moreover, there are conspicuous rewards & publishments for those who fulfill those roles, for & against type, for & against the odds. As situations arise, situational ethics arise. Elected officials adopt postures. The truth be told, you may not expect who did it – but how can you possibly be surprised? The producer & the director of the drama needed a body & a voice to play the same classic roles.  

TAURUS – A requirement to become a television news anchor demanded that the man or woman behind the microphone at the desk be absolutely non-partisan – which is still officially true for the television news anchor on network news. As for the television news anchor on cable TV news networks like MSNBC, CNN & Fox News, a “non-partisan television news anchor” is an oxymoronic economic liability – who the Hell would want that? Well, every man is entitled to that man’s opinion – and Amycus in Aquarius states that that is what you can expect when you watch television, listen to the radio, sign up for a podcast or read a news magazine on the Internet: Somebody else’s opinion that they want to hammer again & again into your head to make that opinion yours. Where exactly are you doing to get the information you need, actual “facts” that used to exist in all news stories, to underwrite the opinion that you will create, yourself, and will express, when you so choose? As stated, there is network TV news & the legacy media newspapers, but, whoever they are: There is no reason to tell any of these marching zombies where you get the facts for your arguments, lest they go to the sources of such genuine truthful information & heave up some truly toxic, glowing, radioactive puke. Keep your own counsel – and keep a baseball bat near your front door.  

GEMINI – Could be the ongoing dispute as to whether or not Pluto is a planet in the Solar System. Could be the dispute, dating from the early 20th century, between evolution & creationism. Now, as explicated by Politico’s Juan Perez Jr. and Andrew Atterbury in “AP Psychology ‘Effectively Banned’ In Florida Over Sexuality Lessons, College Board Says,” a unified standard amongst college curricula becomes effectively fractured nationally, while this fractured standard opens up a “market” for new textbooks to appeal to alternative standards of science. Amycus in Aquarius shakes its head. There is no dialogue with the incorrigible. Belief does not drive knowledge. The disciplined search for, the championship & refinement of, quantifiable measurements of, and prioritizing of, objective fact, is what drives knowledge. Confronting disinformation & those who champion it with objective fact, knowledge & accusations of their ignorance & deceit will lead to only one conclusion: Violence. Therefore, until there is a regulatory body whose function is to objectify what is knowledge & what is ignorance, teach what you know – and eschew unnecessary conflict & violence.  

CANCER – An American individual born in the Sixties is taught by their oftentimes haughty big brother, big sister, Baby Boomer mentors, “Never trust anybody over thirty” – even though most of those Baby Boomers were pushing fifty when we first heard it. Now, in “Look What We Made Taylor Swift Do,” the New York Times’ Opinion Editor Anna Marks is confirming what American individuals born in the Sixties are now coming to believe, “Never trust anybody born after 2000.” Amycus in Aquarius, cites this section of the New York Times’ Marks’ article, “In the world of Taylor Swift, the start of a new ‘era’ means the release of new art (an album and the paratexts — music videos, promotional ephemera, narratives — that supplement it) and a wholesale remaking of the aesthetics that will accompany its promotion, release and memorializing. In recent years, Ms. Swift has dominated pop culture to such a degree that these transformations often end up altering American culture in the process,” and cannot disregard that the New York Times’ Marks is trying to reduce the genius of Marshall McLuhan’s media analyses to pander to her generation’s lack of intellectual scope in the service of an agenda: To transform American culture so that the L.G.B.T.Q. mindset wields hegemony over the practice of heterosexual marriage. But that insult to the intelligence has little to do with the L.G.B.T.Q. community. The hyperbole of her prose & her choice of citation of Swift’s song “Daylight” would suggest that the Beatles’ “She Loves You,” is akin to T.S. Eliot’s “East Coker” from Four Quartets. (To hardcore Swifties, that is “Thomas Stearns,” not “Taylor Swift.”) Furthermore, Swift has dominated pop culture to such a degree because the economics of the music industry has been gutted by high tech. (Speaking of which, why are there no conspiracy theories about the 2008 Universal Studio fire?) But, all of this analysis aside, what deeply offended the inner posse of Swifties the most about what the New York Times’ Marks said is that it is a propagandistic smear of their immortal heroine for cheesy political purposes. Well, if what the New York Times’ Marks is trying to assert in this article is her championship of the hegemony of the L.G.B.T.Q. community over heterosexual marriage, she should say it, and leave Taylor Swift alone. And as for Cancer the Crab: Believe whatever you like – but know, and state why you can & do, believe it.  

LEO – While the intellectual superiority of some of your business partners & rivals of the next fifteen years will be accelerated & pronounced, Amycus in Aquarius denotes that, while many of them you will respect deeply as you cooperate with them, others you will despise. As far as you are concerned, intellect alone does not constitute personal character. That being said, resolve from the beginning to refuse to engage in personal power struggles with adversaries & enemies. When working with allies, fight long, loud & hard – after all, you are allies! You are fighting for the cause. But, as for adversaries & enemies: Withdraw. Protect your personal dignity, impeccable character & expansive spiritual magnanimity.  

VIRGO – Whatever your field of endeavor, Amycus in Aquarius announces that you will be working with geniuses over the next decade or so, individuals with not only superior skill in that field but who also approach what all of you do from a deeply informed, much loftier perspective. Envy is not only futile & superfluous but deeply negates the singular profundity of this opportunity. Don’t be ashamed to become the devotee of a genuinely singular intellect.  

LIBRA – Read Sagittarius. New politicians: You enjoy the contrary spirit of debate with an adversary. As you indulge this activity, you see yourself competing in a sport in order to gain a victory with lucrative yet somewhat intangible spoils. Moreover, because of the personal animus you feel toward your adversary or enemy in such debates, one might even say that you enjoy participating in a “blood sport.” If famous British occultist Aleister Crowley is indeed correct when he asserts, “Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law – love under will,” well then, carry on, and may the superior combatant, if not necessarily the best man, win. Nevertheless, Amycus in Aquarius frowns: More noble minds & personages, pillars of the community who view themselves as your benefactor, disapprove. Newfound liberty to say what you like no matter how others feel may exact a very high cost or penalty. Consider the consequences before committing yourself to a path potentially fraught with political & moral treachery.  

SCORPIO – A dispute arises. This dispute involves significant resources – significant resources which you not only accumulated with your own efforts over a period of time, but also resources under your exclusive control. A power broker who covets those resources views themselves as your authority figure. Because you will not relinquish, or, more euphemistically, donate, such resources, this power broker questions your loyalty. Conversely, you question this power broker’s status as an authority figure. After all, you only earned such resources with significant effort & should earn something for them in return. And, yes, Amycus in Aquarius agrees, a much clearer, more barbaric subtext underwrites this dispute: Your adversary fears your power; you doubt your adversary’s word. So as to avoid a win-lose situation in a zero-sum game, do not negotiate directly with such an adversary first. Find a diplomatic intermediary to negotiate this & other disputes. In the very end, much further down the line after numerous such disputes, it won’t work out as a win-win situation at all – but you would be wise to accumulate more resources over time to forestall the inevitable.  

SAGITTARIUS – Read Libra. Standup comedians, writers, politicians: Your wicked sense of humor can make your audience howl with hilarity & outrage. Unfortunately, your devil-may-care recklessness may induce you to go too far & to transgress social boundaries that more conservative power brokers will not only fail to support but who will absolutely & aggressively punish. Amycus in Aquarius urges Sag the Archer to recall how the City of Miami mercilessly punished the Doors’ lead singer Jim Morrison for his performance at Dinner Key in Coconut Grove in March 1969. The overall situation was not in the Doors’ control when Morrison did or did not expose his genitals – but Morrison was not given the benefit of the doubt. Power brokers, especially local civic power brokers, demand that those seeking the public spotlight behave in a way far beyond moral or legal reproach. Such local civic power brokers insist that such individuals seeking the public spotlight conduct themselves with nobility. Take heed.  

CAPRICORN – Former President Donald J. Trump can say whatever he wants & can flout both the law & the direct instructions & orders of justices of the court because he has an untold amount of money. This is why Amycus in Aquarius is emphasizing why these civil lawsuits against the former President are and can become much more damaging than criminal trials to which former President Trump may soon be subject – because those civil trials can take away all the money that allows former President Trump to say whatever he wants, to flout both the law & the direct instructions & orders of justices of the court. At that point, of course, those criminal trials can do an enormous amount of damage to former President Trump. One who can no longer pay the piper will therefore refrain from calling the tune – the piper will make sure of that. The piper gets paid.  

AQUARIUS – In no way is the Waterbearer afraid to speak truth to power when power acts & speaks unjustly. In no way is the Waterbearer afraid to confront those who damage the Waterbearer’s interests, reputation & name by slandering the Waterbearer’s message of truth & honor. Amycus in Aquarius notes that what the Waterbearer does not want at all is a reputation of one with a chip on their shoulder. One fights when one needs to fight; one should not always need to fight. The Waterbearer promises all of his or her adversaries, “If you are willing to live in peace, then I am more than happy to follow your noble example.”  

PISCES – The Big Fish stands up from his position on the flat bench at the local gym, finds the remote control to all the TV sets, which play only political pundits on MSNBC, CNN & Fox News, and turns all of the volume down. Amycus in Aquarius then quotes the Big Fish to all those who want to know about the Big Fish’s new policy at the gym, “I don’t like to hear the noise of a lot of people arguing when I am lifting weights, because, if I lose my concentration, then I am going to hurt myself.” After a brief pause, and a set of ten warm-up reps of four 45-pound flats plus 45-pound bar at 225, the Big Fish continues, “All these nobodies are creating a lot of noise arguing about Jack Nothing, while the good people at the gym are trying to improve their lives.” Thus does the Big Fish lay back down on the flat bench to commence the acceleration of his set.

! Amycus, a centaur planet which crosses across the orbits of Uranus & Neptune between the orbit of Saturn & the more remote portion of the orbit of Pluto, was discovered in April 2002 and named in December 2005. Amycus was the first centaur to engage in battle with the Lapiths by smashing the face of the Lapith Celadon with a candelabrum stripped from the inmost wedding shrine. For information on how to interpret Amycus, formerly 2002-GB10, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below.

A great source online for how to interpret Amycus many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at  

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Amycus and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s
webpage “A Summary of The Centaurs”
on Jonathan Dunn’s website "Ephemeral Info” at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Amycus and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website “Ephemeral Info” at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes
generously provided to the general public
 The IAU: Minor Planet Center


Chariklo* transits Aquarius
from November 9, 2021 to February 10, 2028.

One might expect the crossover of mainstream viewers of Julie Andrews as Maria Kutschera in her first, three-minute rendition of “My Favorite Things” in the film The Sound of Music, to listeners of the John Coltrane quartet in their first fifteen-minute studio rendition of “My Favorite Things” on Coltrane’s classic album My Favorite Things, to be rather small. After all, Julie, leading the Van Trapp children in her first, three-minute rendition, where all seven children & Maria confront Christopher Plummer as their father Captain Georg Van Trapp in their pajamas, self-evidently appeals to a different crowd with a different mood than listeners of Coltrane on soprano saxophone, leading the precursor of the classic Coltrane quartet in the rather conservative fifteen-minute recorded studio rendition. Yet it surprises one at how miniscule the crossover is from listeners of the traditional Coltrane quartet’s conservative fifteen-minute recorded studio rendition, plus his numerous famous sixteen-minute, seventeen-minute and twenty-one minute live renditions, of “My Favorite Things,” to his final band’s fifty-seven minute live 1966 rendition of “My Favorite Things” in Tokyo, Japan.

Why did this happen? The song’s original form completely dissolved. The audience could not pick up the thread of what the band was about to do.

Looking back & listening to many of the early live renditions of “My Favorite Things,” including the 1963 Newport Jazz Festival rendition (where Roy Haynes, who asserted, “Playing with John Coltrane was like a beautiful nightmare,” played drums), the 1965 Newport Jazz Festival rendition & the 1965 appearance in Comblain-La-Tour, Belgium, the classic Coltrane quartet – John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones – followed a clear protocol. Coltrane opens the song with the quartet and plays the line from the first quatrain – which, musically, is the same line as it is in the second & third quatrains. What differs between the first, second & third quatrain in the original Rogers & Hammerstein song are the lyrics – but, in John Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things,” there are no lyrics. Coltrane walks off stage. The quartet continues. Tyner sustains melody with right hand & percussion with left, marching incessantly into the void. Coltrane returns around the thirteenth minute, piquing the quartet to entropic ecstasy.

By contrast, in Coltrane’s final band’s 1966 Japanese rendition, Coltrane first appears at the fifteenth minute. Garrison, who alone amongst the classic quartet stayed with Coltrane, opens with an unaccompanied fifteen-minute stand-up bass solo. Only four minutes later, after the entire band began to play at the fifteenth minute, did Coltrane commence the opening quatrain of “My Favorite Things.” The final band sustains the intensity & energy of “My Favorite Things” for exhausting if exhilarating thirty-eight minutes.

Neither McCoy Tyner nor Elvin Jones participated in the final band. Tyner claims that he couldn’t hear himself play the piano over the rest of the band. Yet, given the otherworldly transcendent obsession with which both Tyner & Jones, as well as Garrison, played “My Favorite Things,” in Belgium in 1965, Tyner did not need to hear himself play – his soul had left his corporeal body in magnificent, sublime, supernatural ecstasy. Tyner more likely objected to the obfuscation, to the submersion, to the outright loss of the song’s place of origin – in this case, the origin of “My Favorite Things.”

Even in Ascension, Coltrane’s watershed foray into free jazz with an eleven-man, two bass guitarist ensemble, alto saxophonist Marion Brown recalls Coltrane’s instructions, “He played this line and he said that everybody would play that line in the ensembles. Then he said he wanted crescendi and decrescendi after every solo.” Because the musicians knew the structure the musicians would play, and communicate, the structure to those listening. One could follow as the music progressed & digressed then return when the music returned to the ensemble.

In analogous fashion, the same concept empowered Steve Kerr’s Golden State Warriors to win three NBA championships. Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant & Klay Thompson can manufacture three-point shots, much to the delight of the contemporary NBA audience, but the strategic magic of Golden State’s mastery of the three-point shot lay in forcing opposing defenses out to the perimeter. Everybody expects Steph to continue to shoot & to hit threes from the top of the perimeter, but there is no guarantee for those defending or double-teaming Durant or Thompson that they just won’t blow right by you to drive for an easy deuce to the basket. Even so, should Steph, Durant or Thompson miss, no defense will be piling up the paint, allowing Draymond Green (usually during the regular season but always during the playoffs), Durant or Thompson to grab the rebound, then hit the easy two – or dump it back to Steph just waiting at the perimeter or his three-point, Larry Bird layup.

Truly, as any astrologer will tell you, the real significance of any scattered-disc object lies in how deeply it penetrates the Solar System in which we all live.

The simple concept not only simplifies but directs the complexity – and leads the audience into the magic. In The Sound of Music, “My Favorite Things” is a song which forms part of the story. The song ends so that The Sound of Music may return to the story. The song “My Favorite Things” itself, a tool of beatific astral transcendence for the musician who would be a saint, John Coltrane, is a song which begins with one melody & ends with another. That song starts at the beginning – so that song must return to the beginning. Only when the musician returns the song to the beginning can that song go to the bridge.  

ARIES – Broad-based democracy, like Rep by Pop in early Canadian Confederation or “the greatest good for the greatest number” by John Stuart Mill, relies upon an abstract statistical matrix rather than live testimonials from individuals. As a result, the broader-based that democracy becomes, the less an individual’s self-interest matters. Chariklo in Aquarius accordingly states that, as self-interest dissolves, somebody will have to reinvent it – ideally, an Aries like you. One-size-fits-all national government still costs each individual a fixed amount – and that individual has no menu from which to order. That means that you have no say in what is assigned to you – which is not really democracy, not even representational democracy. Invert the model – produce, rather than endure, the effect.  

TAURUS – Why do you own a cell phone? Most likely, so that somebody else, who does not know where they are, can locate you, who knows where you are. Forty years ago, two people could agree to meet on the southwest corner of two streets at two in the afternoon, where one would arrive five minutes early & the other five minutes late. The net effect of the cell phone is that it encourages & rewards those who don’t know where they are – whereupon such individuals buy a GPS. Of course, Chariklo in Aquarius realizes that you will reward no such people whatsoever. You will not make plans to contact with other people to make plans while in transit. You will reward individuals who consider the inflexibility of the clock & the map before either of you chooses to move.  

GEMINI – Many in the public think that astrology is just another version of the card game, “Tegwar,” as played by the New York City Mammoths professional baseball team in hotel lobbies on road trips in the film Bang the Drum Slowly – an acronym which means, “that exciting game without any rules.” While astrology does have rules, Chariklo in Aquarius states that, frequently, astrologers will not state them, and, at other times, the rules by which the astrologer operates are not transparent. Whether you are an astrologer or not, you do not seek to promulgate the Forer Effect. This means that or this does not mean that. It is or it isn’t.  

CANCER – How do you define “sexual deviancy?” Ultimately, your definition depends strictly upon what you consider normal. Strict social conservatives remain celibate until marriage then remain monogamous; some people do not limit the number or gender of their partners but are nevertheless serial monogamists; espionage agent Glenn Selvy, protagonist of Don DeLillo’s Running Dog, only slept with married women until he, tragically, broke his own “moral code.” Whatever other people think of what you consider normal or deviant is irrelevant. Chariklo in Aquarius states that all that matters is that you come to terms with defining what is normal to you – and how & how long it takes you to return to normal after you have transgressed . . . yourself.  

LEO – Cooperate with Capricorn. Not only Saturn now, and Pluto soon, but several other centaur planets, including 2003-CO1, 2001-KF77, 2001-BL41, Amycus and, eventually, Hylonome, transiting through Aquarius, in addition to the current influence of Chariklo in Aquarius, will present you with partners that represent a range of political opinions & strategic choices. Take note now of who is the most conservative & who is the most radical. Note which ones cheat. Note which ones follow the herd. Canvas the opinion of each one as change begins to foment so that you may determine not only the spectrum of possibility, but also when, for whatever reason, all of them fall on the same page. As for yourself: Keep your own counsel.  

VIRGO – Bosses with overwhelming demands on inappropriately short deadlines do not merit perfection – an individual who demands perfection from others would not burden qualified professionals with absurdly short deadlines. Even so, Chariklo in Aquarius declares that one thing you must absolutely provide to such bosses is respect – not because they merit that, either, because they don’t. However, the truth is, unless you show such bosses respect, they are likely to give you a very hard time. Don’t give them the impression that your crude, quick & dirty response is any less brilliant than the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  

LIBRA – Politicians discuss ideas & agendas. Scientists postulate breakthroughs. Artists, writers, film producers thrash through concepts. All these types of people, Chariklo in Aquarius assigns to those type of rats in the Olds-Milner experiments which tap the first of two bars, which sends electric shocks to the pleasure center of their brains. And, indeed, some of these rats who thought that they could live on pleasure starved to death. The rats in the second group would tap the second bar, which would . . . provide food.  

SCORPIO – The real estate developers change the design of the city – sometimes, but not always, irrevocably – then the first wave of buyers & renters shows up with the attitude that they are going to make changes & make their mark! Will such individuals make changes & make their mark as planned? Such individuals do not appear to be architects, so then what exactly do these transplants plan to do? Hard to say – but Chariklo in Aquarius orders, “Don’t get in their way!” These transplants are moving & shaking!

SAGITTARIUS – Comedians: During the completed transit of Jupiter in Aquarius in early 2021, as Saturn struggled through the first third of the Waterbearer’s thirty degrees, you & the general public learned, in this new era commencing late 2020, the borderline, the boundaries, of the acceptable joke & the unacceptable joke. Chariklo in Aquarius compels you to expand these boundaries. You want to go further than is allowed to make what is disallowed socially acceptable. You remain fixed in your opposition to all & everything that the censor represents. Do you have a good lawyer? Do you have a patron willing to (support) (tolerate) your (art) (antics) who will pay for both you & your lawyer? More importantly – what is your endgame? What do you ultimately want to achieve?  

CAPRICORN – Read Leo. You know, with the insight of an agent booking public speakers, that an entire range of individuals representing a range of politics exists who can speak well & make a positive, or a provocative, response, from specific types of audiences. And, indeed, like that agent, Chariklo in Aquarius states that the fact that you know who will say what to whom in order that whoever will (object) (organize) (run for office) (protest) is your bread & butter. Put yourself in a position so that you can send him or her here or there & make it all work for you – and put money in your pocket. 

AQUARIUS – Before Arizona Republican Senator John McCain chose Alaska Republican Governor Sarah Palin, who has Chariklo conjunct the Sun in Aquarius, as his Vice-Presidential running mate, he had an idea in mind – but Alaska Republican Governor Palin did not have enough of an agenda to push that idea through. And, indeed, Chariklo in Aquarius states that certain flamboyant unofficial political roles, like the Republican maverick which Arizona Republican Senator McCain represented as he often championed liberal Democrats or West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, the Democratic maverick who often champions conservative Republicans, are even more rigid & demanding than any official roles. Indeed, both Arizona Republican Senator McCain & West Virginia Democratic Senator Manchin are official “white blackbirds” – they cannot change without causing a stir. Therefore, if somebody offers you this role, don’t succumb to kneejerk opportunism – determine if it is really for you.  

PISCES – Marathons? No – the Big Fish is not interested. A sudden burst of speed? Chariklo in Aquarius intuits that this appeals to you. You won’t have to do it every day – but if you can do it every day, don’t let anybody know about it. (Ditto for marathons.) Recall the sociological tract on pool hustling, Ned Polsky’s Hustlers, Beats and Others, a central tenet of which: Never show your true speed.

* Chariklo, named after the wife of the centaur Chiron who enjoyed a close friendship with Pallas Athena, was discovered in February 1997 & named in September 1999. Chariklo helps Chiron to bridge the gap in consciousness between Saturn & Uranus, reminding us that we have to employ vision, perception & imagination when we find no leeway & no loopholes in the entrenched status quo. 

A great source online for how to interpret Chariklo and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends" at

Read seminal astrological analysis on Chariklo and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Chariklo and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage webpage “Riders in the Sky – The Centaurs”
on Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Chariklo and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website "Ephemeral Info" at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center


Crantor* transits Pisces
from January 23, 2024 to January 26, 2034.

“Heard about Houston? Heard about Detroit? Heard about Pittsburgh, PA?” David Byrne sings Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime” off Fear of Music. But Talking Heads did not write this song during wartime! The Vietnam War had ended. Late teenagers started attending college in unprecedented numbers.

Going to Ivies? Going to State U? Going blue-blood Division Three? No more soldiers to foreign wars – it’s all about the football team, the Greek system, the least turbulent path to an MBA or law school. And indie rock! Talking Heads in Providence, Television & Patti Smith at CBGB’s, the B-52s in Athens, GA.

Nothing stays the same. According to “Colorado Gold Rush” in The Colorado Encyclopedia, “Denver lost two-thirds of its people,” by early May 1859, six months after its founding. “The region had gone through an entire cycle of boom and bust in half a year.” Denver adjusted. Denver came back.

But what about Detroit? What about Buffalo? What about St. Louis, MO? These cities never adjusted. These cities never came back. (Do not believe, “The Detroit Renaissance.” Do not believe it.)

Hey! Done Coachella? Did Lollapalooza? What about South by Southwest? (Hold it! South by Southwest? Do they still play music at Austin’s South by Southwest? Isn’t that an – AHEM! – hip technology conference? Like Burning Man in the Nevada desert – with Google, Facebook, Theranos & Tesla? Well! As Trey Anastasio sings “Cities” off Phish’s Slip Stitch and Pass, “I will, find a city, find myself a city to live in.” (“I thought ‘Cities’ came from Talking Heads’ Fear of Music,” one objects. “I thought Phish was a ‘jam band.’”)  

ARIES – There is an anecdote that, while he was Canadian Prime Minister, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended a hockey game between the Calgary Flames, where he had been elected MLA in Parliament, and the Toronto Maple Leafs, where he was born & raised. As the anecdote continues, the Maple Leafs scored against the Flames, and Canadian Prime Minister Harper stood up & cheered – before Canadian Prime Minister Harper realized the consequences of what he was doing. Of course, Canadian Prime Minister Harper, as a politician, was not a man who elicited sympathy from either allies or enemies – but, in this case, Crantor in Pisces says, “How can you blame him?” Especially as, growing up in Etobicoke, the Toronto Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup in 1967, when young Stephen was eight years old. Sure, after that, still as a teenager, working for Imperial Oil in the mailroom after dropping out of the University of Toronto, he must have heard “Dogs” off Pink Floyd’s Animals, “You have to be trusted by the people that you lied to, because, when they turn their backs on you, you get the chance to put the knife in!” So mean, so cold – the world can be a heartless place. But then, when the Maple Leafs scored against the Flames, Canadian Prime Minister Harper . . . was just a little boy.  

TAURUS – Taurus the Bull disagrees only with true friends. Taurus the Bull & true friends respect independence, an individual worldview, a relish for discussing & debating differences. Crantor in Pisces now reminds Taurus the Bull that a major Achilles’ Heel lies in believing that certain new acquaintances or strangers are friends because they agree with your opinion. Truth be told, the acceptance of such strangers may be entirely conditional – they may treat you differently if they discover that you do not agree with them about other issues, particularly concerning politics. Therefore, strategically, expressing opinions proactively is profoundly treacherous in places where there are only strangers – and given that you will be in many different places in many different cities over the next ten years, you really can’t be sure who believes what, who is loyal to whom, and how the state of play in the arena. . . . changes.  

GEMINI – What do you mean, you are not a journalist? The Twin is a natural journalist. Just because The New York Times does not pay you does not disqualify you from being a journalist. That being said, whether The New York Times pays you or not, Crantor in Pisces signifies that it is your role, now, but especially over the next ten years, to ask the question so as to solicit the opinions of those stubborn locals, where you are not necessarily a local . . . the score of the game.  

CANCER – The 911 Memorial in Lower Manhattan in New York City. The Great Slave Auction (“The Weeping Time”) at Ten Broeck Race Course, near Savannah, Georgia. The Tlatelolco Massacre at the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, Tlatelolco, la Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City. Fort George atop Citadel Hill, overlooking Halifax Harbor & the scene of the Halifax Explosion. The Alamo of San Antonio, Texas. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Many, many people in the world learn nothing about humanity or life on Earth by learning about, or visiting such, places – Crantor in Pisces emphasizes, “Not Cancer the Crab.” (What is the shortest sentence in the Bible? “Jesus wept.”)  

LEO – While it is a historical fact that Venustiano Carranza transported the treasure of the nation of Mexico from Mexico City to the port of Heroic Veracruz, an American inquiring of a Mexican may want to know, “Why did he do that?” Crantor in Pisces will then notice how impressed the American is when the Mexican who responds is so circumspect, “I’m not sure. But, because Carranza died before the Revolution’s end, they asked Adolfo Ruiz Cortines of Heroic Veracruz to return the treasury to the Capitol. As a result, because all Mexicans had trusted Ruiz Cortines, and because Ruiz Cortines then fulfilled that trust by returning that treasure to la Ciudad, Ruiz Cortines became President of Mexico, following his Veracruzan counterpart, Miguel Aleman Valdez.”  

VIRGO – Virgoans do not trust & do not like complexity that refuses to untangle & to simplify itself. Under the current influence of Crantor in Pisces, this proclivity is a mistake – especially in regard to regional more than local politics. Boston New York Philadelphia. Cleveland Buffalo Pittsburgh. Detroit Windsor. Montreal Ottawa Toronto. Portland Seattle Vancouver. San Diego Tijuana. Everybody is just waiting for you to step on their toes – then watch out! Learn sooner rather than later.  

LIBRA – Certain “snapshots” of urban life form not only your cache of anecdotes but also your worldview. You may complain about the outsourcing of American companies to India or the Philippines. You may complain of unemployed minorities smoking weed before noon on a weekday or running a convoy of fifty to seventy to ninety motorcycles along the city’s main thoroughfare. But Crantor in Pisces want to ask fair-minded Librans, “Have you ever stopped to consider that the outsourcing, the weed & the convoys all represent the same interrelated problem?” Don’t jump to conclusions – the flow chart may not migrate the way that you presume.  

SCORPIO – Former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis, unmarried, has six children with four different women – and, even though, as per one of the women, Tatania McCall, “He still doesn't always get it right,” by all accounts, Lewis, a devout Christian convert, is a loving, generous & noble father, and, uncontestably, a major role model for the City of Baltimore. Travis Henry, former running back for the Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans & Denver Broncos has, by current count, eleven children with ten different women, and, historically, not only had problems paying ongoing child support, but also is a convicted felon for his role in financing a cocaine trafficking enterprise. For that matter, the modern artist Pablo Picasso had four children by three different women, only one son by a woman whom he married – and, by all accounts, including Surviving Picasso, a film about his relationship with Dora Maar, a loving, generous & noble father, if, as a lover, a womanizing scoundrel. An interesting circumstance upon which to comment – but Crantor in Pisces qualifies, “A difficult life with many grave responsibilities.” Get it?

SAGITTARIUS – Every city is different. In many ways, your hometown slowed you down. Other cities give you more flow – but you get in trouble in those cities more. But, no doubt, Sagittarius the Archer knows how to get around. Even so, Crantor in Pisces admonishes that you should not choose to live in, to visit or to champion a city just because it gives you what you want. A place to live should help you become the best person you can be – it should be good for you. Hoboken has more bars per capital of any city in the United States while its neighbor, Jersey City, was founded by the leader of the Temperance Society. You can have fun or get arrested in any city – but where should you raise your children, (Daddy) (Mommy)?  

CAPRICORN – Talking to that old timer again? Red Sox playing the Yankees? Should be interesting. Cardinals playing the Cubs? Ditto. Nothing seems to slow the Boston Bruins down. And the San Diego Chargers? The Los Angeles Chargers? The Las Vegas Chargers? Are they the same as the Oakland Los Angeles Las Vegas Raiders? Crantor in Pisces loves how the generations laugh. But then the old-timer turns serious, “The new Senator from Kentucky is now filibustering?” What the old-time says at first seems vague – but listen between the line, “I hate to say it, but it really seems to me that, no matter what happens . . . some things never change.”  

AQUARIUS – Crantor in Pisces asks the oftentimes too serious Waterbearer, “So! What do you do for fun?” Play in a rock band? Touring the regional night clubs. Compete in an ice hockey or rugby league? Touring regional circuits. Bar crawl? Such local migrations are well codified by merchants, marketers, participants & authority figures. Gamble in private high-stakes poker games? All those people know each other wherever you go. Visit another city’s strip clubs? Well, at some point you will realize that that is all one big circuit. Whatever you do, realize that, if you want to stay safe: What is the correct answer to the following question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” There is only one correct answer, and that correct answer is, and is only, “Yes.”  

PISCES – You may go places to get out of the house, or to get away from your wife or husband & family. But, in the end, you return to your house, and report back to your wife or husband & family. Therefore, very clearly, when you go places to get out of the house, Crantor in Pisces strongly advises that you do nothing that your wife, husband or family, let alone any city’s municipal law enforcement, would condemn . . . and punish.

* Crantor, a centaur planet which crosses across the orbit of Uranus between the orbits of Saturn & Neptune, was discovered in April 2002 and named in December 2005. Demoleon the centaur killed Crantor the Lapith with a tree trunk that Demoleon had thrown at Theseus, who ducked out of the way, as per the advice of Pallas Athena, at the very last minute. For information on how to interpret Crantor, formerly 2002-GO9, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below.

A great source online for how to interpret Crantor and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Crantor and all named centaurs, is 
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “A Summary of The Centaurs” 
on Jonathan Dunn’s website "Ephemeral Info” at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Crantor and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on   
Jonathan Dunn's website “Ephemeral Info” at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

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Nessus* transits Pisces from February 7, 2015 to January 12, 2034. Judith Hearne, North Irish native, Canadian transplant Brian Moore’s first novel about a lovelorn, middle-aged Belfast spinster, disturbs acutely. Released in 1955 between the publication of French existentialist Albert Camus’s classic novel The Stranger (to which, in many ways, it stands diametrically opposed) in 1942 and the commencement of Concilium Oecumenicum Vaticanum Secundum, or Vatican II, in 1962, Moore’s namesake protagonist is an unhappy middle-aged devout Catholic woman who, her whole life, simply tried to do the right thing. Indeed, whereas the first words of Camus’s The Stranger, spoken by narrator protagonist Mersault – “Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday; I can't be sure.”– succinctly codifies the pathological detachment of the modern “civilized” urban dweller, the first sentence of Moore’s Judith Hearne, “The first thing Miss Judith Hearne unpacked in her new lodgings was the silver-framed photograph of her aunt,” cogently introduces the reader to Ms. Hearne’s personal character & worldly circumstance, a guilt-ridden, emotionally impoverished & psychologically manipulated martyr who sacrificed untold years of her life & youth caring for a dying aunt who refused to live in a nursing home. Further, while Camus’s Mersault engages in unscrupulous and callous albeit casual sexual intrigue before committing murder, going to trial & receiving a death sentence immediately following his mother’s funeral, Moore’s Ms. Hearne risks all of her emotional security & public reputation to win over a suitor, the landlady’s middle-aged brother James Madden, a retired doorman in a Times Square hotel recently returned to Belfast after receiving a legal judgment from a car accident, romantically – and, after Ms. Hearne’s risks fail, Ms. Hearne takes refuge in horrifying, pitiable, self-destructive episodes of raucous, secluded alcoholism. What truly enervates within Judith Hearne, however, is what enervates within  The Stranger: The relationship of the protagonist towards the Catholic Church at each respective novel’s end. Camus’s depiction of convicted murderer Mersault’s hostile & violent rejection of the prison chaplain the day before his execution, cited by the rock band the Cure in “Killing an Arab” as well as by Tony Soprano, Jr. in The Sopranos, and, more significantly, rewritten, augmented & rebutted by Don DeLillo at the end of his modern classic novel White Noise, defines a modern condition, “He seemed so cocksure, you see. And yet none of his certainties were worth one strand of a woman’s hair. Living as he did, like a corpse, he couldn’t even be sure of being alive.” But, then again, Camus’s Mersault rebels because Mersault does not believe – in the end, nobody is surprised. What truly horrifies anybody with a heartbeat within Judith Hearne, however, even before Ms. Hearne, drunk out of her mind, a true believer staring into the black void of doubt which would mean her eternal damnation, enters the church during its off hours to try to rip open the small door enclosing the chamber which holds the Eucharist with her bare hands (“But the door rejected her. Blood ran from her nails. The altar cloth slid sideways along the marble of the altar table. Candlesticks crashed on the steps.”), is the malign indifference, not only of the pastor (or, more like it, Chief Operating Officer) of Saint Finbar’s Church, Father Francis Xavier Quigley, but in fact, of the burdensome, cumbersome, dehumanizing, alienating infrastructure & hierarchy of the entire Catholic religion.    

ARIES – If you do not trust any one individual amongst a group eating at a table or gathering together, then Nessus in Pisces confirms your natural instinct: Disassociate from the entire group . . . and eat alone. Repel all psychic vampirism with an unabashedly militant solitude.    

TAURUS – Maurice Duplessis, long-time Premiere of Quebec as de facto leader of Quebec’s conservative Union Nationale party predominantly during, but not throughout, La Grande Noirceur from 1936 to 1959, ruled Quebec unconditionally when he did serve as Premiere as le Chef because Quebec Premiere Duplessis deployed his integral, rock-solid alliance with the Roman Catholic Church to dominate the vote & in fact the entire consciousness of the people of rural Quebec, “Le ciel est bleu; l’enfer est rouge.” (Heaven is blue (Union Nationale); Hell is red (Liberal).) Bearing this in mind, because Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper greatly concentrated his electioneering within Quebec away from the urban centers of Montreal & Quebec City and within these same Catholic rural strongholds which Premiere and le Chef Duplessis dominated previous to the ascension of Liberal Quebec Premiere Jean Lesage & La RÚvolution Tranquille in 1960, Nessus in Pisces now reminds you that even history, should you discuss it, also frequently constitutes contemporary politics & religion – and, because you should never discuss politics & history in polite company, it is incumbent upon you to determine whether or not it is indeed “polite” for you – or for anybody else, for whatever reason – to discuss, or to refer to, history.    

GEMINI – Bosses who compete amongst themselves for power, influence & bragging rights can & often do cause massive fallout throughout not only their entire workplace but, at times, depending upon the power of those bosses, throughout entire industry sectors, across cities, states, provinces & countries. Bearing this in mind, Nessus in Pisces warns that many bosses, wielding different levels of power, will now project their polemic political & bitter professional loyalties onto their employees, including you, very directly & personally – and, in particularly hostile instances, in the presence of other bosses. Should you cut off their nose to spite your own face? Be very careful – consider the material consequences, as well as personal pride, before taking irrevocable actions.    

CANCER – Julien Sorel, anti-hero protagonist of Stendhal’s psychologically realistic mid-nineteenth century novel The Red and the Black, ponders, “When Bonaparte made a name for himself, France was in danger of being invaded; military ability was necessary and fashionable. Today there are forty-year old priests drawing stipends of a hundred thousand francs, which is three times as much as Napolean's famous lieutenant generals were paid.” As it becomes increasingly clear throughout Stendhal’s precocious novel that Sorel is craven, unscrupulous scoundrel, Nessus in Pisces concludes that it is absolutely no surprise that Sorel thereupon decided, “I must become a priest.” As you reflect upon not only your own professional & spiritual courses of action but upon the status, credential & integrity of prominent public figures & local community leaders, realize, before making final assessments, that the ambitious pursuit of market & professional opportunities does not necessarily signify or connote commitment to duty . . . or devotion to God.  

LEO – Playing both sides against the middle in negotiations, business deals & politically within your own professional workplace will force that culprit to betray loyalties on an interminably ongoing basis until the truth of that culprit’s bad faith is permanently revealed for all to smell. While the most pleasant thing for all concerned is to let this odious culprit simply go away, Nessus in Pisces surmises that this will simply not be the case. Make certain that your own actions are thoroughly honorable as you & all your colleagues cooperate with this open bag of garbage . . . as per direct orders from legitimate professional superiors.    

VIRGO – Nessus in Pisces denotes that certain rivals & business partners will not agree to any fact or terms at all because they stubbornly, hostilely & in some cases illegally refuse to get on the same page with you to commence & to finish negotiations to move forward. All that you can, and should, do, is fulfill every professional, personal & legal commitment to ask these rivals & business partners to cooperate. Allow nobody to recoil in balsamically vinegarish malice to the degree that you fail to approach them personally & directly when duty demands that you do so.    

LIBRA – The disturbing implications & polluted astral body of a work colleague or employee who committed brazen & extensive criminal acts casts a nauseous pall upon everybody with whom you work. Nessus in Pisces therefore insists that you communicate, and inculcate, the message that never has it been more important, not only to do the right thing, but to assert that you state that you are doing the right thing, as you do that right thing, because unless you state that you are committed to doing that right thing as you do it . . . you are not communicating, enlisting, enforcing & rewarding trust.    

SCORPIO – If you are married, don’t cheat on your spouse – because, then, why be married? That being said, Nessus in Pisces warns that different people sexy beyond your imagination or control will now cross your path. Go slow – go very slow: You have met your match.    

SAGITTARIUS – A dead ancestor may infect the peace of your nocturnal slumber so acutely that your hands will not stop shaking until you take a sip of your first cup of coffee the next morning. Nessus in Pisces informs you that this ancestor did not rise from their grave to scare you half to death because the afterlife bores them. Whether the message that this ancestor now delivers brings happy or unhappy news, this news it brings real changes not only to your life but to the individual lives of each member of your nuclear & extended families. Sit up & take all due notice.    

CAPRICORN – Your ability to cast aspersions during either casual conversation or in professional negotiations under the current influence of Nessus in Pisces can penetrate other peoples’ skin. Be careful how you employ this wickedly adversarial weapon.    

AQUARIUS – As you review your own status as the perpetual loner, it is only natural to consider your potential affiliation with, or inclusion within, various social groups, trade organizations, political parties, sports teams, creative ensembles & rock bands. As you do so, Nessus in Pisces will induce you to ask yourself, “Am I cold stone paranoid to believe that I may actually join a group at the very moment that they all get arrested for fraud, mass murder, trafficking of steroids, recreational drugs or child porn, or insider trading?” The answer, frankly, is “Maybe – but, on the other hand, many criminal enterprises require a patsy.” Protect yourself first & foremost.    

PISCES – If you don’t know what you want, or if you want something that is relatively easy to get, then Nessus in Pisces cautions that you will repel potential & actual friends or acquaintances with acute, impatient intensity. If, however, you pursue, worthy, well-defined & impossible goals, you will win not only friends, but, in fact, outright devotees, as you demonstrate that nothing is impossible for those who know exactly what they want.

* Nessus, named after the centaur whose bloodied & semen-stained shirt eventually killed Hercules, was discovered during the siege at Waco in April 1993 & named in 1997. Nessus bridges the gap in consciousness between Saturn & Pluto, forcing us to discard naivete about jealousy, anger, irrationality & evil in ourselves & in others so that we may cultivate the will & the stomach to evolve as a species.

A great source online for how to interpret Nessus and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends" at

Read seminal astrological analysis on Nessus and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Nessus and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “Riders in the Sky – The Centaurs”
on Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends”  at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Nessus and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website "Ephemeral Info" at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center


Okyrhoe* transits Aries
from January 15, 2024 to April 27, 2026.

At the beginning of Don DeLillo’s Endzone, Gary Harkness, running back of the Logos College Screaming Eagles of West Texas, joins a small but formal meeting of the college’s power brokers to memorialize the gravity of the upcoming football season’s agenda. Accompanied by Logos College President, “Mrs. Tom” Wade, wife of Logos’s deceased founder, Tom Wade, Harkness pow-wows with the immediate future: First, Taft Robinson, a phenomenally gifted running back with record-breaking speed, whom, second, Head Coach Emmett Creed recruited to help catapult the Screaming Eagles into the Division One national spotlight. Then, after jovially harassing teammates outside of this inner circle with transparent & stupid disinformation, Harkness reveals himself by invoking the real Division One colleges where he played football – Syracuse, Penn State, University of Miami, his father’s alma mater, Michigan State – before returning to his hometown upstate New York backwater, where he encountered the omnipresent, aggressive, uppercase graffiti, MILITARIZE.

The Logos College Screaming Eagles go undefeated before a midseason loss to key division rival West Centrex Biotechnical Institute. Subsequently, in a private meeting, newly appointed public relations director Wally Pippich, formerly of Wally Pippich Creative Promotion Associates of Reno, Nevada, reminds Harkness of the Screaming Eagles’ primary agenda: The Division One national spotlight. To cheer him up, girlfriend Myna Corbett recounts the climax of Tudev Nemkhu’s science fiction trilogy: How the environmental alienation & transformation of one member of a remote unknown planet’s single species led to the absolute elimination of consciousness throughout the universe, “MONADAMON – The thing that is everything.”

Then, memories of the graffiti MILITARIZE haunts Harkness. The graffiti MILITARIZE proliferated throughout his hometown following his season with the Michigan State Spartans, whom he abandoned after he & two teammates accidentally killed, with a collectively fierce tackle, an Indiana Hoosier safety who had intercepted a Spartan pass. “It represented some kind of apotheosis,” Harkness told Myna. “An apotheosis of some kind. The air was thick with it.”  

ARIES – You, and those within your elite group at work, are not being trained in advanced techniques & management protocol as a privilege, but as a capital investment. Truth be told, you won’t be able to utilize what you learn for at least six to nine months as you watch those who train & mentor you implement it. Okyrhoe in Aries clarifies that what upper-level management wants from you is a slow & careful evolution in the mastery of your skills as your company & industry sector anticipate the next decade of change. In the end, management is paying for you now for how you will innovate & expand the company from 2030 to 2050. None of this says that you are special; all of it anticipates that you will shoulder major responsibilities. Don’t be na´ve.  

TAURUS – Taurus the Bull, as always considering the future of their city before their own 401K, takes a look at an abandoned building in their city’s downtown core & mutters with despair, “That building is a future five-alarm fire.” A friend who overhears you replies, “Well, they will build something else.” To which you reply, “Why would anybody want to build something new there?” Okyrhoe in Aries states that the point is well taken. How many mayors are like Jersey City’s Steven Fulop, who planned what he wanted the city to become twenty-five years after he even took office? There must be a purpose throughout the city for several months, just beginning to go into high gear, for that building to manifest. Do you really think that Rocket Mortgage’s Dan Gilbert is pulling off a full-scale, all-in, everybody-is-invited, Renaissance of downtown Detroit all by himself? Have you driven or taken a bus along Detroit’s Michigan Avenue from Corktown to Dearborn in the past thirty years? Continue to inquire until you encounter & engage a like – and an informed – mind.  

GEMINI – Read Leo. New younger professional associates whom bosses assign you to train are indeed brilliant. Unfortunately, Okyrhoe in Aries states that such new younger professional associates know they are brilliant – they’ve been told that they are brilliant for their entire short lives. It is a serious problem. They are short-sighted. They are selfish. They are immature. The feel themselves to be paragons of discipline because they aced an easy test. They seek no input from you. You cannot enlist these younger professional associates in something larger than themselves because there is nothing larger than themselves – not the future of your company, the economy of the region, the fragile geopolitics amongst China, India & the United States which underwrite their jobs. Why? Because they are entitled. This is the first thing you must remove from their consciousness. Nobody owes them jack. They must commit to the greater good.  

CANCER – A new younger boss does not respect you because of your lack of privilege – or, much more likely, merely because you preceded their employment at the firm. But Okyrhoe in Aries signifies that they need you desperately. Keep it that way for as long as you can – if you do, overtime at year end will skyrocket & your bank account will fatten. Of course, supervisors & mentors of your younger bosses will know what you are doing, but, if anybody transgresses you to cater to inexperienced & entitled younger bosses unfairly, you may take your skills & experience elsewhere. To that end, cooperate with that younger boss’s supervisors & mentors in the secret mission: Helping Lord Fauntleroy to mature into an adult.  

LEO – Read Gemini. Worldwide corporate bootcamp coordinator! Management: You hear that recent rookie college graduates are feeling their oats. Okyrhoe in Aries empowers the Lion, the best candidate for the job, to announce, “Unless you have a Super Bowl ring, you’re just another slob here like everybody else!” After the laughter has died down & all the rookies have left the room, coordinate a regularly scheduled meeting with all those in charge of monitoring these elite rookies to forestall all problems.  

VIRGO – Fathers & mothers with children in high school: Unless your child is picked up by a school bus, drive around the local area to determine how safe it is for your child to walk to & from school – even & especially if you plan on dropping them off & picking them up every day. Chances are, Okyrhoe in Aries will show you neighborhoods, thugs, gangs, drug deals & urban blight that you will not want to see. You must determine as early as possible if any of this is unacceptable – because none of it will change as your child is attending school.  

LIBRA – Women of all ages observing your men: You see young men for who they are: Arrogant, entitled, privileged, insecure and, ultimately, wondering who is in charge. Somehow, Okyrhoe in Aries makes you think of this lyric from “Positively Fourth Street” by Bob Dylan, “the one who tries to hide what he don't know to begin with” – but without the meanness. Society does young men a disservice – and does itself a disservice as well. What these young men need to learn is who they are without being corrupted by what other powerful people want from them. Don’t try to help the blind see. Dispense wisdom at those odd moments when the deaf can hear.  

SCORPIO – Athletes: Don’t overtrain. Let your body rest so that bones & muscle can form & heal. Office workers: A strategic break from sustained effort clears the mind & resets the fingers, hands & feet. The lesson the Scorpio must learn under the current influence of Okyrhoe in Aries is simple to understand yet maddeningly difficult to master: Not everything can be done at once. Set yourself a schedule of goals that you can show to your professional supervisor who may want to run your body & your brain into the ground, into dust. Make your plan. Work your plan. Assert your plan.  

SAGITTARIUS – Writers, authors, musicians: Okyrhoe in Aries favors small projects. Start, work through, complete, let go. You’ve got big ideas like a ping pong ball with a number buzzing around the brain of your lottery machine. Slow down the mind over time. Execute complete yet brief works within concentrated attention spans.  

CAPRICORN – Parents of recent male college graduates or high school students, particularly fathers: Your son does not want to listen to his father or his parents. However, if he sees something in it for him, your son will listen to & obey other authority figures. Okyrhoe in Aries advises you to learn who the power brokers of the local industries, as well as the faculty & sports coaches at your son’s school, are. Steer the impressionable away from losers. Steer the eager towards role models who care.  

AQUARIUS – Future public speakers, lead singers of bands: Okyrhoe in Aries states that the force of your personality is not yet strong enough to carry & to project the power of your message. Know when to speak or to sing within the scale of smaller rooms. Know when to let the crowd or your band to support or to supplement your voice. Do not try to overwhelm anybody when your voice cannot fill a large yet empty space.  

PISCES – Okyrhoe in Aries declares that you can get the money you need if you work one forty-hour-per-week day job while also earning money at home in some type of computer consultancy where you can help people remotely, at a distance, while people come to you. Of course, as people come to you, you may be tempted to order Seamless or Uber food delivery – but no! That is a luxury. If you really need the money, why are you working seventy hours a week, then ordering expensive takeout food delivered by some wage slave risking their life in automobile traffic on a bicycle? Be thoroughly practical.

* Okyrhoe, a centaur planet that traverses between the orbits of Jupiter & Saturn, was discovered in September 1998 & named in June 2003. Okyrhoe (meaning “rapid flow”), the daughter of Chiron & Chariklo, had offended the Fates by using her gift of prophesy. Okyrhoe transformed into a mare and was given the new name Hippe. For information on how to interpret Okyrhoe, formerly 1998-SG35, note reference to Philip Sedgwick below.

A great source online for how to interpret Okyrhoe and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends” at

Read seminal astrological analysis on Okyrhoe and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Okyrhoe and all named centaurs, is 
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “A Summary of The Centaurs” 
on Jonathan Dunn’s website "Ephemeral Info” at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Okyrhoe and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on   
Jonathan Dunn's website “Ephemeral Info” at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center


Chiron* transits Aries
from February 19, 2019 to April 14, 2027.

In Part One of Acting Out, contemporary French philosopher Bernard Stiegler describes his calling to the vocation – hence, “How I Became a Philosopher.” Only briefly mentioning his later work on technics inducing his core belief, “Man is a prosthetic being,” Stiegler interprets Aristotle’s assertion that man is a political animal according to how his fellow French philosopher Gilbert Simondon describes “individuation,” a binary process by which one accepts or rejects the values of a friend, the norms of a group, the platforms of a political party, the policy mandate of a nation. The existence of the friend, group, party or nation serves as fodder for one to accept or to reject, to affirm or to deny. Stiegler emphasizes that, in 99% of the cases, this process never ends – most people continue Simonden’s process of individuation until death.

Stiegler offers two significant exceptions:  

1) When Socrates drank the hemlock as a sentence for the two criminal acts of impiety & corruption of the youth, who, in so doing, transformed Simonden’s act of individuation into the invention of the practice of philosophy; and

2) When Stiegler himself, both in the Freudian context of rejecting psychotherapy, and reflecting the eponymous title of this book, “acts out,” transcending the diachronic identification process of individuation & embracing the Marxist mandate to transform being into becoming, by moving from the question of philosophy in potential to passer Ó l’acte, “the passage to the act” of philosophy . . . by committing armed robbery & spending five years in prison.  

ARIES – The mathematical discipline of calculus teaches that if you consistently approach the door in a wall by walking halfway to it, you will never cross the door’s threshold – meaning, of course, that you must, at some point, walk more than halfway. Well, Chiron in Aries quotes Aleister Crowley, “Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law.” Furthermore, as you ponder what Crowley says – and, for that matter, Crowley – you should also ponder the ending of “The Hollow Men,” by T.S. Eliot, “Between the desire and the spasm, Between the potency and the existence, Between the essence and the descent . . . falls the shadow.”  

TAURUS – Don’t know if you trust somebody? Stare into somebody’s eyes, as hard as you can, for as long as you can, until you feel, and you know, that you are “going back through the ages.” Chiron in Aries nods its head, “Now you know.”  

GEMINI – Many serial killers, such as Anders Breivik & “the Unabomber,” Theodore John Kaczynski, wrote extensively about the philosophical reasons why they eventually committed murder. Such works rationalize the act of murder as underwritten by intelligence – a rationalization which Chiron in Aries encourages you to reject. The heart teaches the brain to love or to hate. If your heart is teaching your brain to hate, heal your heart – do not let your heart manipulate your brain into debasing you into a weapon.

CANCER – You may be a boss, you may be a leader, but you are always & forever a flesh & blood person who would never impersonalize yourself within your position of leadership – an attribute which makes employees & citizens absolutely love you. Paradoxically, Chiron in Aries declares that this puts you at a simultaneous advantage over, and a disadvantage to, rivals who never reveal their personalities as they execute their policies & decisions before followers & citizens who decidedly do not love them. Even so, you should be able to work with that. Know when your weakness is your strength. Do not allow adversaries to use your strength against you.  

LEO – Regarding legal issues, applications to live and to do business in other countries and forays into higher education. Chiron in Aries insists that you cannot succeed alone. If you don’t have people working in your behalf, it means that you are outnumbered & must retreat – it’s that simple. If you don’t have any allies, get some!  

VIRGO – Those who declare war must prepare themselves to fight unto death – because war involves killing. Whether you live in a suburb or city undergoing a building boom which routinely declares eminent domain, or in a ghetto divided into gangs, war, nevertheless, exists. Chiron in Aries warns you of two things: 1) Make no threats that you will not back up with explicit violence – which means make no threats at all. 2) Expect that all threats of violence, explicit or implicit, against you are & must be real – then be guided accordingly. Also: Take note of which of your neighbors are most likely packing a weapon – and why.  

LIBRA – Unlike the recent transit of Uranus in Aries, as you dealt with egoistic sociopathic genius partners, you now must alternatively baby-sit & coach an extremely soulful bi-polar genius partner. Chiron in Aries quotes from the Chairman of the Board himself, Frank Sinatra, “Being an 18-karat manic-depressive, and having lived a life of violent emotional contradictions, I have an overacute capacity for sadness as well as elation. Whatever else has been said about me personally is unimportant – when I sing, I believe, I'm honest.” Therefore, when your partner all of a sudden goes into a Miles Davis Kind of Blue mood, snap them out of it, “That’s life! Do it your way.”  

SCORPIO – New employees, unlike recently departed self-appointed geniuses, will not be recalcitrant at all. Indeed, Chiron in Aries denotes that these new employees will be taking their cues very directly from you. If you send mixed messages, you will get terrible work product & service. Communicate clearly what you want & need – new employees will provide exactly what you will demand. Binary but polite!  

SAGITTARIUS – As treacherous as a whirling dervish, you are now a devastating centrifugal fulcrum of pure creativity! Whether you are a writer, actor, filmmaker, artist or musician, Chiron in Aries demands that you create as many brand-new forms of your craft so that the free flow of energy can transmit unimpeded to a dazzled electrified audience. Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention play “Nine Types of Industrial Pollution” on Uncle Meat

CAPRICORN – Harsh criticism of your spouse, family, fellow citizens, employees or self under the current influence of Chiron in Aries will ultimately manifest as a toxically replete reservoir of pure self-loathing. Don’t bang your head against the wall until you bleed. Forgive others. Forgive yourself.  

AQUARIUS – You don’t condone confrontation & aggression – instead, Chiron in Aries posits that you heartily champion those who bravely blaze trails to reverse the negativity of adversaries & opponents without inciting conflict with them. These adversaries & opponents want conflict with you because, should you engage in conflict, it would negate your message. Do not fall into this trap – all you need is love.  

PISCES – You cannot afford anybody else’s dreams, whether political ally or professional associate – you cannot even afford your own dreams! Of course, you should cultivate your dreams – but Chiron in Aries emphasizes that, as a practical matter, you must simply save your money. Don’t spend your money on things that you cannot afford – and if you have to risk money on a longshot to see if it will successfully fulfill your dreams, realize that you cannot afford to gamble on unfulfilled dreams. Let go fund them! Know exactly what your dream costs – then you count the dollars in your hand. Dream with – not without – cash.

* Chiron, named after the wounded centaur who sacrificed his immortality in return for the liberation of Prometheus (he who stole fire from the gods!) was the first centaur planet discovered back in 1977. Chiron, described as "the wounded healer" by Zane Stein & Barbara Hand Clow, bridges the gap between Saturn & Uranus, exhorting us to teach that which we most need to learn.

The best source in print for how to interpret Chiron and many other minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Asteroid Goddess, written by Demetra George and published by
ACS Publications of San Diego, California. 

A great source online for how to interpret Chiron and many other centaurs, asteroids & minor planets, in an individual's chart & in transit, is
Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends" at

Read seminal astrological analysis on Chiron and other named & unnamed minor planets, asteroids, centaurs, transneptunians, plutinos and damacloids on
Juan Antonio Revilla’s website “Astrology of the New Centaurs” at

The only source online for how to interpret many unnamed centaurs and transneptunians, as well as an excellent source for how to interpret Chiron and all named centaurs, is
Philip Sedgwick’s webpage “Riders in the Sky – The Centaurs”
on Zane Stein's website "Chiron and Friends”  at

A great resource for ephemeris data on Chiron and over 3000 minor planets, asteroids & centaurs, is on
Jonathan Dunn's website "Ephemeral Info" at

An indispensable resource for mythologies from all five continents, including but not limited to African, Native American, Inuit, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Voodoo, Asian, Norse, Celtic, Oceanic, Greek & Roman mythologies is
Encyclopedia Mythica

Research on the above footnotes generously provided to the general public by
The IAU: Minor Planet Center