Terri Kravetz & John Delaney

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Terri Kravetz & John Delaney

"It is just too profound for words, John."

"What's too profound, Terri?"

"Neptune's emergence into Aquarius from now until 2012."

"Wow! That really is going to change the dreams of society – bigtime! Especially after Neptune in Capricorn from 1984 throughout most of 1998 forced us to work hard for our reality-based dreams through limitation & sobriety."

"And now that that's all going to change, let's break it down so that we can see how each sign will be affected."

"Good idea, Terri. A lot of people won't know how to handle the change. Just look at Aries. These past years they have been so busy evaluating their career goals & learning how to deal with authority figures & bosses that they've forgotten how to deal with their friends, and with staying focused upon their deepest dreams."

"Still, John, it is going to be interesting to watch the Aries energy change from being so assertive to being so nebulous."

"I've never seen a nebulous Aries, Terri, but actually, with all these profound changes, even some of Aries' old friends will fail to recognize them!"

"That won't matter much, because they will be meeting lots of new people. Can you imagine with whom Aries will be associating?" 'Artists, mystics, new age practitioners..."

"But they must be careful, John, that those new friends are who they appear to be and not some deceptive illusion."

"You can't fool Aries for long, Terri – not like a Taurus."

"Well, Taurus is no fool when it comes to career, John. Now is the time for them to do the work that truly touches their soul."

"Do you mean using their creative energy to make money, Terri?"

"John, you should know that whatever Taurus does, it is to make money –"

"I don't do everything just to make money, Terri –"

"–but this time it's not just for the money, John, it will deeply satisfy Taurus on a creative & spiritual level. Maybe their career will even fall under the lines of a truly spiritual endeavor."

"Like writing this column?" "Absolutely, John! Doing the work you love and truly inspiring other people – especially Geminis."

"Geminis will absolutely love Neptune in Aquarius since it will give them opportunities to learn, to travel & to explore new areas in life."

"With their communication skills, John, they can now promote their dreams – dreams more far-reaching than previously imaginable. I just hope they don't deceive themselves with their own imaginations – or by worshipping false gurus."

"Terri, I think that Gemini's bright Mercury intellect will penetrate through the fog and keep them on a clear path."

"And so that's why I'm worried about Cancers who find security in what they own. Neptune is going to teach them to find security through their own psychological transformation."

"Cancer's money will probably safe, Terri, but their partner's money might cause them a lot of concern."

"Cancers must be clear about their investments and not just follow pipe dreams in hope of security."

"On a different note, Terri, Neptune transiting Cancer's eighth house of sex will certainly will open them up to new fantasies & experiences."

"As a Scorpio, John, I wish I was a Cancer. Eighth house sexual fantasies!" "Enough, enough, Terri! Let's give Leo some attention!"

"Leo's always need attention, John!"

"But especially now, with Neptune transiting their marriage & partnership area, Terri. Leos could either meet their ideal partner who is creative & spiritual, or they may be deceived by someone who seems like their ideal partner."

"Especially since Leo's are so taken in by flattery. They love to be seen with beautiful, sexy people – as well as rich & influential business partners."

"I hope one of Leo's loyal friends will be able to tell them the truth about their most intimate relationships."

"And likewise with Virgos, John. Hopefully, Virgo's work allies will be able to keep them focused upon their profound innovations & inventions."

"Well, Virgos will not have the time or energy to be consumed by every little detail. Virgos need to spend more time doing yoga & t'ai chi and balancing their bodies with spiritual practice & proper nutrition, and less time indulging at the steak house drinking martinis and smoking cigars."

"John, they should also be careful not to overextend their services to losers. Virgos need to establish boundaries, and to maintain them over time."

"Virgo are already such humble and giving people as it is. With Neptune's transit through their house of service, they must now learn how to draw the line."

"And, John, do you know who is going to be having the most fun during these thirteen years?"

"I already know what you are going to say Libra, Terri! Libra's romantic fantasies will become Libra's romantic realities! And nothing makes a Libra happier than love and partnership."

"I hope Libras enjoy disagreeing with their lover, but because with Neptune in Aquarius in the fifth house of romance, they should definitely expect some 'differences of opinion.'"

"But at least they get to kiss and make up, Terri!"

"Well, if Libras are going to get any other ideas, John, let's hope they use birth control, because the fifth house rules children, too. With other people involved, you don't want to delude yourself."

"Yet let's not forget, Terri, this is Libra's time for romance, playfulness, and creative self-expression."

"It sounds like Libra's going to be having all the fun, and what about me, John? What about Scorpio?"

"Just because Neptune is transiting your house of home & family doesn't mean you aren't going to have fun, Terri."

"We are talking about Scorpio's family, John."

"Forget about Scorpio's family, Terri – now is the time for you and all other Scorpios to build your home! Bringing color, beauty, serenity and peace where it matters most. Creating a place of safety for your soul to rest."

"I decided to redecorate my home, John. I feel much more in tune to my unique personal energy. I recommend this transition for every Scorpio. It's even helping me heal some old family wounds while giving me a new vision to explore."

"Well, Terri, maybe you can use your unique new vision to help Sagittarius share their ideals & dreams with like-minded siblings & neighbors."

"Sagittarius should communicate less candidly and more compassionately."

"Still, I worry, Terri, that Sagittarius will put their foot in their mouth every once in a while by telling jokes that not everybody will enjoy."

"Yes, John, Sagittarius really needs to think before they speak since Neptune can be so elusive and vague."

"Oh, Terri, please don't let me be misunderstood!"

"You know, John, Sagittarius should focus their thoughts by taking a class in something that expands their mind & spirit."

"Sagittarians would love to do that, Terri. They always take the untrodden road. Capricorns, however, will definitely travel a new path, since Neptune will affect their personal values. You know, Terri, how Capricorn loves to hold onto that money – and Neptune will tell Capricorn, 'Go with the flow!'"

"Come now, John. Do you know any Capricorns that go with the flow? Capricorns only feel secure when they are in control of their environment."

"With Neptune transiting Aquarius for twelve more years, Capricorns will have to let go. Goats must surrender to the experience. Values will shift tectonically from personal power to peace of mind. They will learn to enjoy the simpler things."

"It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Capricorns to balance their material & spiritual sides, John."

"While we're on the subject of balance, Terri, how should we suggest to Aquarians that they need balance in their lives? This is a 'me' oriented time for them."

"That could be a very healthy thing for Aquarius, John! Aquarius is humanitarian; it always thinks of others. Aquarius will use that personal style & flair to effect humanity in a deep & positive way."

"If anyone can change in the world, Terri, Aquarians are the ones to do it."

"And, this change is for a spiritual, loving environment for all of mankind."

"Well, Terri, Pisces will actually be quite comfortable with Neptune in Aquarius. Pisces will be traveling far away, deep in their dreams and fantasies."

"I don't know, John. Let's hope Pisces doesn't get so lost in their dreams that they forget about concrete reality."

"After all those years with Neptune in Capricorn, Terri, Pisces could probably use to dream a little bit more for all of us."

"Pisces are so sweet & sensitive – they might lose themselves!"

"Pisces' time alone might help them cultivate visual aptitude by drawing, painting, photographing, videotaping, filming or perhaps even playing music."

"Which will help Pisces emerge anew & larger than life when Neptune enters Pisces during February 2012!"

"Terry, when will we get together to write a column for when Neptune transits Pisces from February 2012 until January 2026?"

"John, darling, wait a minute – I must consult my current 2011 calendar!"

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